My Cancun Story

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When a PR company invited me to the Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Resort in October, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. They wanted to show off their resort and talk to a few writers about their new branding campaign; I wanted to pretend I wasn’t living in a climate where it snows. This would be my first visit to Cancun since I went as a college freshman, and I wondered how different it would be to visit the party city as a mother and wife instead of a drunken coed. As it turns out, it’s not just me that has changed in the last 14 years.

While I’ve been getting married and raising kids, my favorite Spring Break destination has been undergoing its own reinvention. As is often the case with both people and places, the city was forced to reinvent itself after devastation: Hurricane Wilma caused $30 million worth of damage to the popular tourist haven in 2005. Today, the area is an ideal escape for couples and families — and the area’s economy has expanded beyond the tourism industry.

The Villa del Palmar Cancun Beach Resort, a luxury resort 20 minutes from Señor Frog’s, caters to domestic jet setters with en suite kitchens and laundry rooms, a kid-sized splash pad and the requisite kids’ club. Instead of tequila races by the pool (made possible by the addition of sugar syrup to rot-got liquor), you’ll find top-shelf alcohol served in gourmet restaurants. The all-inclusive package includes a breakfast of sweet breads and tropical fruit served in your room; there isn’t a single buffet line to be found on the property.

The story is sunshine and togetherness, and it’s one you’ll actually remember.

My experience in 2012 was as different from my spring break vacation as I am from the girl who took that trip in 1999. Instead of sleeping off a hangover until noon, I was pampered in a spa with hydrotherapy and a body wrap. Dancing on a catwalk was replaced with swimming with dolphins and sailing to Isla Mujeres. I didn’t drop anything like it was hot, but I did enjoy a reading with a Mayan oracle.

It’s funny how everything changes. We grow up as people, and sometimes we outgrow the places we once enjoyed. But Cancun’s story, which is so much older than my own, is just as dynamic. It was a joy to experience this most recent incarnation, and I can’t wait to go back to see how our stories continue.


Instead of inserting a bunch of photos of Cancun like I’d normally do, Photobucket asked me to test out their Photobucket Stories product. I’m always interested in trying out new ways to tell a story, and I like the idea of being able to lead people through the journey with photos. I’m not sure if I was really able to accomplish that with this story, but I suspect that’s a user issue more than a feature problem.

Do you think you can do a better job of telling a story with pictures?

(I’m sure you can.)

If so, you could win $25,000 from Photobucket.

Photobucket is hosting a Life’s An Adventure Story Contest. Create your own story, share it with others, and you could win one of five $500 prizes or a $25,000 grand prize. Feel like stretching your creative muscles? Check out the contest here. And if you do enter, please share it with me so I can marvel at your talents!!


The new brand campaign for the Villa del Palmar resorts that I featured in my own Photobocuket Story is Your Story Starts Here…

It always comes back to the story, doesn’t it?

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  1. daniel says:

    ooooohhhhh I like how that photobucket story fits nicely in the blog post. I’m not sure I can deal with the monthly fee to have them host all the pictures I’d want.

    And that all inclusive package? How much and how many kids are we talking about? It’s way out of my league right now (saving up for a different trip) but possibly in the future. Looks really fun.
    daniel’s most recent post: New Additions

  2. Lisa says:

    J and I went to Cancun in 2006 and loved it. We’ve wanted to go back ever since. All-inclusive resorts are the only way to do Cancun! They make it so easy and relaxing!

  3. the muskrat says:

    This looks awesome!
    the muskrat’s most recent post: back in colorado (with emphasis on the “back”)

  4. Becca says:

    I went to the bahamas as a teen, and was thoroughly disappointed with the commercialism. I wanted jamaican food, and the countryside my friends wanted the cheesy t-shirts and junk food. I am glad that your Cancun has grown up with you. I can’t wait to visit some day.

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