A Video Tour of the RV

You guys, it took me two days to put this video together.

I’m not telling you that to raise your expectations about the quality, but rather to ensure that you feel compelled to watch it and say nothing but awesome things about it. That means you have to pretend like you don’t see my bra.

Ladies and gentleman, the inside of my new home…

(In case you missed it, my family and I will be living in an RV for a year as of Wednesday. Holy crap.)

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  1. Rachel says:

    wooooooooo hooooooooo its going to be amazing!

  2. Muskrat says:

    Y’all sold the house? How did I miss that post?

    I can’t believe this is imminent. Seems like you just published your “I want to take a year off to travel” post! Congrats for seeing it through.

  3. martymankins says:

    Wow. Looks like you have detailed this down to the last storage bin. Most excellent tour. And the day is almost hear.

    As someone who does videos, I’m curious what issues you had, what program you used, etc.

    • Miss Britt says:

      Oh my God Marty. It was awful.

      I usually use Windows Movie Maker and it is SO easy. But I recorded the video with a Kodak Playsport and then discovered that Kodak only saves files in .mov format. None of the converters I was using was giving me a file that worked properly in WMM, despite it SAYING it was the right file type.

      Finally gave up and bought Adobe Premiere Elements – and THEN had to pay for a video course to learn how to use the damn thing.

      • martymankins says:

        Premiere Elements is MUCH better than Windows Movie Maker. I’m sure the video course you took discussed video codecs, but the file extension doesn’t determine the format of the video. You could rename a .MOV to .AVI and a video would still have issues. The format would be something like H.264 (which most players support now) and it’s what I format my Scooter Sunday videos in. It’s at the core of HTML 5.
        Regardless, glad you got it worked out and got it posted for us readers to see your living quarters for the next year in your RV travels.

      • Jendi says:

        Hello Miss Britt,
        I love video editing and some people outsource it to me. Just a thought in case you need some help as you roll down the road. My business is ScenesandCinema.com.

        I enjoyed this video too. :)

  4. Suebob says:

    So excited for you and your trip! I can’t wait to hear the updates from the road.

  5. Ohmigosh…you’re going to have so much fun!

  6. Michelle says:

    Have you thought about getting one of the memory foam squishy things for your mattress? I know they are a little pricey, but it might go a long way for a year of comfy night’s sleep.

    Loved the video and can’t wait to see more.

  7. Miriam says:

    Some day I’ll have the balls to get rid of most of my stuff too. I salute you and your family and look forward to hearing about your adventures on the road. I’m glad I got a chance to meet you, however brief it was.

  8. Ohmommy says:

    Love. Can’t wait to follow you on this journey. I’ll be waiting for every update while folding our collection of towels. Seriously, I just realized how many towels we have. I will count them all and shamelessly report back to you.

  9. Hooray for ta-tas!

    Or, wait. Is that not the point of this video?

    • Faiqa says:

      HAHAHAHA… I was thinking the same thing, thank you for making me feel a little less creepy. Oh, wait… I just thought what you thought… hmmm….

  10. Jared says:

    Impressive video skills!! BTW, starting to get freaking nervous.

  11. Karen says:

    I lived in RV for about 9 months when I was studying for the bar and working my first “law” job. I know there is more hidden space in there than one would expect. But I was one person and much of my stuff was at my parents house. I am impressed that you fit all 4 of your lives in there. I am excited for your journey and thrilled that you are sharing it with us.

  12. Lisa says:

    Great video! I’m so excited for you! You seem to have a place for everything – there is a freaking lot of storage in there! I second the memory foam bed topper – we have one and it makes a world of difference! You won’t regret spending that $100.

  13. Fogspinner says:

    Hey, loved the tour! Here are some things I thought of while watching it.. things maybe you have thought of or planned for, maybe not….

    1) Glass bowls in the micro with a glass door, on a bumpy road, could mean you have broken bowls or more likely micro door when you arrive. Use a dish towel as a cushion.

    2) Silverware can bounce out of your counter top holder… when on the road stick it in your sink.

    3) Leave nothing, even decorative, on the counters when you are driving. My aunt and uncle, who travel in a big bus all the time, put everything in their shower if it’s not “glued” down. Earthquake wax works really good for that.

    Just remember, if it can shake, rattle, roll, shift, bump, jump, or fall, it will while you are towing the trailer.

    And most important…. YEAH YOU”RE ALMOST READY TO GO!!!! You’ve done a great job getting ready!

    • Fogspinner says:

      Oh and… buy a memory foam topper. Really. NOTHING is more important than a good nights sleep. You will all be thankful for that. Maybe you ALL should sleep out there one night and see what you think and what you find you need. Like maybe a fan, if it gets stuffy, or more blankets, maybe earplugs if you are a light sleeper.

