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A few of you suggested that you’d be interested in knowing about other things I write on other sites. It occurs to me that maybe you don’t all have time to stalk me on Twitter and Facebook, also. In light of those two things, here are two links to other places where you can find my words today:

On Work It, Mom! Productivity: Is it a worthy goal?

“I am in a constant struggle to squeeze more productivity out of my day. More accurately, I am in a constant struggle to not be angry with or disappointed in myself for not being able to do as much as I think I should. Long time readers here will not be surprised by this – or to know that I have once again decided to try and do something about it – but whenever I mention my attempts to increase productivity, I am met with a bit of push-back from trusted friends who ask, “what’s so great about productivity?”

On TLC’ Parentables 5 Must-Have Hotel Amenities to Look for When Booking Your Family Vacation

“As a travel writer, editor for a hotel blog and copywriter for an online travel agent, I have read the amenities list for hundreds – if not thousands – of hotels around the world. As a mother of two and frequent traveler, I’ve learned that a majority of what hoteliers and tourism marketers think of as “amenities” add little to no actual value to my vacation. (Complimentary newspaper? I have an iPhone, thanks.) I’ve also learned that some perks actually do make a difference, so much so that I’ll pick my accommodations based on whether or not they are offered.”

Happy Wednesday, party people!

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