Happiness Highlights: Pittsburgh Rocks

happiness highlights oct7

I take the time to highlight what made me happy every week because I believe gratitude is the root of all happiness, and we multiply what we magnify. I encourage you to develop your own gratitude practice; it can change your life.

Podcamp Pittsburgh – I attended this event for the first time two years ago when I was just a visitor passing through, and the people I met helped convince me that this city was special. This year proved that I was right.

The people are really what make this annual social media conference so special. Everyone seems to arrive with a genuine desire to get to know their neighbors. And, introducing myself to strangers has gotten much easier over the last year, so I was really able to make the most of this openhearted environment.

I also had the opportunity to speak again this year, this time on making the transition from blogging to writing a book. Although it’s not a subject I usually talk about, I was happy to be able to share my experiences and resources with fellow attendees.

Pittsburgh Pirates – Another thing happened to me about two years ago: I fell in love with a baseball team. Although they weren’t very good, and hadn’t been for quit a while, Jared and I were both absolutely hooked after attending our first game at PNC Park (aka the most beautiful park in baseball). This year, they are in the playoffs for the first time since 1992. As you can imagine, it’s been pretty exciting around these parts!

We’re super lucky to have friends with TiVo and extra seating in their living room. We’ve watched several games with them this season, including the last two that the Pirates won against the Cardinals. The screaming, jumping and high-fiving are definitely highlight worthy in my book.

Local book reading – I had a reading and book signing at our local library this week. I was touched to have a few good friends show up, and one of the attendees I didn’t know returned to the library the next day to tell the programming director how much she enjoyed the talk! Also, this was the first event Emma has been to, and she was pretty proud of her mama. I was happy to be able to share another part of this crazy journey with her.

These were a few moments that really made me happy this week. What put a smile on your face?

  1. Kent says:

    Autumn put a smile on my face.

    So happy to watch you soar. Keep going!
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  2. daniel says:

    FINALLY was able to attend BrickCon this weekend. It’s a LEGO event held every year here in Seattle. For the last I don’t know how many years we keep forgetting about it until it is too late. We always promise the kids we will go, and we never get tickets until it is too late or have already made other plans that we can’t change. This year we were finally able to go, if for just a few hours. The kids were thrilled and had a great time. I was really happy to finally get to do this for them. And next year it will be on our radar even earlier.
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  3. Talia says:

    Pittsburgh is home to me! I was so excited to see that you are living in my hometown! :)

    I have been following your blog and reading your book – which is incredible for quite some time. Thank you for your honest approach to happiness.

    Go Pirates!

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