Happiness Highlights: First World Gratitude

I’m out of step.

The routine I’d thought I’d established for myself here hasn’t been working out so hot. I’ve been staying up late and sleeping in. I’m doing a lot, but  not accomplishing much. I have several projects that I’ve started, but haven’t finished anything for several days. This bugs me.

But life is still very, very good and I am still very, very lucky.

And lest I ever forget that, the Internet provides some perspective:

That’s a video of Haitians reading #firstworldproblems tweets, and it is a powerful reminder that we – all of us lucky enough to have access to a computer and the Internet – wake up every single day luckier than most.

Now, I can’t personally count heated seats among my blessings, but I have other reasons to be grateful.

Beating the deadline... barely.
I registered to vote this week. I had to go to the state liquor store (swear to God) and pick up a voter registration form. Then I had to walk to a post office, buy two stamps (one for mine and Jared’s registration) and stick the forms in the mail. It took me damn near a week to find the 30 minutes to accomplish this task, because Pennsylvania doesn’t allow voter registration online. I think they should, but I am grateful that I have the right to vote and the time to get registered.

Huh. On a whim, I put these pants on before throwing them in the donate pile. I couldn't button them when moved here. Guess beer, Thai food, ice cream and only having one car is good for me! #selfie
I decided last summer that I was done dieting. Forever. I was calling a truce in my war with food and resolving to eat what I wanted when I wanted. Flash forward a few months: I eat fairly healthy overall – thanks in no small part to Jared’s grocery shopping and cooking – but I don’t think twice about indulging in popcorn during a movie or ice cream after dinner. We almost never eat meat at home, thanks in part to a challenge posed by a couple virtual friends, but we eat out quite a bit.

I have not been exercising regularly. By that I mean that I don’t schedule workouts into my day. I do yoga when I can – which isn’t as much as I’d like to – but I don’t workout like my husband does. I do not, however, use our car very often. Our urban location lets me walk almost everywhere. Occasionally I ride my bike, but the hills in this town scare the shit out of me and I’ve had to get off and push more than once; I prefer walking to the humiliation of pushing.

Despite this blase approach to my health, my weight is a non-issue for the first time in my life. In fact, I put on a pair of pants this week that I couldn’t button two months ago, and they fit just fine.

I am so grateful to be living a life after diets. I’m grateful to have access to healthy foods and to have the resources to eat whatever I want. I’m grateful to live in an area that is safe for walking. Healthy living is an easy choice for me and my family; I know not all mothers can say that.

These are just a couple of reasons my life is good.

What makes your life good?

I take the time to highlight what made me happy each week because gratitude is the root of all happiness. I encourage you to develop your own gratitude practice; I wholeheartedly believe it will change your life.

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  1. Neena says:

    My community makes my life good (and it makes me work to be a better person!)

    Love this post!
    Neena’s most recent post: Today we launch!

  2. Carrie says:

    * Having to “clean out” the fridge (so much food in there it goes bad before we can eat it)
    * Having to pay taxes (poor babies, we earned so much that even though we have 7 kids we still owe a crapload!)
    * Traffic
    * Having to declutter (because we have so many possessions in the first place)

    I don’t complain about these things :-)
    Carrie’s most recent post: How To Eat Like a French Woman

  3. Carly says:

    You mean you don’t have a gazillion sheets of stamps that you will never write enough snail mail to use in your desk drawer? Or a sheet of stamps still in your backpack because you forgot about buying them until just now because you could not resist how lovely they looked under the glass at the postal counter?
    Carly’s most recent post: Music, these days.

  4. Kent says:

    Glad you had a moment to get registered to vote. Every once in a while I have that “it’s so cool that we can do this” realization regarding voting.

    Ice cream after dinner is a must :)
    Kent’s most recent post: Shit Goes South in Shanghai

  5. Number one is children. Writing, reading, technology, running.
    Corey Feldman’s most recent post: Egret the Elephant volume 1 for free

  6. Lisa says:

    I got a letter from a bank that made me say OMGOMGOMG over and over and my heart swell with gratitude, so gratitude is definitely the word of the week for me.

    Also we’ve likely found our next “interim” home so that’s a big relief.
    Lisa’s most recent post: Adventures in Cake

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