Entries In Growth

Personal growth is the work we do in our heads to change how we live. It can be exhausting, frustrating work – but it’s worth it.

The Van Gogh Paradox

van gogh self portrait

Vincent Van Gogh personifies my deepest fear and greatest hope.


What Is Your Definition of Good?

be brave

Today it’s the question of what to do with refugees. In the past it’s been guns, race, homosexuality, religion, welfare… the list it seems is endless – the list of topics and questions that divide us sharply as a society, the ones that surprise me because the answers always feel obvious to me. Let’s stick with […]


End of an Era

“You have to mourn the person you used to be.” She was talking about the women we were before becoming mothers, but when Janelle Hanchett of Renegade Mothering said that sentence out loud at the MomCon last weekend, they resonated with me for reasons that had nothing to do with parenting. I’ve been swimming in murky waters […]


New Label #389: Ambivert

Is that the face of an introvert?

Three months ago I would have classified myself as an extrovert without hesitation. I love people and parties, and I thrive on the energy of a crowd. Cities have always been my favorite. But one of the surprises from my family’s epic RV trip was discovering that nature is also my favorite. I love trees and […]


How to Be Wild

how wild it was to let it be

Wild is who we are when we stop fighting against ourselves.