Happiness Interview: Food Mood Girl Lindsey Smith

This week’s happiness interview features Lindsey Smith, a fellow Pittsburgh resident who’s currently touring the country to spread her Body Love message.

Lindsey Smith is one of those women who makes you think, “how in the hell has she already accomplished so much?”

She’s young, successful, and confident.

I’m convinced her confidence is one of the reasons she’s achieved as much as she has: published author, health coach, motivational speaker, shows up on TV and in national magazines on a regular basis.

Whenever I talk to her, she inevitably ends up teaching me something about life. My favorite Lindsey Lesson is to “launch and learn” – which means to always assume what’s happening right now is part of the prep work for what’s coming next, and remember there is always something coming next.

Trust me when I say you want some of whatever it is this chick has.

Lindsey Smith Food Mood Girl

How do you define happiness?

Happiness is a feeling from within. It’s a constant state of gratitude and an ever-flowing abundance of joy and peace. It also just feels really, really awesome.

What makes you happy?

{Feelings} Freedom, expression, and authenticity.

{Food} Tea, green smoothies, dark chocolate, almond butter, and kale.

{People} My family, my husband, my friends and my community.

{Purpose} Writing, speaking, rapping, sharing and getting to create my life’s work.

Are there any “shoulds” you’ve let go of to be happier?

I’ve let go of a lot of “shoulds,” but the biggest one is the idea of normal or the “American Dream.” I always thought, “I should” be the way everyone else is or expects me to be. But when I tried it, I realized I was never happy.

The more I can authentically walk in my own skin, the happier I am. The more I define my own normal, the happier I am. I no longer look at societal norms as the sole reason for my happiness.

I enjoy living my out-of-the-box lifestyle because it makes me happy. I encourage others to do the same and surround yourself with people who are doing what you want to be doing.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received about happiness?

I love this because it is a great reminder of the WHY behind what you are doing. I always make sure I ask myself, “Will this make me happy?” If the answer is no, I simply don’t do it.

There are many things that come our way and we have to make a decision. Many times, we choose to do things because of societal pressures, family pressures or internal pressures. And when we do that, it usually causes us grief rather than happiness and sways us further away from our truth.

I say choose to be happy and you will always be fulfilled.

Thanks, Lindsey!

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