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Daily Photo: One Big Ship

life lists

I watched this boat come in from River Street in Savannah, Georgia.  I know absolutely nothing about what it was taking or where it was taking it to or from.  But it sure was a pretty boat.


Daily Photo: To Watch The Water

Memphis 2011-11-05 073

This is one of the viewing areas where you can watch the fountain show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It looks wet because it was pouring fucking rain the night I was there. In Vegas. In the desert.


Daily Photo: Youth

Do you think these kids have any idea how cool it is that they are growing up on the beach?


Daily Photo: Unexpected Red

beliefs that keep you from being happy

I think this photo was taken somewhere in the Village in New York City. I remember the fire engine red building being beautifully out of place.


Daily Photo: Brought To You By A Second Mortgage

Emma; January 2011; Blue Springs State Park, Orange City, Florida

Very expensive boats outside The Yacht Club in St. Petersburg, Florida.


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