Day 3: sketching

I haven’t been overwhelmed with a desire to write, and this NanoBlowMe challenge hasn’t changed that yet. Instead I have for a long while now been drawn to making pictures. Paints, pastels, pencils, watercolors. I am constantly taking mental pictures (and sometimes phone ones, too) of the world through the filter of some new medium. 

Emma is applying to CAPA, the public art school here in Pittsburgh, and she has spent months preparing her portfolio. That has often meant me sitting beside her for emotional support, sketching away in my own notebook while she works. 

I love it. I’ve been getting way more satisfaction from these visual arts than from writing.

I feel like I’m betraying some sacred oath, that I have to give back the name tag that’s read “I’m a writer” for the last few years. I fought hard for that label. 

But screw labels. Who cares what I’m called. The names change by the minute anyway. Mom. Wife. Colleague. Director. Writer. Cook. Friend. Neighbor. Voter. Couch occupier. 

When I forgot about the what it’s easier to see clearly the do. 

Today what I wanted to do was draw, so I did. And what my daughter needed me to do was sit beside her in front of a mirror and talk her through seeing her own face as a series of shapes and shadows – and so I did that, too. 

What did you do today?

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  1. katherine says:

    I know how you feel. I’ve always written but have just started teaching myself photography – feels like a whole new world has opened up!

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