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Happiness Highlights: The Great Outdoors


Every Monday, I start my week by highlighting what made me happy during the previous week. Why? Because I believe we multiply what we focus on, and that gratitude is the first step in learning how to be happier. Last week began with Mother Nature trying to kill me – or at least scare the […]


You Know What’s Not the Secret to Happiness? Homeschooling.

Last year about this time, people were just beginning to ask us questions about our plans to quit our jobs, sell our stuff, move into an RV, and travel for a year. I was surprised that one of the most common questions was: What about the kids? I would laugh and say, “we decided to […]


How I Know that Happiness Is Always an Option

Devin grin

There are a lot of clichés about happiness and how to be happy and just, you know, personal growth in general. Figuring out how to be happy is just so damn complicated and unique to each individual; it’s too much to sum up in any one motto or mantra or infographic or even one really […]


Happiness Highlights: Investing in That Healthy Thing

A new view

Put my money where my mouth was this week, and it made me happy.


32 Things I’ve Learned about How to Be Happy

New York 376

Someone told me once that I didn’t share or give anything on this blog, that it was more pontificating than giving. I understand where they were coming from – I talk mostly about myself and what I think about happiness – but I disagree. This blog is my drum song. What I do, who I […]