Jared’s Last Day

Today is Jared’s last day of work for at least a year.

We’re two and a half weeks from hitting the road and he’s going to be spending that time getting the SUV ready, helping make last-minute arrangements, and sleeping in. There will probably be naps in there as well.

In two weeks he’ll pick up his last paycheck.

And then that’s it.

For a year.

Can you imagine? An entire year without having to worry about showing up to work, dealing with office politics, or doing anything just because you have bills to pay.

What would you do with an entire year off?

Jared will be living with his wife and two kids in an RV. He’ll be in charge of the kids’ schooling. And he will be thinking about what he wants to be when he grows up.

Jared has been working to support a wife and kids since before he technically had a wife or kids. When I was pregnant with Devin, he worked a full-time job to help put a roof over our young heads and to provide health insurance for his coming son. For the last 11 years, he’s worked at the most profitable job that was available to him at the time, with no thought to things like passion or vocation. He did what he had to do to provide, because that’s who Jared is.

He’s never complained. Not once.

Not when I started a business.

Not when I stayed home for a year with the kids.

Not when I wanted to quit jobs that I hated. He encouraged me to quit, promising that we’d be OK, and then making sure that we were.

He’s been the rock for 11 years while I’ve rambled and searched.

And now it’s his turn.

If it wasn’t for this trip, I don’t think he’d ever take the time to stop and ask himself what he really wants to do. It’s so hard to break out of the daily cycle of just doing what needs to be done, and before you know it the daily cycle has become years, and then a lifetime, and you’ve got a few “golden years” of retirement to spend exploring your passions.

But today he hits the stop button on that merry-go-round. Today he gets to step off, step back, and wait to see what he sees.

I am so, so thrilled to be able to give this to him.

What would you do with an entire year off?

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  1. My hub left school at 16, worked in a warehouse and worked his way to running a European airline … he has been working for a long, long time. Not sure he would know how to just take off, but I sure would like him to give it a try. In the meantime, will live vicariously thro you – so hit the road, ready to come along for the ride ;)

  2. racheal says:

    I’m on the LRT and there’s a shit ton of people around me. I am so glad I have sunglasses on because I’m now the crazy on the train crying while typing on her phone.

    This, was so beautiful to read.

    What precious love.

    Excited for your family and all that’s to come in the next year.

    Big hugs!

  3. Nanna says:

    Ah. I am so happy for you two. If anyone could enjoy a year off, it would be my son Jared.

  4. That is so great.
    The fact that you can work as a team, first he supporting you so that you can find your way and your dreams and then you doing the same for him.

    Me and my wife have been much the same, at the moment I work 50-60 hours/week while she works 17 and is writing her first book.

    As time goes by our plan is to let me chase my dreams by working only 20 hours/week as well and then together slowly decrease until she spends all her time on her writing and me on my business.

    • Miss Britt says:

      We’ve actually gone back and forth quite a bit over the years, but he’s always worked in some capacity. It’s cool you and your wife have that dynamic.

  5. Jared says:

    Awww, Thank you baby!

  6. Grumble Girl says:

    I’m so stoked for you guys… this is going to be an amazing time in your lives – have a blast!!

  7. the muskrat says:

    With a year off, I think I’d have to dust off the ol’ rabbit skin coat and pimpin’ cane.

  8. My husband took a year off after 15 years in the Navy. Granted it wasn’t entirely by choice, but he did get that year off. He was very thankful for it, even though we didn’t do anything spectacular, but we did get to have each other around for an entire year with no deployments, duty days, late nights/early mornings of work or stupid uniforms. We got to really know each other, and I think our marriage is better because of it.

    I hope you and Jared and the kids have a wonderful time! I hope to see you when you are in DC!

  9. Darla says:

    Good luck, Jared!!!!

  10. Lisa says:

    What a nice tribute! Jared is such a good guy and it’s awesome that you both get this year to find/follow your dreams.

    If I had a year off? I would take pictures. I’d take the time to really get in depth with the study of photography and hone my skills.

    And sleep. I would sleep a lot.

  11. Megan says:

    You know what I’d do: travel, write and take pictures.

