How to Be Happy When There Is Suffering in The World

VIDEO how to be happy when there is suffering

When I write about being happy, I’m almost always talking about a way of living rather than a temporary emotion. No one, after all, is happy all the time.

Bad things happen. It’s normal and natural to feel sad or angry when they do. You can feel sad or angry and still live a happy life.

But what about when bad things seem to be happening constantly? Everywhere?

With our shrinking global society, most of us are more aware than ever that there are always bad things happening somewhere. Aside from tragedies, there is also the slow burn of injustices that cannot be cured in a day or even a single generation.

How can we see all the world’s suffering and still be happy?

Do we have to become oblivious to other people’s pain in order to maintain our own happiness?

These are the questions one reader asked me recently via Facebook – and it’s one I get asked a lot when I do in-person events. In today’s video, I give my most honest answer.

The goal is to be compassionate while maintaining healthy boundaries. This prevents you from hijacking other people’s stories and ensures you have the emotional reserves needed to actually make a difference.


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