5 Things for Friday: Movies That Define Me

I love lists. And while I don’t believe that a top ten list can accurately convey what it takes to be happy, I do embrace the idea of lowering the bar and having a little fun on a Friday.

Also, spending time on self discovery and paying attention to what you like are two very useful tools for figuring out what makes you happy.

And that shall stand as my perfectly valid excuse for writing about movies on a personal development blog.

5 Movies That Define Me

There are movies that you like, movies that you love, and movies that your friends and family have to watch if they hope to deeply and truly understand who you are.

1. Dirty Dancing


This has been my favorite movie since the third grade. It has only recently occurred to me that I must have been a very strange, poorly supervised third grader. But the damage is done: dancing and sex will forever be synonymous for me, and Baby is my spirit animal.

2. The Wedding Singer


Jared and I love this movie for exactly the same reasons, which makes it Our Movie and a constant reminder that we get each other.

3. Beaches


My mom and I used to watch this movie together every year at Christmas. My dad and brothers would huddle in the kitchen horrified that we would purposely invest two hours in something guaranteed to make us cry.

4. Tangled


There is a scene in this cartoon that perfectly captures what it feels like to have a dream come true. It makes me cry every time I see it, which is probably why my daughter will no longer watch it with me. She doesn’t understand the joy of crying either.

5. Purple Rain

PURPLE RAIN, Prince, 1984

This is really just the world’s longest Prince video – and I’m the world’s biggest Prince fan.

Your Turn

What five movies define you? Play along with me in the comments!

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  1. daniel says:

    I totally knew those first two movies of yours. I should have known Beaches and Purple Rain too, it’s obvious now. Jeez, I’ve been reading your blog a long time…

    alright, in no particular order except Number 1

    1. Fantasia
    My favorite movie of all time. The combination of visuals and audio is to me what defines a movie, and art. It is what we can achieve. It has everything. So much of what I love comes from this movie.

    2. Edward Scissorhands
    Because in my heart I’m just a misunderstood goth boy with the hots for Winona Ryder who never got laid in high school and never had a dad. Wait… half of that isn’t true. Most of it is only partly true. Er… no… moving on.

    3. Rock And Roll High School
    I’m not sure why. I’m sitting here thinking “Not my favorite movies, but movies that help to define who I am” and this keeps cropping up. I guess it might have to do wit the fact The Ramones have been such an important fixture in my life for a number of reasons.

    4. Pretty In Pink
    I love me the John Hughes films. Duckie is the best character. He even got to kiss Annie Potts.

    5. Fiddler On The Roof
    I’m not Jewish or Russian, but I connect with Tevye in a weird way.

    hrm, 4 out of my 5 films feature music heavily.
    daniel’s most recent post: Too Honest?

    • Miss Britt says:

      It makes me smile that my movies didn’t surprise you. :-)

      I’ve never actually seen Fiddler on the Roof, but the soundtrack is one of my favorite CDs ever!

  2. this made me smile. your list is so perfect for you.

    for me it is the princess bride (“not even death can stop true love”) and the labyrinth (“you have no power over me”), followed by ferris bueller’s day off (“life moves pretty fast…if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”), 16 candles (no way i have to explain this being on the list, do i?), and the breakfast club (oh man, it is so obvious i was a teenager in the 80′s, eh?).

    dirty dancing and james bond’s for your eyes only would probably be numbers 6 and 7, but i guess i should stop there…
    hello haha harf’s most recent post: Question

    • i had this window open forever while i was working and after i hit submit i saw that you said someone’s comment made you smile. loving that i started my comment with a line about your list making me smile. yaaaaaaaaaaay for lots of smiles today!
      hello haha harf’s most recent post: Question

    • Miss Britt says:

      We watched the Breakfast Club with the kids a couple weeks ago and they soooo didn’t get it. I was bummed!

  3. I totally agree on movies 1, 2 and 3!
    Lindsey Zimmerman’s most recent post: Remembering

  4. Loukia says:

    Dirty Dancing is number one on my list! I’m actually going to write a post about this, because I was just about to update my ‘favourite movies’ post, too, because I JUST saw The Departed two days ago and it’s my new must-see-best-movie-EVER movie.
    Loukia’s most recent post: Win Two Tickets To See The Sens Take On The Leafs!

  5. Debbie Tom says:

    1. 16 Candles
    2. International Velvet
    3. The Outsiders
    4. Breakfast Club
    5. The Diary of Anne Frank

    Purple Rain and Dirty dancing are #6 & #7 for me….
    Thanks for bringing back some great memories :)
    Debbie Tom’s most recent post: Getting back on my feet, now the REAL work begins!

  6. Moira says:

    The Outsiders is definitely #1. I can quote so many lines. It had that whole gang of teenage boy stars…Rob Lowe…Tom Cruise (before he was wacky).

    Purple Rain #2. For the same reasons you stated.

    Dirty Dancing #3, really just the last scene. But I saw it so many times in the theater (and lied about going to see it so many more times) that it was a pretty big part of my middle school life.

    Grease and Grease 2 tied here for #4. Grease 2 because it was one of the first movies I watched when we got cable. I know every word. Grease… because it’s Grease. Now my 9 year old loves it, as she is the poorly supervised kid.

    Pretty in Pink #5 I love all the John Hughes movies, but PiP is my favorite. Love all the characters… Andrew McCarthy’s smile… killed me. And many years after this movie, in college, I dated a guy who looked just like Ducky.

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