Why I’m Not Starting A Travel Blog

I am, officially, a professional travel blogger.

I know this because of the check that comes every month from UpTake.com, a travel website that gets millions of visitors each and every month.  I know this because of the posts I’ve written on UpTake about things to do in Orlando, surviving road trips, and really bad hotels.  I blog about travel, professionally.

And yet I am not going to be blogging about my family’s extended travel around the United States on a travel blog.

Starting a travel blog would probably make it easier to get sponsorships for our trip.  I could sell targeted ads to companies that cater specifically to travelers.  Having a niche blog is, I know, the best way to make money blogging.  I have gotten this advice from very smart, helpful, kind people.  A lot.  I have given this advice to other very smart, helpful, kind people.  A lot.

But I’m still not starting a travel blog.

I’m going to write about the trip.  I’m going to write about paying for the trip.  I’m going to write about the places we see, just like I do whenever I travel (except, um, for that time I went to New York City in August 2010 and forgot to post a single picture about it).  But I’m going to do it right here on my personal blog, just like I always have.

Because travel, to me, is personal.

Because this trip is personal.

Because travel should be shared beyond travel blogging circles.

Because this is a personal life blog and this trip is a personal life event.

Because, to be perfectly honest, I want regular people who aren’t professional travelers to be inspired to take a trip.  Whether it’s a big trip or an overnight visit to a nearby town, I want to show people that normal people just like us can get out there and see the world.  We can do it alone or with spouses and with kids.  We can do it with a lot of money or with very, very little.  We can do it when we’re young, old, or smack dab in the middle of our lives.

Traveling belongs on this blog the same way it belongs in my life, among the perfectly normal depression and marriage and sending our kids off to school.

I know this is kind of a leap.  There is a reason niches exist: because people want to know what they’re getting when they pull up a website.  Want to talk about food?  Go to a food blog.  Want to talk about sewing?  Go to a sewing blog.  Want to talk about parenting?  You get the picture.

But if you want to talk about life, particularly my life?  Well, you can stay right here.  And right here is where I’ll be blogging about travel.

Because travel doesn’t just belong to travel bloggers.

first plane ride

Kids' First Plane Ride 2007

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  1. Tina says:

    Well said! These are the blogs I enjoy the most (and my same bloggy philosophy as well). I know there are folks out there who go to specific interest blogs, but I rarely do. I have a couple of food and travel blogs I really enjoy but I truly love to hear about the personal side of it all.
    So excited to hear about your trip…and a bit jealous. Way jealous!

  2. SweetAngel says:

    Good for you, personally I’d rather read a personal blog than a niche blog. Much more interesting. I’d rather post my art on my blog than start a new one, for me, just like you, my art is personal.

  3. muskrat says:

    This is why I haven’t started a drinking blog!

  4. naomi says:

    preach it sista! I feel the same way you do … and while I am blogging less personal and more Delhi … I will never go “professional” with anything related to travel because it takes the fun and the drama out of it all!

    can’t wait to read/hear more about your upcoming travels … though I still wish you were hitting Delhi!

    • Miss Britt says:

      @naomi, Ha! I’ll still go “professional”, but it won’t be off in a little corner separated from my own life. I LOVE the way you share the expat experience as part of REAL LIFE!

      And Delhi is still on the list… it just may have to be 2012. ;-)

  5. Hockeymandad says:

    Good to hear, it’s better that you not feel obligated to do anything BUT see the sights around you while traveling. No need to add pressure of being required to have some time to write, only do so when your schedule permits. Enjoy yourself dammit!

    • Miss Britt says:

      @Hockeymandad, dude, how do you think I’m going to support us while we travel?

      I’ll still be writing and getting paid for it.

      I’m just not going to create a separate travel only blog for writing about the trip. I don’t want to take this experience OUT of our life, you know?

  6. avitable says:

    It makes sense – especially for this type of trip, travel will BE your life. This isn’t like shopping or if you took a weekend trip a month and blogged about it somewhere separately.

  7. Nanna says:

    I LOVE this! Hear hear!

  8. Poppy says:

    Thank you for not monetizing this so I’m forced to read contrived sponsor crap when all I wanna do is understand and enjoy how your family is doing in this new situation.

    I know that sounds harsh and stuff, but I come here because I wanna know how my friend and her family are doing, not how Expedia is the best travel site in the biz. (Which I dunno if that’s even true and don’t care.)

    In a word: Yay. :)

    • Miss Britt says:

      @Poppy, ummmm… there’s a really good chance that this trip will still be monetized in some way – but not in a way that affects the content of this site.

      If that ever happens? You tell me. Because – YEAH. That doesn’t sound harsh AT ALL.

      • Poppy says:

        @Miss Britt, *thank you for not monetizing this SPACE right here at miss-britt.com (sorry for not being clear, I’m always clear in my head)

  9. Momo Fali says:

    I want you to blog about coming to Ohio.

  10. Amy says:

    I’ve struggled with the same thing. I’ve been told the same thing about the niche, nich, neeshay, however you say it, I’m not it. Out of pure frustration and being totally over the niche thing, I tweeted (during a conference where “niche” was being thrown around like it was name dropping or something – it should’ve been called “The Niche Conference”) “Maybe my niche is that I don’t have a niche. I’m nicheless.”

    And yes, travel is totally for everybody. Rock the trip. Have fun!

  11. Sabina says:

    Awwwww, that is an adorable picture! Well, good for you for sticking to your idea of what a blog should be for you. I personally will still be checking back in.

  12. I’m glad you’re going to write about your travels here. I can’t wait to follow you, Jared and the kiddos around the country for a year. I think it’s going to be a spectacular trip!

  13. Rich Patrick-Sternin says:

    Well. Thank God my new niche travel blog won’t have to contend with the likes of YOU.


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