Happiness Highlights: Moving Slowly in the South

When we first started this year of traveling around America, it seemed we were constantly moving from one attraction to the next. Big city to big city, must-see to must-do, our days were stuffed full of life experiencess we were afraid to miss. We didn’t expect that pace to last once school started, and it didn’t. Now we move more slowly and some weeks we do little more than work, school, and hanging out – just like we would if we were still living in a McMansion in a Central Florida suburb.

We spent an entire week in Mobile, Alabama and the only tourist attraction we saw was the USS Alabama. We had planned to tour the ship in the morning and the town in the afternoon, but decided after a lunch of fresh seafood at Felix’s Fish Camp to just head home and relax. That decision was a mark of progress for us.

We didn’t worry about what we should be seeing.

We didn’t stress about what we’d been told we had to do.

We considered nothing more than how the four of us wanted to spend our time together.

One of the things I wanted to learn during this year was how to live by our own values. I wanted to be able to separate our core priorities from the obligations we mindlessly pick up like gum on the bottom of our shoe, totally unaware of whose gunk is keeping us stuck. It’s encouraging to see signs that we’re getting it – and not just getting it, but doing it.

My happiness this week came from moving at my own pace.

Where did yours come from?


I made a calendar, by the way, and a bumper sticker you can purchase to show you’re own commitment to happiness – or just because you want to throw a couple of bucks in our gas tank. Check them out at our Zazzle store.

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  1. Megan says:

    My happiness came from from working on some projects I'm excited about.

  2. the muskrat says:

    Exploring new cities at my own pace is one of my favorite activities. I can only do this when traveling alone, however!

  3. Marsha says:

    My happiness came from my husband asking for my help on a tile project (normally we CANNOT work together). And also from a lazy weekend.Moving at your own pace is awesome!

  4. Nanna says:

    This is SO good. And such an important lesson to learn that most of us struggle with it. Good for you, baby child!My happiness came this weekend from completing a big project due for school, and from connecting, in the ways that we could, with each of my far flung and busy children.

  5. leanne says:

    And I was just thinking as I was commenting on your last post, that those trips I want to take with my family… they aren't all big city must-see/must-do trips… but some are more experiences, if you will… like there's this farm b&b in our state that sounds awesome — kids get to help take care of some of the animals. Or rent a cabin (either on a lake or not) and hang out, go exploring, play board games in the evenings… that kind of thing.My happiness came from having one of my son's best buddies and his family over for dinner.

  6. Sam says:

    There is certainly pleasure to be found in slowing down and relaxing, especially after periods of busy activity. My happiness this week has mostly come from the satisfaction of making a photograph oriented walk each day for the last four days, even if I didn't luck upon any exceptional photos.

  7. Local Chow says:

    My Happiness came when friends of ours decided to surprise us for thanksgiving dinner while we are visiting Austin TX for and now I get to cook! This will be the first T-giving dinner I

  8. Lisa says:

    My happiness came from an "all clear" from the doctor after my husband finished treatment for a nasty virus. It also came from some new creative projects I'm working on.

  9. this post made me smile. and really am digging that first photo.my happiness came from hanging out with some damn fine people. it is amazing the lift i get from simply being with others.

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