What Happiness Looks Like: Erica Diamond

There are as many different happiness journeys as there are people on this planet. With that in mind, I’ve started to reach out to other happy people and ask them to share their stories with you through interviews on this site. My hope is that you’ll find ideas about what to try in your life and permission to stop doing what you assume everyone else is doing.


Erica Diamond can do anything. That was my first impression of her when I heard her speak at a conference a couple years ago. She blew me away with her knowledge and confidence, and made me sit up a little straighter in my chair. Naturally, I followed her immediately on Twitter.

I discovered that Erica is a speaker, coach, and wildly successful entrepreneur. She also encourages other women to get off the fence and make something happen in their own lives. What really endeared her to me, however, was her willingness to make herself available to others. She responded to my tweets, and even agreed to read an early copy of my book – which she then wrote a blurb for. So many busy, successful people become inaccessible, and I both admire and appreciate Erica’s generosity. I’m thrilled that she has agreed to share even more of herself with us in this interview.

Erica Diamond, Montreal, Canada

Erica Diamond, Montreal, Canada

What makes you happy? 

When my family is healthy, when my career is thriving & challenging me, and when I’m IN THE FLOW.

How and when did you figure that out? 

Early on in life! I credit my mom, a loving, intuitive and smart therapist who raised me to know what actually mattered in life! Happiness is doing what you love… it’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame, it’s about drawing a tremendous sense of pride and satisfaction in doing good work, and knowing you’re making a difference in this world, in your own little way.

every day cant be rosesOnce you discovered what makes you happy, did you find it easy to make that part of your life more frequently? 

I learned that self care is an important aspect to my happiness as well. So I’ve learned to say yes to myself a lot more than I used to. On another note, every day can’t always be roses. I have fabulously HAPPY days, and days where I struggle tremendously. When I’ve given something my all, that brings me happiness… irregardless of the outcome.

Are there any “shoulds” you’ve had to let go of in order to pursue your happiness?    

Yes - perfectionism  When you’re a TYPE A personality, letting go of perfection isn’t easy. It’s about priorities and knowing, on some days, my motherhood may get a 9/10 but my career will take a 4/10. If something has to slip, I let it be my career, not my family.

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