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How to be happy in day-to-day life.

I’m Tired of Depression. Again.

2015-04-25 20.58.05

I am so tired of writing about depression. I think technically it’s been a very long time since I’ve written about it – but every time feels like here we go again. Every time feels like it makes liars out of the days since the last time, the days when I thought I was “managing my […]


I’m Planning a Retreat and You’re Invited

2015-03-26 19.56.09

I’m planning the retreat I would want to attend – and that’s why you’re invited.


Like an Egg About to Crack

like an egg about to crack

Can you feel it? Winter is ending and something shiny and new is just around the corner!


The Time I Accidentally Got a Job

2015-02-12 08.26.32

I was trying to get a massage. I ended up with my first J-O-B in four years. Oops.


What I Learned About Creativity When I Wasn’t Writing

2015-01-28 20.45.18

I’ve discovered new ways to sustain my creative spirit and begun to understand why that’s so important.


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