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A Little More Conversation, A Little Less Action

In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we came face to face with our society’s obsession with entertainment. It wasn’t Hollywood stars or pop icons hounding our dollars, but entertainment of the “tourist attraction” variety. Everywhere we turned we were promised family fun by the tons. I had been given a media pass by the CVB, a […]


Happiness Highlights: Myrtle Beach

Our week in Myrtle Beach was surprisingly stressful. I found myself trying to keep up with the onslaught of tourist attractions that demanded my time and money every few feet up and down every street. I felt like I spent five days in a row saying no as the kids clamored for more and more […]


Savannah Artist Proves There’s No Such Thing as Too Late or Too Old


I met Bill Rousseau at the City Market Art Center. My family was walking through the studio galleries, marveling at the talent and weeping at the beauty we couldn’t bring home. Some of us wept inwardly while some of us, namely Emma, cried very outwardly at the injustice of not being able to buy watercolor […]


Snapping Out of a Bad Mood

Life is pretty damn good right now. My family is healthy, work is pretty good, and we’re living a dream I came up with less than a year ago. I should be smiling and whistling Dixie all the time, right? Not exactly. The kids still get whiny and forget to pick up their dirty socks. […]


Happiness Highlights: Savannah Part 2

We spent last week exploring the city of Savannah and adjusting to living in a 24 foot space. Despite its notoriety, we realized quickly that Savannah is actually a pretty small town (about 140,000 people) that has – from a tourism perspective – done an impressive job of making the most of what they’ve got. […]