5 Ways to Reconnect with Your Intuition

My relationship with my intuition – or my gut, as I’m more likely to call it – is similar to my relationship with anyone else: it ebbs and flows. We wind closer together and further apart in a predictable rhythm, like figure eights or strands of DNA.

When I’ve reached the outer limits I know I have to turn back to center or risk losing the status of relationship completely. I have to make the effort to reconnect.

When this happens in my relationship with my husband, I reach out using his love language. I guess that’s pretty much what I do with my gut.

5 ways to reconnect with your intuition

1. Do a gratitude practice.

A gratitude practice is just making a list of what makes you happy. And typically you do this alone, away from the chorus of what “should” matter to you.

Your gut doesn’t use the word should, and neither does gratitude.

Spending a few minutes every day recording what you’re grateful for is a practical, hands-on way to spend time with your intuition. No chanting needed.

2. Meditate.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with chanting. Or sitting quietly. Or lighting incense and putting a few “ohms” out into the world.

Not that meditation requires any of those things.

When the noise and pace of out there gets too loud and hurried, meditation gives my inner voice a chance to be heard. It also just gives me a break from the myth that I must be constantly doing.

3. Do yoga.

Yoga is my favorite form of exercise. It doesn’t scare me, because I always know there’s a variation that even my body can handle.

When I do yoga, I get more connected to my body. I pay attention to parts of me that are important and yet usually ignored. And all of this happens in a quiet, non-threatening way that makes me want to keep going.

Hands… arms… shoulders… collar bones… sit bones… spine… belly button… gut.

The mindfulness chain always makes its way to the gut – the inside one that guides me – eventually.

4. Walk outside.

This is a tool I discovered when we were on our Great American Road Trip. I love being outside in the fresh air and sunshine. I love walking around on city sidewalks and seeing a mix of people and flowers in planters.

Something about being more connected to what’s out there helps me reconnect with what’s in here.

make something

5. Make something.

My gut speaks in the language of creativity. Making something from nothing always strengthens the bond between me and my creative source.

This could be writing, knitting, cooking, painting, building. The final result doesn’t even have to be good; the process is the most important part.

How does your gut speak to you?

I suspect that intuition is as universal as happiness – which is to say, there are broad strokes in common but the details come in many shades.

A member of the Happiness Tribe said that she reconnects with her intuition through alone time. That didn’t even occur to me, because I spend a ton of time alone and I’m just as likely to take that opportunity to reconnect with escapism.

I suppose it’s possible that someone could reach their intuition through cleaning. I cannot even pretend to wrap my head around that, but I acknowledge that the possibility exists.

I feel exactly the same way about running.

What brings you back to center? When does the world fall away, even if it’s only for a few minutes? How do you turn down the outside noise and turn up the sound of your inner voice?

And when was the last time you did it?

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  1. daniel says:

    I find a little quiet helps. Some pray, some meditate, I just need everybody to “shut up” and leave me alone for a minute. It doesn’t take long, but being just a break from the noise of the world, family, whatever can let you hear that inner voice.
    daniel’s most recent post: Homeless In My Alley

    • Britt Reints says:

      For me the tricky part is letting it STAY quiet and not rushing to fill the space with other distractions.

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