Happiness Highlights: Doing What I Love


I adjusted the mic pack on my belt and reread the notes I’d added to my outline. According to my iPhone, I had just a few minutes left.

My stomach rolled.

I’m only ever nervous right before I speak. Preparing a talk and being in front of an audience doesn’t make me nervous, but there is something about the last moments leading up to a talk that make my insides somersault.

And then I smile at the audience, someone smiles back, and the anxiety evaporates. I open my mouth and my voice sounds strong and sure. My sense of humor is met with laughter, and I can see when the message I am intent on sharing hits its mark.

At that moment I know I am in the right place at the right time. I know I’ve followed the right signs and listened to the right nudges.

There is no better feeling than that of living your purpose.

Last week I got to experience that in San Francisco while talking at BlogHer PRO, and it was absolutely a highlight of my week.

I suspect purpose is dynamic and evolutionary. I know that I have felt just as alive on a beach and in a canyon as I did on the stage of a hotel ballroom. It wouldn’t surprise me if another source of magic was waiting down the road for me.

But this week I was right where I was supposed to be right now.

That’s a special kind of happiness, and I’m grateful to have noticed it.

When have you felt like you were exactly in the right place doing the right thing?

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  1. That’s awesome to have that feeling! It’s so great to see people following their passion and excited about what they do every day!
    Janine @ BreathOfOptimism’s most recent post: How To Reinvent Yourself

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