  14. Love the video! I think you might consider buying one more thing…a tempurpedic 2″ mattress topper costs about $100.00 (try Costco) and will make your life worth living. It will add some weight when you lift your bed to get to the storage, but a simple prop stick will work (we added crutch ends to our stick). Also your bins on that high shelf may go flying when you roll down the road, consider some straps or bungie cords.
    Lots of small stuff can ride in the sinks and the shower when you are moving. You can toss some dish towels and potholders around the glass bowls in the microwave. (Also we put our fruitbowl in the microwave during transport)
    Also they sell in RV stores these sticky straps that have a sort of buckle, they are sold to hold down TV’s and such. They really do work, I use them for our printers and they have held tight. Could also work for coffee makers. (Ours rides in the sink)
    Command strips really do hold and the different hooks can be very helpful. But you can pick up that sort of thing after you’ve traveled down the road a bit, you’ll learn what works, and what you need.
    Good Luck and have fun!
    P.S. Resolve carpet cleaner. Because somebody is going to spill something awful. Believe me on this. ;-)

  15. I’m quite impressed! I have to say, though, that I think four towels is WAY more than you need! The four of us lived for 3 years with ONE towel. Yes, one. We’re a very tight-knit family. But really – don’t you use the towel once you’re already clean? You’re just drying off water? Why do you each need your own towel?

    I’m so excited for you guys!

  16. Donna says:

    Like Tina, I was also wondering how you would keep things from moving around while the RV is in motion. You don’t want that Keurig to go flying if you have to brake suddenly.

    BTW, your boobs look amazing! :-)

  17. Very cool. Hopefully I can see it in person when you all are in DC in a few weeks! I still can’t believe all you are doing. It’s very awesome, and I wish you safe journies!

  18. Penbleth says:

    The big day approaches. You are a brave family. Great tour of the RV. I’m tempted to get one just for myself.

  19. Robin says:

    I am impressed – the RV looks awesome! But I will agree about the memory foam top for the mattress. I don’t have an RV but I have slept on one – it’s amazing. And while my mother travels, I steal the one from her bed and put it on mine.

    Yeah. I know. :)

  20. Ann says:

    Thanks for the tour of the RV…..what an amazing adventure you’ll have…I’ll be watching it all.

  21. OH. EM. GEE.

    Well, it’s real for me, now. I don’t know about you… Heh.


  22. Lovin’ the video! Can you please post another when you play Wii Bowling? I can’t imagine playing without enough room to take a few steps before throwing the ball!

    I know numerous people have already recommended getting a foam topper for your bed, but I’m going to say it too. After ‘trying to’ sleep on a rock hard bed for the last seven months, I can’t wait to bring a mattress pad back with us after our next trip home. It’s rough enough trying to function when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep…imagine doing it every day.

    I was wondering, is it possible to hang shelves on the wall in your bathroom to get the bins off the counter? Also, in the kitchen area for say, a spice rack?

    I’m really looking forward to following your family’s adventure! Bon voyage!

  23. naomi says:

    Love the “this is THE closet” and even more love the “we even have ice cube trays!”

    I’m going to make my kids watch the part where you say that each of your littles get ONE SMALL BIN that can fit into “that space”

    You’re going to have a blast … you’re going to have moments where you wish you’d never made this decision … you’re going to hate your bed … you’re going to learn so much …you’re going to grow in amazing ways as a family … and more …

    Can’t wait to read along your journey!

  24. Sara Birch says:

    You can do this. Camping is wonderful! We just returned from a short camping get-a-way 50 miles from our home and felt totally reconnected with each other and relaxed. There are so many wonderful opportunities to teach your children about nature and this wonderful country we live in. Hooray for you! I wish you the best.

  25. Dallas Diva says:

    HOLY CRAP. That is really all I have to say. I’m shell shocked. I can’t wait for the adventure to begin!!

  26. everyone else has mentioned it, but yes — memory foam mattress topper will be your best friend!!

    So excited for you!

  27. Megan says:

    Wednesday? As in…tomorrow?! Gulp.

    And yay on the house! *crosses fingers*

  28. Allyson says:

    Holy moly, dude! Tomorrow! That’s crazy! I’m so excited for you! I think it’s hilarious, that just before you mentioned the ice cube trays, I said to my son, “Oh look, little ice cube trays for the RV fridge!” Have fun, you guys! It’ll be awesome!

  29. I watched the entire thing! I love it! I am so excited for you, and inspired. You did a fabulous job with the video, btw. I really do hope NW Indiana is one of your stops – we do have the amazing Dunes/National Lakeshore, also every Saturday morning thru the fall is the European Market in Chesterton…. would make a great stop. It would be really neat to have a playdate if you come thru this way.


