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In sickness and in health, a letter to my husband

Dear Jared, I know this is hard for you. I know watching your wife struggle with some mysterious thing that you cannot see is confusing and frustrating and not something you could have ever planned for when you asked a vibrant, strong woman to marry you.  I can only imagine what it must be like […]


Who remembers when I was funny?

life list in progress

I used to be funny. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you.  I was funny.  I may have been crude and abrasive, but damn it, I was funny. I hate coming to this blog right now because the last post is always “OH! HI!  Let me tell you about my health!” and I […]


OH. The consequences of personal blogging.

I’ve been writing on this blog for almost three years.  It has always been a personal blog – more personal than most, I’ve been told.  But it wasn’t until recently that I understood why so many people were baffled by my openness here. Tuesday night, Adam and I arranged to have dinner with a blogger […]


My pilates instructor has a bigger ass than me.

I think it should be a rule that your exercise instructor should look better than you. I mean, I don’t care if she doesn’t have great hair or a pretty face – I’m not completely shallow.  But it seems to me that anyone charged with helping me get in shape should be in better shape […]


When Happiness Means Not Blogging. Or Using Periods.

how to be happy lessons learned in petaluma

On Sunday I was going to write a funny post about how Hilly and I spent Saturday pretending to be supermodels. I was going to show you pictures of our light guy and write funny things on the pictures like “see how we is sexy!” with an arrow pointing to my boob inexplicably hanging out […]