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On Secure Women – and becoming one

I have often thought that keeping my self esteem in check was essential for keeping my friends. In other words, no one likes someone who likes themselves. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself on some level.  And to be honest, that’s what I’ve been told in so many words over and over again for […]


One more reason you shouldn’t talk shit about your husband to your mother-in-law.

I’ve often said that it’s just common sense that you do not, under any circumstances, talk crap about your husband to your mother-in-law. I don’t care how wrong you think he was or how well the two of you get along, she is still his mother.  I have a son and two little brothers that […]


600 Hot Dogs And 1 Slice of Humble Pie

A new view

On Sunday, I helped give away 600 hot dogs and got my first look at the homeless population of Orlando, Florida.  I wasn’t expecting either. After living in Central Florida for three years, Jared and I made our first trip to Lake Eola Park.  Apparently, this is like Central Park in Orlando, which is to […]


My Before and “After” Pictures. Really.


I told you there were before pictures. Last Saturday was the very last day of my 12 week challenge.  Jared and I woke up early and I did my very last cardio workout (not, like, forever – but for this program.)  I was pretty freaking proud of that considering this was our first morning on […]


Remember those shoes you didn’t buy that now match everything you own? It’s like that.

I still remember them. They were the perfect shade of gray, exactly what I’d been dreaming about for months.  The slouch at the ankle was perfect; the heel height was sexy but comfortable.  I started at them through the window for several minutes before finally walking into the store so that I could run my […]