  30. Great job on the video! It’s amazing that the time is finally here for your big journey. You will learn so much and have memories to last a lifetime! As someone who has RVed and slept in uncomfortable beds, you do get used to it after about a week. You are so organized and seem to have thought of everything! You do need to have everything fastened down or put away when on the road or you will find things on the floor when you stop. Do you have a water filter? We’ve heard horror stories about drinking the water (the water may be fine, the inside of the RV lines may be dirty). Just be sure to use filtered water for the ice cubes! You are skipping the worst part about RVing and that’s winterizing. That makes you lucky right off the bat! Have so much fun and remember it’s not about belongings, it’s about experiences with the ones you love! Best of luck on your travels. :-) P.S. We never hear of rigs like yours called RVs, those are called “Fifth Wheels”, did you know that?

    • Miss Britt says:

      Fifth wheels are actually something entirely different that can only be towed by truck. They’re designed similar to a what we’d call a gooseneck trailer back home. :-)

      The technical term for our rig is “travel trailer”.

  31. ally bean says:

    I’m so amazed and impressed by how organized you are. I’ve never seen the inside of an RV before this. Your tour is wonderful. I wish you and your family only the best on this adventure. Happy trails!

  32. Karl says:

    Very cool! So jealous of your upcoming adventures. Bon voyage!

  33. Loukia says:

    So excited for you. What a great adventure for your family. And to make it work, just wow. I’m trying to watch the video at work, and A. I have like no sound, and B. The video keeps cutting out, so what I want to know is – where will you shower/go the bathroom? Is there a TV? What if the kids (or you, or your hubby) says two months into it… “I can’t do this anymore!” Will you continue or change things? Perhaps you’ve answered these questions before and if so, sorry!
    EEK! Exciting, amazing, good luck! xoxoxo

  34. Bonnie says:

    Looks awesome! I loved the video tour. Of course, you already got the message about the foam topper. I also second the vote for the bungee cord in front of those baskets above the bed. They’ll go flying on your first day out.

    Have you had any practice for dumping your “black water”? If not, just ask someone at the RV dealership for a quick run-through. I heartily recommend having some non-latex gloves on hand for that job. As a rule of thumb, don’t empty the tank until it’s pretty much full – you want to avoid the dreaded “black pyramid”. It’s funny, after 12 years of RVing with a young family, the most important issues have been about the poop!

    I really wish my family and I were going with you.

  35. Sheila says:

    I say skip the memory foam and go straight for the Hilton pillow topper for $200. Go big or go home, people. Of course, you may not be able to get it delivered so never mind.

    Either way, I cannot wait to hear and read all about your adventures – good luck to you guys!!


    (Also, I found MORE freakin’ jewelry holder thingies in my closet. Geesh.)

  36. Darla says:

    *high five* from one hand talker to another! Also? I think you’ve completely lost your Iowa/MinneSOOOOta accent. Sigh.

    We know hard core camping people who say to replace the camper mattress with an air mattress.

  37. I always love to read your post.Keep up the good work.

  38. beta dad says:

    Wow. You’re really doing it. That is pretty freaking cool. I’ll be following your adventures, and probably giving you unsolicited suggestions, since I’ve driven across country a million times. Bon Voyage!

  39. Avitable says:

    Can’t believe the day is here already! Have an amazing trip.

  40. Very, very excited for you guys! Can’t wait to follow your posts from all over!

  41. p.s. Our door is always open. I know you weren’t planning on crossing the border, but I’m only an hour from Port Huron! And I have room for you to park that sucker!

  42. Liza says:

    love the new home! :) hope everything goes wonderful for you tomorrow! can’t wait to see your adventures.

  43. Madeline says:

    I JUST watched your mobile home video. I am so excited for you and your family! I completely understand not wanting to give up your Keurig. I would feel the same way. I use mine all the time and would be so lost without it. Hoping you have a restful evening and that tomorrow brings a day full of sunshine and fun for y’all. Bon Voyage!!!

  44. toywithme says:

    Take me with you!! *I’ll bring my own wine glass*

    I think you’re going to have an amazing adventure and memories to last a lifetime. Looking forward to following along.

  45. Faiqa says:

    So excited for you. So excited, in fact, that I COMPLETELY forgive you for ABANDONING me. No, seriously, very happy for you and looking forward to hearing all about it. Every week, bitch, or ELSE. No, but…. seriously… :D

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  47. note to self, continue to bring wash cloths when visiting the reints.

    loved this video, my friend. cracked me up and made me proud of yinz all at the same time. (might be silly to say i am proud of you guys, but i am. can’t help it. or maybe it is that i just don’t have a word for how my heart swells for you when i think of all you have done and will continue to do.)

  48. HOLY WOW! Can’t wait to read more more more!

  49. Deborah says:

    Count us in for a laundry stop & play date (kids & grown ups) when you’re in New Jersey!

  50. [...] yes, thank you, the RV was “removed from the premises” the day after we got your letter, just like we’d planned all along. [...]

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