Just for fun… all the fun I’ve had

A long, long time ago, I can still remember when we used to get real nerdy on the Internet and do these things called memes – and back then they weren’t pictures with words on them.

Someone posted this on Facebook today and I was scrolling through and remembering fondly many of these adventures big and small, so I thought I’d meet my write every day quota and share it here. :-)

(X ) Shot a gun – surprisingly, yes! I hate guns. Hate. When I was a kid, I lived with a man who used to clean his gun in the living room and talk about how easily he could kill someone from far away “and no one would know who it was.” Hate. But when I was on my RV trip, I decided that I was done being afraid of guns. I had been having these nightmares where I was being chased and I found a gun but it wouldn’t fire; I had no idea what to do with it or how to save myself. I found a gun range, got a lesson, and ironically learned I’m naturally a pretty good shot.

britt shooting a gun

Despite how happy I look in this picture, I don’t intend to ever handle a gun again.

( ) Gone on a blind date – God willing, I won’t ever have a reason or opportunity to check this one off my list.

(X) Skipped school - AND got busted for it. Technically I was skipping band practice before school, but it was still a VERY big deal. I was in fourth or fifth grade, and I never skipped school again.

(X) Watched someone die - more than once. It’s an honor to be there with someone when they die; it is also horribly painful to watch someone you love leave.

(X) Visited Canada - but not since I was a kid! I want to take the kids to Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec before Devin graduates.

( ) Visited Hawaii – I want to do this SO BAD. Someday.

( ) Visited Alaska - this is horrible, but I don’t really care if I ever go or not.

( ) Visited Cuba – I would love to, maybe someday when the visas aren’t outrageously expensive.

(X ) Visited Europe – it has been a very long time, however. I want to go to Paris with Jared and take Emma to Greece. I don’t know where Devin and I would like to go together.

( ) Visited South America - not yet!

(X) Visited Las Vegas – is this really even worth being on a list? I’ve been to Vegas a lot of times and it’s fun, but nothing life changing.

(X) Visited Central America - twice! Both times to Costa Rica. In fact, I just got back from there yesterday. :-)

( ) Visited Asia - oh how I want to see Thailand!

( ) Visited Africa - I’d love to go on a safari someday with Emma.

(X) Visited Florida - and liked it so much we moved there!

(X ) Seen the Grand Canyon in person - Devin and I want to go back and hike to the bottom and back out.

grand canyon

(X ) Flown in a plane - big ones and little ones. I definitely prefer the big ones.

( ) Served on a jury - I haven’t even been asked.

(X) Been lost - like, in life? In town? In my comforter? Yes to all of them.

(X ) Traveled to the opposite side of the country - Opposite of what? I’ve been to both coasts, so I guess that’s a yes.

(X) Visited Washington, DC – on the 4th of July, no less! It was magical and wonderful and made me proud to be American.

dc on the 4th of july
(X) Swam in the Ocean – two of them, and I’m #teamAtlantic all the way.

() Played cops and robbers - not that I can recall…

() Played cowboys and Indians - also, no. Where’s the question about playing office and school?

() Recently colored with crayons - I prefer colored pencils if I’m going old school.

(X ) Sang karaoke – obviously.

() Sang a solo or duet in church - not that I remember, but we did sing this one song at our Christmas pageant every year that made my mom cry. Something about all of us kids looking forward to the day we die and go meet Jesus. DARK.

() Paid for a meal with coins only - not that I can remember, which surprises me.

(X) Made prank phone calls - my stepsisters spent many summer nights going through the phone book and calling teen lines, pretending to be someone’s boyfriend’s new girlfriend. I don’t know why we thought that was so fun.

(X) Laughed until some beverage came out of your nose - sure, but to be honest at this point in my life I’m more likely to laugh until I pee.

(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue - sure.

(X) Had children - twice. Lucky me. For real. The first time was so, so hard and so, so scary. The second time was magical.

devin and emma

(X) Had a pet - hamsters, birds, fish, dogs, cats, and now a guinea pig.

(X ) Been skinny-dipping - senior year camping trip. Funny story: my husband was there, too, but not with me. ;-)

(X) Been fishing - I hope everyone has done this! I can’t imagine growing up and not going fishing. Fishing to me will always remind me of my Papa, just like it will always remind my kids of theirs.

(X) Been boating - for us, that was part of fishing!

(X) Been downhill skiing - and fallen on my butt doing it.

(X) Been water skiing - and got so much water up my nose learning!

(X ) Been camping in a trailer/RV – ha! You could say that.

(X) Camping in a tent - many, many times.

( ) Driven a motorcycle - no, but I’ve ridden on one!

( ) Been bungee jumping - I almost did it this last trip to Costa Rica, but I didn’t feel right doing it without my family there. I didn’t feel right about taking a physical risk like that without them knowing or being there.

(X ) Gone to a drive- in movie – heck yes! I don’t think I ever made out at one though…

(X) Done something that could have killed you - childbirth. (It’s true, they make you sign papers saying you know that can happen!) Drinking and driving. Riding with a drunk driver. It makes me sick to think of the chances I took when I was young and stupid.

(X) Rode an elephant – actually, yes – and there was a picture of it in the newspaper. I think my grandma or my dad has the picture somewhere.

( ) Rode a camel - no. And what’s the thinking on this now? Is it OK or animal cruelty?

(X) Eaten just cookies or cake for dinner or ice cream - pfft. Amateur stuff. Talk to me when you’ve eaten a pan of brownies for breakfast.

(X) Been on TV – mostly recently on the news for my work as coordinator of my local Chamber of Commerce.

( ) Stolen any traffic signs - no. But I know where a bunch of them were stashed in a small Iowa town back in the 90s…

() Donated blood - I’ve never been able to.

(X) Gotten a piercing - ears, tongue, and belly button.

(X) Gotten a Tattoo - shoulder and hip, but I’ve been craving another one for ages! I just don’t know WHERE.

(X) Gone off road 4 wheeling – yes. I grew up in Iowa.

(X) Ever owned your dream car – that white Beretta with the sunroof sure felt like my dream car when I was 16.

(X) Been Married - for almost 16 years!

britt and jared

( ) Been Divorced - oooh, but so close.

(X) Fell in love - I was two years old the first time. I”m a big fan of love.

( ) Paid for a stranger’s meal - I don’t think so. This would be neat to do someday.

() Driven over 100 mph - no. I am way too scared to do something like that.

(X) Been scuba diving/snorkeling - snorkeling, and I’m not really a big fan. Yes, the fish are cool, but I constantly worry about water getting in my mouth or nose and I hate the taste of salt water.

(X) Written a published book/story/poem/article - yes, no, yes, and yes. The first time was when I was a junior in high school and it was a poem about getting my heart broken. So original!

(X) Eaten snails - so good!

(X) Rode in a Hot Air Balloon - yes; but not, ironically, when I attended the International Hot Air Balloon Festival.

(X) Rode in a helicopter - to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. With Emma. It was pretty cool. ;-)

helicopter ride

(X) Met a celebrity - yes, but not once compares to the time Prince sweat on me.

I love seeing lists like this because they remind me of all the amazing things I’ve been able to do. But it freaks me out a little too: I’m only 36 years old, and I don’t want my best adventures to be behind me! I hope there are unexpected surprises and cool opportunities still in store. But no matter what, i can already say I’ve had a really, really great life.

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