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In Which We All Throw Our Hands Up In The Air And Cry “Finally! The End!”

I have spent the entire week trying to recap for you my 48 hours in New York City. It’s OK. You don’t have to say it. Even I am getting bored with this. But there is still so, so much more to tell you and so many more pictures and so I have decided to […]


The New York City Recap That Will Never End*

*OR: OK. Fine. Becky Is Not A Whore. Saturday was the day I would wake up in New York City and go to sleep in New York City. Saturday was The Day. We woke up determined to start our day in the most authentically New York City way possible. Seriously. There are not words fit […]


I Went To NYC And All I Got Was 1248 Pictures Of Buildings

How do you recap three days in The City That Never Sleeps with one blog post? You don’t. So start thinking of at least three different ways to say “I’m so glad you had fun!” and “Looks like you had a blast!” Because this? Is just the beginning. Speaking of beginnings… We begin this trip […]


In Love and In Place

I’m home. I got home at 5:30 this morning thanks to a “flight delay” and JetBlue needing to SUCK MY BIG COTTAGE CHEESE ASS!! Ahem. That being said, I just rolled my sweaty, stinky butt out of bed at about one o’clock this afternoon. So there will be no NYC Recap this morning. But Mom? […]


Wherever I Go, There I’ll Be

Tomorrow is the big day. BrittCon 2008. And although I’ve been planning it for over a month now, I still cannot get over how totally and completely ridiculous that name is. For those of you who may be new here or just have other more important things to remember, BrittCon (cringe) is the result of […]


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