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So this one time. In Charleston.

There are 406 pictures from my weekend in Charleston. About 385 of those pictures are of buildings and food and trees and the back of a mule’s head. I told you so. Having just spent way too much time and hours I could have been cleaning uploading 406 pictures to Flickr, I’m reluctant to spend […]



I’m writing this from the holding room in the urgent care. Not the waiting room, mind you. The holding room- where they take your blood pressure and your temperature and promise you that the doctor will be in soon. And yet you find the time to write a blog post. (now that I think of […]


How To Subscribe To A Podcast in iTunes. No. Really.

Karen asked me how to subscribe to a podcast in iTunes. As someone who does a weekly Internet radio show, I guess she thought that was information I should have. I promptly responded that “uh. Hmmm. Er. Um. I’ll look that up and get back to you.” Because I? Am a very professional radio show […]


How Miss Britt Does Dishes. No. Really.

If you spend enough time with another person, you’re bound to discover their little quirks and eccentricities. For example, this weekend I learned that Becky brings her own washcloths on vacation with her – and sometimes leaves them behind when she goes. Becky learned that I am perfectly normal in every way. Which is unusual, […]


The Greatest Gift Of All

Dear Adam, Today is your birthday. Apparently, you’re basically 40. That’s a pretty big deal. Since you’re a pretty good boss, my “blog husband” and one of my very best girlfriends, I wanted to celebrate this day with the perfect gift. As any good blogger and internet savvy friend will do, I started with your […]


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