And then there were four.

I can’t stop looking at them.

They are so tall.  Their voices are so much deeper.  They have made plans and schemes since June and they are eager to share them with me.

Emma leapt into my arms, buried her head in my neck, and cried when she saw me.  Not a big, sobbing cry; just tiny tears that squeezed out of her because the mixture of emotions – of finally! and leftover longing and love you don’t know what to do with – was too much to hold inside those little bitty eyes.

I get it.

And no, she didn’t say that.  But our hearts, hers and mine, they speak a language that no one else can hear.  And mine whispered back through its own tiny tears, “me too”.

Devin did not have tears.  Devin barely held still long enough to be squeezed.  Devin, I swear, puffed up his chest to show me just how big he was now.  Surely that’s it, because a ten year old boy should not be broader in his chest and shoulders than he was a few months ago, right?  I mean, he’s still just ten.

And then he proceeded to explain to his sister that she wasn’t doing the light saber fighting right.

Ah, yes.  Still just ten.

The house is alive again this morning.  There are more TVs on than there are people here, and I didn’t even realize how much I missed that damn SpongeBob song.  The constant percussion of something being dropped and doors being slammed are markedly not mixed with the sounds of chairs being pushed back in and dishes being put in the sink or dishwasher.

We haven’t, any of us, unpacked a stitch of clothing – but there are 13 toys scattered about the living room.

Jared and I had so, so much fun together this summer.  We called it our “second honeymoon”, and the reality is that it blew our first honeymoon out of the water.  We spent more time together, just the two of us, than we ever have.  Ever.  Because we went right from being someone’s child to being someone’s parent.  We’ve never been married without children, and for a few weeks it was fun to get to know each other in that way.  More than fun.  We are, both of us, thrilled and grateful to have had this time.

But we are, both of us, so damn relieved to be four again.

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  1. Poppy says:

    :) I can’t wait to see them again. (Dawg reminds me we “met” them at Faiqa’s, but… not really.)

  2. whall says:

    My version of pink puffy hearts is “camoflauged trim and strong hearts that could rip tops off of beer cans and protect but gentle enough to make you weep” so I’m sending a few your way.

    It’s my thing.

  3. avitable says:

    Awww, so sweet. I can’t wait to see them again, either. That photo you posted of Emma in bed with you was so cute.

  4. This is flat out one of the BEST posts I have EVER read on marriage and being a parent. Thank you for sharing it. Wow. Needed this today!

  5. Since our three returned from a week at the grandparents’ house, the hugs have been harder and the “I love you”-s more frequent, from all of us. Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder. I want it to stay that way forever.

  6. Finn says:

    It’s so cool that you were able to have that time with Jared and that you made the most of it. You got the chance to really appreciate each other, and the chance to really appreciate the kids.

    Welcome home, Emma and Devin!

  7. Cortni says:

    I love this post. So sweet. Make me wonder if my parents ever missed me that much when I was out of town. I sure hope so :) (But being realistic, I would say probably not. I was a little shit.) LOL

  8. Kerri Anne says:

    I love this. Sometimes the best part about traveling is coming home to see everything you have waiting for you there.

  9. Bre says:

    I’m glad I got to have a piece of their time while they were here… They’re great kids. I’m glad you’re all ejoying your reunion!

  10. Fluffycat says:

    Really glad to read the part about the second honeymoon as well… after reading your blog for over a year and all the therapy and other stuff you went through marriage-wise, good to hear things are going so well!

  11. Angella says:

    I totally get this. We were only apart for a week, but it’s SO GOOD to be back together.

  12. yaaaaaaaaaaaay, four!

  13. so sweet. love this warm fuzzy post

  14. Lisa says:

    YAY! Where’s the LIKE button? So happy for you!

  15. Faiqa says:

    Four is the magic number, welcome home little ones. <3

  16. Lee Brookes says:

    Its post like these that remind me why I love your blog so much and warm me at the root of my soul.

    Thank you :)

  17. [...] seems that those disappeared the minute both kids stepped back into the house.  If it hadn’t been for their extended vacation at their grandparents’ houses, I may [...]

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