Happiness Highlights: Connecting and Thriving

I take the time to highlight what made me happy every week because I believe gratitude is the root of all happiness, and we multiply what we magnify. I encourage you to develop your own gratitude practice; I wholeheartedly believe it will change your life.
britt and jared at pitt game

Somehow, Jared and I have found ourselves full-fledged Pitt fans, despite them being not very good. We attended their football home opener last week, and we had a blast hanging out together and cheering on our team for the first five minutes that it looked like we were going to be playing a game.

And then reality – and FSU – sunk in, and we went home.

Still fun. Still grateful.

Britt and Amber at YelpLater in the week, my friend Amber and I attended a cool Yelp event hosted at TechShop. We had so much fun fiddling with machines and eating all the free food. I’m so glad that, after a year of living in Pittsburgh, I have friends I can go to these things with – and even friends I can run into while I’m there!

IMG_9836Friday, my friend Danielle and I attended the monthly Creative Mornings event. This month’s topic was connecting, which I obviously love. Danielle and I then made last minute plans to see local comic Gab Bonesso and more famous John Hodgman.

John Hodgman took his clothes of and did an Ayn Rand impersonation.

Best $25 I’ve ever spent.

After the show, we had insanely cheap drinks at a dive bar and talked, and talked, and talked. I love talking – even more than I love insanely cheap drinks.

Saturday was insane.

Sandwiched between a baseball and soccer game was me speaking at Thrival Festival. While waiting for my turn to speak, I got to hear from incredible Pittsburghers who are doing things like inventing snake robots that perform heart surgery and starting businesses that match talented people with jobs at companies that make a difference in the world.

Photo by Kate Stoltzfus

Photo by Kate Stoltzfus

I talked about happiness – and what that entails specifically for entrepreneurs and risk-takers – and I was really pleased with the experience.

Sunday I attended a marriage counseling session via Skype.

Yes. Really.

Jared and I have been off lately. Disconnected. And I knew we weren’t super far off track, but far enough that day-to-day life was not nearly as sweet as it could be. I reached out to our old therapist in Florida because she is amazing and knows our history, and she agreed to perform triage over the Internet.

She’s awesome. It was awesome.

I mean, it sucked first. I cried. But that’s almost always what has to happen in order to go from disconnected to awesome. The awesome at the end is worth the suck and the tears in between.

At the end of this week, I’m most grateful for how connected I feel. To my husband. To my friends. To the city I call home. I’m not floating out here all on my own, thank goodness.

What made you happy this week? Share your own  happiness highlights in the comments.

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  1. Poor Pitt! Glad y’all had fun regardless.
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  3. I love that you highlight the happiness throughout your week. When I lay down each night, I take 5 minutes to review my day in my head. I make sure to be appreciative of all of the good things in my life and for things that happened that day, regardless if they were good or bad. If they were bad, I appreciate the fact that they were worse!
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