Happiness Highlights: A Week of Resolve

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I take the time to highlight what made me happy every week because I believe gratitude is the root of all happiness, and we multiply what we magnify. I encourage you to develop your own gratitude practice; I wholeheartedly believe it will change your life.

Last week required a lot of intentional resolve. I wanted to stay in bed, because I hadn’t been doing a very good job of taking care of myself. And while I did rest some, I also pushed through and willfully took steps that I know will make it easier for me to keep getting out of bed.

I attended my first Propelle Networking Happy Hour. This meetup of women entrepreneurs takes place monthly here in Pittsburgh, and I’ve been meaning to attend for a while now. I almost skipped out again, but Jared practically pushed me out the door.

“I’ll be honest,” he said, “I’m going to be a little annoyed if I rushed to come home on time so you could go to this event and then you don’t bother.”

Out the door I went, and I had a great time meeting and mingling in the basement of the Pittsburgh Winery. I don’t have a built-in support system here, and it’s not easy to create one from scratch. I have to keep showing up and putting myself in front of people if this city is going to be a home that sustains me. The good news is, the more I do it, the easier it gets.

My showing up was rewarded in another fantastic way this week: I witnessed an inside-the-park home run and three consecutive home runs in a single inning at the Pirates game on Friday. Sadly, the Buccos lost that game by one run, but it was still a hell of a rush to be present for that extraordinary inning.

The photo of my coffee canister represents the first prompt in Tracey Clark’s Photograph the Everyday class that I signed up for. It started last week and I’m excited to stretch my creative muscles a bit.

This weekend I enjoyed the lovely fall weather at the sidelines of my son’s soccer game. I was reminded of why I dumbed down my smartphone – because man is it tempting to check Facebook during a 90-minute game. But it is better when I don’t. It is better when I can engage with the other people in the bleachers and have an informed conversation with my kid after the game.

My son rewarded me by helping me clean out my closet on Sunday.

Yes. My teenage son spent nearly four hours helping me comb through my wardrobe as I culled it down to 33 items. And he didn’t have to.

He thinks my desire to minimize my wardrobe is crazy, and insisted several times that, “I just don’t think you have the minimalist mindset, Mom. Not really.” This might be because I refused to include tights, belts, or jewelry in the final count – or because I tried to convince him at one point that four blue button-down shirts made sense.

At any rate – the time we spent together was quietly wonderful, and my closet looks amazing. (I might be naked by next Tuesday.)

Your turn: what made you happy this week? Share in the comments.

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  1. AwesomelyOZ says:

    Greetings! My name is Iva and I go by my nickname AwesomelyOZ. Loving your post as it reminds us that the simplest things are the ones that provide us the greatest satisfaction and fulfillment. How is that Project 33 coming along? I just looked into it and as a woman with a bountiful closet full of things, I still yell everyday that I have “nothing to wear” makes me feel sooo materialistic! lol! Have a great day and best of luck! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ’s most recent post: A Sedating Mind

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