Why I’m Going to BlogHer PRO

BHPRO13_150x150_speakingAt 5:30 tomorrow morning, instead of snuggling a little closer to my husband in bed, I’ll be shoving my red carry-on luggage into the overhead bin of an airplane headed for San Francisco. Despite the early flight time, I’m excited about the trip – and not just because San Francisco is one of my favorite places in America.

I’m leaving my bed and my family behind for business: I’m attending BlogHer PRO, a “multi-track conference for professionally-minded bloggers looking to take their business, marketing, and technical skills to the next level.”

To be honest, this conference wasn’t even on my radar until Elisa suggested I speak at it. Even then I was hesitant; what in the heck would I talk about? “The way you’ve transformed your brand to fit what was happening in your life is amazing,” Elisa told me.

Isn’t it funny how it often takes someone else to point out to you what you’ve done?

So, I’m speaking about pivoting your brand – your blog brand, at least – and I’m looking forward to stepping outside of my happiness advocate comfort zone for a little bit. Although really, the processes required for pivoting a brand are similar to the ones involved in figuring out what makes you happy.

  • You have to define core values.
  • You have to be willing to let go of old ideas in favor of new ones.
  • You have to find the courage to believe in change and authenticity.

Some truths are universal.

As much as I love speaking at conferences, I’m also one of those people who shows up early for sessions to grab a seat in front. I’ll be ready with paper and pen to learn from others who have mastered skills that still confound me. This, for me, is part of my commitment to an atmosphere of growth.

We’re growing or dying; there is no maintain.

The sessions I’m most looking forward to are:

In other words, I’m going to be turning this blog into a mega sales funnel and you are going to be giving me all your money all the time!!!

No. Not really.

Actually, that’s something I’ve struggled with for the last year or so. I’m passionate about my mission to encourage others to know and love themselves, and I want to be able to devote myself to that end as much as possible. I don’t yet know exactly how to do that while also putting a roof over our heads and food on the table. I’ve been trying to learn how to marry the two in a way that remains authentic and helpful for everyone involved, but I have a lot of fear and insecurities that muddy the waters.

This blog started out as a community of friends; it’s uncomfortable to transition to a business with customers.

I’m hoping this week to get more insight into how to create a viable income that lets me do work that I’m passionate about without losing myself in a profit-driven mindset.

It’s a bit ironic to be sharing that with you in a sponsored post. (It’s also awesome, because this one campaign buys me another month of being able to write and speak about happiness full time.)

Have you ever gotten paid for helping people? Does that make you uncomfortable or happy?

This post is part of my partnership with BlogHer PRO and GoDaddy.

GoDaddy launched a new brand strategy last month that revolves around small businesses. ‘It’s go time’ is a comprehensive company-wide messaging transformation supported by a refined GoDaddy user-experience and reinvigorated products sharply focused on helping small business owners.  Check out this article by The New York Times.

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