Happiness Highlights: Decisions Made, Dreams Realized

Every Monday, I start my week by highlighting what made me happy from the previous week, because I believe we multiply what we focus on, and that gratitude is the first step in learning how to be happier.

This week I was very productive. I plowed through my to-do list every day, tackling both the scary tasks and the simple ones that I tend to put off – like going to the doctor.

I saw an NP this week (the one who encouraged my mom to go back to school!), and she helped me adjust my anti-depressants and added Vitamin D to my daily pill intake. I laughed when she told me there was not near enough sun to keep a Florida girl healthy — I’ve been saying the same thing for five years now! I began to feel more like myself by the end of the week.

The change in medication, combined with a couple weeks of just letting things sit, brought about the peace and clarity Jared and I needed to make the decision about what comes next for us. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we know, at least, in which direction we’re setting our sails. After a month of dog paddling, that orientation feels so good.

Productivity and decision making is nice, but the real highlights of my week came over the weekend.

Watching my mom receive her MSN and then speak on behalf of her class was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced. I was so proud of her and so impressed by her. I’m thrilled that all of her grandchildren could be there to see their Nanna achieve her goals – what an incredible example she has set for them.

On top of that, I got to spend the weekend with Jude again. This was his first two-night trip away from his mom and the first time I’d gotten to spend so much time with him at once. He learned all of our names and figured out I was a safe person to go to when he was scared or unsure. I also got to hear him say, “love you” to his dad, my brother, over the phone. Theirs, ours, is not an ideal situation, but it is one we are determined to infuse with love.

It was a good week and a great weekend, one that I couldn’t have had on the road or in Florida.

What were the highlights of your week?

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  1. Audra says:

    Big Congratulations to your mother! A fantastic role model indeed! This week, I also think I figured out what I’m doing next and was able to sleep better because of it.
    Audra’s most recent post: The Big Parade

  2. I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your Monday happiness in review posts. For me, I ran my first official 1/2 marathon and did pretty well. Wrote a few more Egret stories with Sam, which always keep me smiling (especially reading them to my 5 year old). Celebrated my Dad’s birthday last night and loved watching my kids play with their similarly aged cousins. Realized just much much better my Meds are making me feel!
    Corey Feldman’s most recent post: Egret and Sam go for a swim

  3. Megan says:

    Happy for you, sweetie. Clarity is everything. What made me happy this week? Tea. I splurged on some tea from Teavana recently and am really enjoying it. Also, I found a cute maxi dress at TJ Maxx for $25. And I ate beer-battered chicken fingers and got to know someone new.
    Megan’s most recent post: On Short Time

  4. the muskrat says:

    parent-teacher conferences on thursday!
    the muskrat’s most recent post: at the georgia aquarium for world immunization week

  5. martymankins says:

    Congrats to your mom. This is awesome.

    My highlight was on Saturday, spending the majority of the day with my daughter in downtown SLC.
    martymankins’s most recent post: Cinco De Marty – 2012

  6. So glad things have evened out for you guys. Some of your FB posts made me ache for you. For me this week? Getting back on my wheels. I had thought I was giving up derby for the year to have old war wounds tended by doctors, but when HHH lost his job that got derailed. Rather than sit and wait, I went & found the local league & joined in with their practice, garnering an invite to a bout on Sunday! Oh the joy of flying around the oval track!
    Blondefabulous’s most recent post: Back At It!

  7. Lisa says:

    Your mom is awesome, much liked her daughter.

    We took at whirlwind trip to LA & San Diego and I ziplined over the wild animal park! For someone scared of heights it was a little terrifying but I’m SO glad I did it! Saturday was a perfect day. We spent it at the Safari Park, ziplined, and had a wonderful dinner on the wharf. It was one of those days that is rare and wonderful.
    Lisa’s most recent post: Who Finally Published a Life List?

  8. Selma says:

    Please congratulate your Mum for me. What an amazing achievement. She is such an inspirational person. As are you you. Hugs to you both xxx
    Selma’s most recent post: Just Walkin’….

  9. sounds like you had a hell of a week!
    hello haha narf’s most recent post: No Cast Necessary

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