My Response to “It’s Not Fair!”

Do you ever feel like life isn’t fair?

You’re not alone. Lots of us – myself included – fall down the “life’s not fair” trap once in a while. In fact, thinking that life isn’t fair because someone else has it better can be a clue as to what your purpose is.

But it can also be a serious mojo killer and screw up your relationships. It’s hard to connect with someone if you’re seething with resentment and jealous.

Watch this video to hear my thoughts on how to overcome that mental obstacle and get back to focusing on making yourself happy.

After you’ve watched the video, tell me in the comments how life has been unfair to you!


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  1. Toni says:

    We are such a competitive species, aren’t we? I’m sure comparing ourselves has been happening since the dawn of man, however, I do believe social media networks escalate those feelings of “unfairness” and “jealously.” If only we could take that energy we use to put each other down and use it to lift each other up, maybe things wouldn’t seem so “unfair.” Even with a two page list of broken items and repairs that need funded, I wouldn’t trade my “unfair” life for anything :)
    Toni’s most recent post: Maiale di Firenze {Recipe} #fwcon

  2. Life is “unfair” in a lot of ways and at the same time those things tend to make us stronger, we just don’t know it in the present. I agree that it is so easy to fall into the life’s not fair trap. I’ve done it way too many times. It definitely does not help you at all. Thanks for the awesome video Britt. Hope all is well.
    Sebastian Aiden Daniels’s most recent post: 9 Life Lessons to Take Away from the Game of Thrones Season 4 Finale

  3. Penni says:

    Heyyy Britt, First time visitor to your blog, but I must say – I love your take on life’s “unfairness!!” Also, “different rules, for different kids” :):):)

    It’s so refreshing to hear in this “keep up with the [whoever]” world. Count your many blessings as my grandmother used to say. Though that was probably more admonitory than positive motivation :D

    All the same – it’s good advice with all the benefit of being absolutely true :):)

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