Today Is Totally Normal

My schedule is a mess. My sleep patterns are out of whack. I keep forgetting to eat and then binging on whatever the hell I can get my hands on when I realize my stomach is eating itself from the inside out.

I have, in other words, been better.

But this is to be expected.

I was away from home for two weeks and experienced a significant loss during that time. I came home eager to jump back into normal, and then Hurricane Sandy happened. We had a day of school closings and a last-minute visit to the store, while several of my friends and clients endured major losses and upheaval. Normal was delayed.

But that is to be expected.

I’m not writing this to whine about how screwed up my system is right now, but rather to remind myself that there is no Real Life waiting to restart.

This is it.

Right here.

The unexpected, the storms, the days when you hit snooze on  your alarm 12 times.

Real life is property loss and postponed trick-or-treating. It’s homemade costumes and joyful reunions. It’s laundry that needs to be done and gas lines that need to be repaired. It’s work you regret taking on and work you absolutely love to do.

Today is normal, even if it’s not routine, and so I need to relax. I need to stop trying to cram the day and myself into what it’s supposed to be and let it just be what it is.

I need to breathe.

Do the best I can.

And make one choice at a time that sets me towards happiness.

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  1. Becca says:

    Also, I accept your weekly challenge, I will try to establish a nighttime routine. I will put the phone up, I will put the ipod away and try to sleep. Sleep is overrated, just so you know.

  2. daniel says:

    damn straight

    This reminds me of One Day At A Time where the lyrics start out something like “this is it, this is the life you get, go out and have a ball”

    The ups and downs, the craziness, it’s all part of it. Doesn’t mean you need to not strive for some “normalcy” but allowing yourself to no need to “fix” that which you can’t control. Things happen, you need to deal with them as they come up. Rolling with the punches, etc.
    daniel’s most recent post: Meanwhile In Seattle

  3. Liz says:

    I don’t know what to say, but I’m listening. <3
    Liz’s most recent post: Review | A Prescription for Delirium, by Noree Cosper

  4. Lisa says:

    Hitting the snooze 12 times *is* my routine! I hate getting out of bed.

    It’s true, this is normal. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I keep waiting for my life to get back to some semblance if my idea of normal and it’s not going to. I have a new normal, and while it has its drawbacks – like the fact that I’m significantly poorer – it’s actually might fine in all the important ways.
    Lisa’s most recent post: Adventures in Cake

  5. Darla says:

    Isn’t it frustrating that one just seems to get into a routine (a false sense of reality) and then kaboom, life happens.

    I have been focusing on getting up earlier (not 5 am mind you-but 6-6:30 at the latest) and I like that much better than rushing around. Because even tho I work from home and my son certainly doesn’t need my help any longer in the mornings, it’s nice to not be rushed all day long. And I’m not a night owl. At.all. Blech.

  6. Megan says:

    New normal is pretty much normal for me. The ground shifts beneath me regularly. I don’t really even notice it anymore.
    Megan’s most recent post: Why I Voted For President Obama

  7. Colleen says:

    I really sorta needed to hear this today. Thanks. :)
    Colleen’s most recent post: Fire and bubbles and smoke rings, OH MY!

  8. Allyson says:

    I’m glad to hear you realizing this. Routine feels good, but “expect the unexpected” is part of life. Financially, I have about $200 per pay period that falls into “unexpected costs.” And I am able to plan for them, by leaving myself about $200 in “extra cash” in my budget. But I also have a savings account for the “really unexpected costs” of life. With my finances, it is easy to adjust semi-monthly, or monthly as needed. In life routines, it is much harder. There’s always a reason to not return to routine. For about six weeks I was able to fast every other day, and then we went on vacation, and we decided not to fast on vacation. Then when we got back, my in-laws needed our help moving and we decided not to fast while we were doing such strenuous work. Then came Halloween. And now, we haven’t fasted in 3 weeks, and it’s hard to start again. (And we’re about to launch into “the Holidays”) This happens to me with housework, too. I’ll get into a routine, and then 10 boxes of memories gets dropped in my living room, and suddenly my bathrooms haven’t been scrubbed in two weeks. I just try to really focus on each morning as a new beginning. I try not to get down on myself for yesterday, have hope for today, and make plans for tomorrow as well as I can. And with that, I have a pile of laundry mocking me, so I wish you luck in accepting normal for the crazy that it is, and a reminder that I’m always on skype, if you need me.

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