Happiness Interview with Break-Up Coach Akirah Robinson

Yep, Akirah Robinson is a break-up coach.

She’s also an author and licensed social worker.

What I love about Akirah is that she believes in women, as a rule. She will look at you and assume that you are courageous – even if you don’t know it yet. I also like that she has one of those mega-watt smiles; you know, the kind that lights up a city block when she busts it out.

Akirah is married to a restaurant owner and is currently raising one chew-happy dog. This is what happiness looks like through her eyes.

Happiness Interview with Akirah Robinson

How do you define happiness?

Happiness is what happens when you combine intention and gratitude. When you intentionally choose to not to be miserable (regardless of the miserable situations that may arise in life) and intentionally savor each thing you are grateful for, happiness is often the result.

How do you fit what makes you happy into your day-to-day life?

This was actually becoming an issue for me, so I’ve recently adopted a self-care routine that works really well in my life. (I created a video describing my routine here.)

Essentially, I’ve drafted a list of activities that bring me happiness and have committed to engaging in at least one of these activities each day, even if for only fifteen minutes at a time. I’m a homebody, so it doesn’t take much to please me–I love reading, journaling, walking my dog, or running around the neighborhood. My biggest challenge is taking the time out I need to actually do those things. So now I do. And the results have been astounding.

What “shoulds” have you let go of in order to pursue your happiness?

I’ve basically let go of my ideas of what happiness needs to look like in my life. I used to cling to those ideas, and all that did was stifle and pressure me.

Sure, I have things I’d like to accomplish one day, but I no longer connect my happiness or self-worth to whether or not those things happen. I’ve found that being receptive to different versions of happiness allows the Universe to bless me in ways I could have never imagined.

Surrendering my life agenda has opened me up to opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

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What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about happiness?

Life is too short to not choose happiness today. (No, it’s not always the easy choice, but the things that are really worth it in life rarely are.)

How do you define a happy relationship?

Happiness looks different to each person, but I would define a happy relationship as one where I’m laughing a ton, learning a bunch, consistently growing, feeling encouraged, serving alongside my partner, and listening, supporting, and respecting him too.

A happy relationship, for me, is one where together we kick fear to the curb and love abounds.

Want more Akirah? Check out her new book, Respected: How One Word Can Change More Than Just Your Love Life.

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