The Time I Accidentally Got a Job

I wasn’t planning on getting a job. In fact, I was just trying to relax with a hot stone massage.

And yet here I am, all of a sudden and mostly on accident, employed for the first time in more than four years.

Let me back up. A few weeks ago I stopped into my local massage clinic to schedule a massage. I had a gift certificate to use and time to kill. I noticed a Help Wanted sign in the window on my in, and I briefly wondered what kind of benefits you get for working at a massage clinic. There was no opening for that day but a slot available the following one. I booked and went back to my mostly free day.

The next afternoon, I showed up about twenty minutes early to fill out my intake paperwork. Again I noticed the sign in the window. As I turned in my clipboard with my medical history, I jokingly asked the woman behind the front desk if employees got free massages.

“We didn’t used to, but we’re under new ownership and as of last month we get free treatments every month.”

“Where do I sign up?” I laughed.

She handed me an application.

My mind began to run through all of the reasons why this would be a good idea:

Free massages.

Part-time, low stress work to fill some of my non-writing, non-coaching daytime hours.

Free massages.

Walkable – in fact, an excuse to get out and walk regulary.

Free massages.

Extra money because my teenager’s favorite activities are rowing crew and skiing.

Free massages.

I filled out the application. One week, an interview, and a “so, I got a job today” text to my husband later I started training to be a wellness consultant (ie, I help people figure out what they need and rave about the benefits of regular massage and self care. EVEN MORE PERFECT FOR ME.)

Now, in addition to my full-time business, I have a part-time job. I am waffling back and forth between, “this is so great how this fell into my lap” and “what the hell were you thinking!?!?”

But that’s mostly because I am feeling like a kid in her first week of kindergarten. My brain is getting a P90X style workout with a steady stream of new things, and it wants to do nothing but fall asleep in its spaghetti-os when school is out.

Not answer emails. Not write. Not follow up with sponsors and vendors. Not keep up with my own self care routine of journaling and yoga and being creative.

Learn. Asleep in my soup.

That’s it.

But I know this part is temporary. Soon the learning curve will level out and I’ll have this really great addition to my life that will add to my writing, my life experiences, and my bank account. Soon I’ll be back to doing what I’ve always been doing and doing this new stuff and enjoying my free monthly massages.



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  1. Pete says:

    Some would call you crazy…should I leave you a congratulations note?

    At least you’ll pick up some crazy massage skills!
    Pete’s most recent post: 22 Travel Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

  2. Irma says:

    I accidentally found this post, but I loved it! You are on the right path, Britt!

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