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You Are Not a Flake

you are not a flake

Have you ever sat up at night planning how you were going to tell your spouse about your latest scheme? Do you refer to your dreams and goals as schemes, or imagine that other people do? Do you wait to share your ideas until you’ve come up with the perfect justification for changing course, confident […]


When in Doubt, Love Harder


Last week was emotionally rough. Really rough. It started out with hot beignets and a long walk around New Orleans’ French Quarter. It ended with a Thanksgiving spent with friends who generously invited us to share in their family celebration. But in between those highlights was news from home that was heart shattering. My brother […]


The Gift of Time

the gift of time

This post (and this trip) is made possible in part by the generosity of our book sponsors. If there’s one thing I’ve learned and relearned during almost six months on the road, it’s this: the place and the things and even the food are secondary to the people. The people with whom you spend the […]


5 Beliefs that Can Prevent Happiness

beliefs that keep you from being happy

Why do we spend so much time talking about what goes on inside our head? Because how we think directly affects what we do. Some of our deeply ingrained beliefs can prevent you from defining what makes you happy and taking the steps necessary to live a happier life. 5 Beliefs that Can Stop You […]


Happiness Highlights: Moving Slowly in the South

moving slowly in the south

When we first started this year of traveling around America, it seemed we were constantly moving from one attraction to the next. Big city to big city, must-see to must-do, our days were stuffed full of life experiencess we were afraid to miss. We didn’t expect that pace to last once school started, and it […]