Annnnd, now we’re crying. Awesome.

From Jared via IM this morning:

“I showed your video to Brenda and meika

then they started clicking on your other videos and apparently there is a video of me doing the hoky poky…….”

From me to Jared via IM this morning:


And then I thought, you know, before I sit down and work, I could use a good giggle at Jared’s expense.  Where is that video of him doing the hokey pokey? Two seconds later, I’m watching this:

Hokey Pokey Birthday from MissBritt on Vimeo.

Aaaaand, then I’m crying.

She’s so tiny.  And that voice – when did she lose that voice?  When did she stop needing me to translate for her?  When did she stop being three and start being five?  What else will she have stopped doing by the time she comes home next month?  My God, it’s all happening so fast, and I’m missing it right this very moment.

And when did Devin stop being 9 and start being half grown?  When did the dimples in his fingers turn into knuckles and joints?  And what crazy inventions and new world views will he have come up with in 2 months while he’s away from me?

I miss them so much that my chest literally hurts right now.  My arms ache from not holding them.  My cheeks miss theirs.  I know this time with their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins is good for them.  I know.  I know that this time with Jared and I is good for us.  I know.  But right now, right this moment, there’s nothing in the world I want more than my babies.

Except they aren’t babies anymore.

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  1. mel says:

    I love that age. You are right. Everything goes by so fast. They’ll be back soon, mama. I just made a promise to myself to remember to take a video at least once a week. I keep forgetting the little things.

  2. Finn says:

    I miss that age like crazy. I just dropped off a kid with a zit on his nose at camp. That cannot be my child. No way.

  3. You’re making me want another baby.

    STOP IT.

  4. avitable says:

    Damn, she is so adorable. Makes ME want a baby.

    I’m sorry you’re missing them. If you want, I can totally come over and mess up their rooms and put the TV on in every room of your house and then make a fort outside. Just say the word.

  5. Steve says:

    My middle daughter just turned 13. We were walking to see a movie and I reached out to hold her hand and nothing was there. It took a moment for me to realize it and I looked down. She said, “Dad. I’m not a baby anymore.”

    I’ve still got a baby girl who holds my hand, but the sad thing is that they all grow up.

    • Dawn says:

      @Steve, They may not be babies, but they’re always Daddy’s girls.

      I say this is a 45-year-old woman who, when she (I) was 27, was in the hospital. My insurance didn’t cover a private room, but my Dad knew that I wanted one. So he covered the cost. I told him that I was an adult and if I couldn’t afford it, then I couldn’t have it. He said, “You’re my baby. Let me do this.” I said that I was 27 and wasn’t a baby anymore, to which he responded, “It doesn’t matter how old you are — you’ll ALWAYS be my baby.”

      I’m 45 now, living in Connecticut. Next weekend, I’m going “home” to Montreal for a few days and will see my Daddy, for whom I’ll always be happy to be a baby.

      You’ll probably go through a period of eye-rolling from them when you refer to them (or treat them) as babies, but then that feeling goes away and they’ll love being your babies again. No matter how old they are.

      • Steve says:

        @Dawn, Thanks! There’s hope. I’m struggling to cope right now.

        @Britt, good post. I don’t comment often, but this really struck a chord. :)

      • Tonz says:

        @Dawn, This made me cry. When I go home my Mum still calls me her little poppit.

  6. Oh Britt, I wish there was something I could say or do in order to ease that ache for you. I can’t even imagine. Gaaah, I just wanna squeeze you right now. Or, ya know, have a teleporter to send you to Iowa for a bit to squeeze the kids and then get you back to FL to play a bit in your fantabulous borrowed car.
    Please tell Devil to get on inventing that teleporter for me, k?

  7. Hockeymandad says:

    You don’t need Adam’s help, we already have that. Just come to our house and see our kids and their mess. It is GLORIOUS!

    I’m sorry you miss your babies right now.

  8. Mandi Bone says:

    I am sorry you are missing them. I have a new baby that you could drive to Ohio and snuggle.

  9. Lisa says:

    I just texted my kid that he forgot his work clothes when he left to hang out with his friends for the weekend. My 19 year old fully grown man child. It goes SO fast.

    And then he texted back “I love you Mom” and my world was right again.

  10. DeannaBanana says:


    Camaro + Cool Boss + Road Trip = KID HUGS!


  11. Haley says:

    So I’ll still get that awful ache even after I have children?? I thought it would go away when my infertility issues were solved. Dangit.
    Beautiful post. You’re so sweet :)

  12. What a sweetheart, I love her dancing. I swear my kids were doing the hokey pokey in their pj’s just yesterday, all of a sudden it’s vampires and Hanna Montana and Harry Potter and THE WORLD CUP (cue horrible buzzing noise). How are they that old? How am I old enough to be their mother???

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    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  13. Nancy says:

    That is so sweet. I feel your pain. Every time the kids come home from their dad’s I swear they’ve grown an inch and changed so much – even if it’s only been a few days. I think kids shrink in our memories.

  14. Nancy says:

    Oh and the Adam rejection thing? Totally hilarious. THAT makes me cry.

  15. Faiqa says:

    Pff… what a loser. It’s only three weeks.
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Awww, I’m kidding, I would be a total basket case, as you well know.

  16. Jared says:

    Seriously, I find out that this 2year old video exists and it gets put on your blog in the same day.?!

    P.S. I miss them too.

  17. Kellee says:

    That is just so sweet! So so sweet. Times flies by, faster and faster. I don’t have kids, and it scares me too!

  18. Becca says:

    I’m so sorry, I feel the same way every time mine go somewhere. My 15 year old is gone for 4 days right now, and I can’t wait to have her back and see all the changes.

  19. Britt, I will always think of my children as my babies regardless of their ages. I’d say you are lost without them but know what a gift you are giving your kids and their extended family is so good for everyone. My 13yr old daughter wants to go to The Gaelteacht next summer for 3 weeks and I get the shivers at the thoughts of it. Fair play to you Britt.

  20. SweetAngel says:

    sigh…I moved away from two of my kids and my grandkids 4 years ago, there is nothing worse than the heartache of a mother missing her children.

  21. Cheri says:

    I can totally related. My “baby” who hasn’t been a baby and is practically a grown adult at the mere age of 12 has been gone for 3 weeks, not to return until the 17th, and this final week is the WORST. I miss him like crazy!!! But finally I think he’s actually missing me too though…wooohoo…I got a good night text message tonight. First time in the 3 weeks he’s been gone ☺

  22. Kelley says:


    At least they are coming back. My BABY girl (well technically my oldest but SHE IS ALWAYS MY BABY GIRL OMG!) moved out a month ago. To her own place. TWO HOURS drive away.

    So I am totally feeling that crushing feeling too. We should totally get drunk together and sob.

  23. SuvvyGirl says:

    Now you’ve got me all choked up :p My baby is turning three on Aug. 3rd and I’m trying to figure out when she went from the tiny little thing I brought home to the ever growing, bossy, little chatter box I have now. My best friend in the whole wide world is 2 years and 345 days old.

    Also think of all the new things they will be doing when they come home. They will have all new things that will someday be wonderful memories that turn you to complete mush when you think about them. They will always be your babies.

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