Entries In Growth

Personal growth is the work we do in our heads to change how we live. It can be exhausting, frustrating work – but it’s worth it.

How to Be Wild

how wild it was to let it be

Wild is who we are when we stop fighting against ourselves.


Happiness is Accepting Your Season

Seasons of life

The season of your life might not match up with what you see outside your window or on your Facebook wall. That’s OK.


Uncertainty Sucks, And This Is What It Looks Like to Choose It Anyway

Uncertainty Sucks

A real life, not at all dramatic example of not letting fear win. And real estate.


Why I’m Trying to Do More and Get Less Done

2014-10-07 13.41.09

The need to get things done can get in the way of living well.


What do you do if you hate feelings?

hate feelings snapshot

An attendee at a happiness workshop asked me “but what if you hate feelings?” I break down exactly what to do if you hate talking about your feelings.


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