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Happiness Means Having a Dream. Always.

I purchased Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog program yesterday. The Day 1 activity nearly convinced me to quit blogging. By the end of the night, it would be Twitter and not the ProBlogger that saved this blog and helped me identify why I’ve felt so adrift lately, and what I needed to […]


How Exclusion Brings Us Closer

Memphis 2011-11-05 073

My 6-year old bought a scarf at Indiafest in Memphis. She wanted to cover her head because Faiqa covers her head, and my 6-year old adores Faiqa. I happily agreed to this purchase, not because I am hoping to raise a moderate Muslim, but because I hope someday my daughter understands the benefit of saving […]


A New Website, A New Story

When I started Miss Britt about six years ago, I was living in Parkersburg, Iowa, more resentful of my husband than in love with him, more obligated to my children than grateful for them. It has taken several years and many missteps to move beyond that place – that person and that life – but I have. We have.


Let’s just wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

You know what the world needs? More wiggling. More people who know that they are sexy. More LMFAO.


Me, Myself, and My Money Issues

I have never had an easy relationship with money. When I was a kid and my family was very poor, I thought of little more than how much it sucked to have so little of it. When I was a little older and my family was less poor, I hated that my mom wouldn’t allow […]