What Happiness Looks Like: Farnoosh Brock

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Farnoosh Brock is filled with passion. I discovered her when I was preparing to attend the World Domination Summit last summer, and I’ve been impressed by her fire ever since. What is she so passionate about? Career and health, primarily, two subjects that I wouldn’t have thought had a natural intersection until I started reading her site, Prolific Living.

Today, Farnoosh shares what she’s learned about happiness through the process of transforming her work life.

Farnoosh Brock, Prolific Living

Farnoosh Brock, Prolific Living

What makes you happy?

Freedom to do what I want to do with every day and every hour of my life. Having no boss or manager or anyone dictate how I spend my time, energy, and brainpower. It took me such a long time to uncover this simple truth about myself but when I did, I shook up my whole life to create it. Now I treasure and find happiness in my (Ashtanga) yoga practice, creativity and writing in my business, and traveling around the world with my husband a few times a year.

How and when did you figure that out?

farnoosh brock inner voice quoteFor years, I was certain I knew what success looked like, but all of my success wasn’t making me happy. So I finally started to ignore my head one day and listen to my heart, something I had never allowed myself to do. Everything started to fall into place after that. I began to hear my inner voice, and give myself permission to do what I wanted such as write, travel, start a business, read epic fiction, and that means, I had to give up a lot of what I had already built up such as a 6-figure cushy job and an 11-year corporate career. Life has been pretty sweet ever since!

Once you discovered what makes you happy, did you find it easy to make that part of your life more frequently?

Yes. Once I discovered the key to my happiness, nothing and nobody was able to stand in my way. I had no qualms doing exactly what was important to me, because I had paid the price of listening to conventional wisdom far too long. For me, it was about making time for creativity, self-care, world travel, yoga, writing books, creating a thriving business and getting my husband out of his corporate job.

Are there any “shoulds” you’ve had to let go of in order to pursue your happiness?

Are you kidding? Hundreds. Here are a few:

I should do what I’ve been doing at my job.
I should be grateful I have such a good job.
I should climb the corporate ladder.
I should stay in my job because it pays for health insurance.
I should let at least my husband stay in his job because both of us leaving corporate is just freaking insanity.
I should settle down and have kids and just be happy.
I should give up these crazy desires to travel the world multiple times.

Your turn: what big change has made you happier?

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