    I’m so curious as to where this journey will take Jared. I’m sure right now he’s just going to take a deep breath and enjoy the hell out this freedom. And then? Who knows? How exciting!

  12. Marsha says:

    It is wonderful to have that type of support, and that you acknowledge it, and that you appreciate it.

    I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures. I have no idea what I would do if I had a whole year off. I hope I would do some traveling and definitely some nap-taking.

    Good luck to you and Jared and your kids on your upcoming adventures.

    • Miss Britt says:

      Isn’t it funny how many of us say sleep more is one of the first things we do?

      And I bet we all complained about naps as kids.

  13. mel says:

    wow, it’s getting close! I love that you made a post for him. Dude, I am getting way to excited for you.

  14. [...] read Britt’s post today about/for Jared and my heart ached with an emptiness from a lack of deep, true, giving, unselfish love.  I want to [...]

  15. Karin says:

    Yeah! Congratulations Jared! I have had a year off (sort of) and I have spent it relaxing and enjoying my family. I hope to spend the next one exploring what I want to do for the rest of my life!

  16. Oh my goodness, I am SO SO SO excited for you guys! What an amazing opportunity that you have created. I am proud of you all for doing it! My husband and I have similar ambitions and hope to take a year off in about 7-8 years when our kids (2 week-old and 2 year-old) are more like 7 and 9. We hope to buy a sailboat and sail around somewhere yet to be determined. I really really want to make this happen so I am excited to read about your journey and learn from it!

    Have fun!!

    • Miss Britt says:

      I’ve met/read about people who take the sailboat route. I don’t think my motion-sensitive stomach could take a year at sea.

  17. Jan says:

    Wow! What an awesome thing to do while you are young and can REALLY enjoy it! I can’t wait to follow along and live vicariously through you! Good luck!!

  18. I’m not even sure what I would do with a full year off….

  19. Poppy says:

    YAY, Jared!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. I love your celebration of your husband, and all that he is done for you and your family. What you are all doing is so very bold and brave- and I am in awe of you! You are doing what the rest of us only fantasize about, but are too afraid to really try. (Although I am not sure that my family of 8 would fit in a RV for a year!)

  21. Penbleth says:

    I can’t imagine having a whole year off. I’d travel, just like you are going to do. I’d see some new places and spend some time in each and try to find out a little more about this wonderful world. I’d take some pictures and try to improve on that as well.

  22. Faiqa says:

    Congratulations Jared… for being the man you have been and certainly for the man you will become. XO

  23. martymankins says:

    Jared is in for a nice change in life. I was a stay at home dad for a few years. Traveled with my daughter while running my owni business. It s a nice change.

    Getting closer to this RV take off.

  24. Liza says:

    very sweet post. i know just what you mean. my husband works 2 jobs so i can stay home with the boys while they are small. it’s awful – neither of us like it – but he doesn’t complain. wishing you guys lots of luck! :)

  25. Sheila says:

    This summer will be my first summer “off” in NINE YEARS.

    I plan on being outside a lot – going to the beach, the zoo, playing in the dirt and chasing the ice cream truck.

    Also – naps. But only because Annabeth will need me to rub her back for *her* nap. Obviously.

    The downside to retirement?* I’ll no longer have an excuse for the laundry to be piled up.

    Congratulations Jared – and you too, Britt! This is going to be an awesome year and I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!

    *It’s actually going to be semi-retirement for now bc BossMan offered me a deal I couldn’t refuse.

  26. i’d do an unpaid internship for Jon Secada.

  27. jared truly is a good, good man. all too often women bitch on their blogs about their husbands, the men they chose. so refreshing, so beautiful to see a woman lift up her husband with her words. i love that you appreciate what you have, appreciate who he is.
    great post!

  28. JourneyToUs says:

    My hubby and I are currently doing the same thing w/ our SUV, traveling the country via extended road trip. It’s been challenging, scary, frustrating, but it has allowed us to really work well together as a team. Best of luck to you guys!

  29. Helen says:

    Travel Australia in a caravan with hubby and 3 kids!

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