I’m sure everyone had an ugly duckling phase, right? RIGHT?!?!

While searching for a picture for Avitable’s Halloween party, I was reminded at just how awkward my childhood was.

My family is filled with beautiful people. My brothers are gorgeous boys – have been since birth. My cousins are tall, thin and effortlessly adorable. I? Was convinced I was adopted. Or dropped.

It starts off innocently enough…


And for a few years, it appeared that I might be able to blend in…


And then I got glasses. By six, the awkwardness was just starting to peek through.


It would only get worse.


I’m Devin’s age in that picture. A lot of things are making sense to me now…

ANYway, dorky ass kid. Horribly dorky kid. The worst of which will likely never see the light of the Internet. Oh yes, there is worse.

And then I went to highschool…


I decided it was very mature and grown up to start dying my hair my freshman year.

By my sophomore year, I had gone back to blond and fallen in love.


My junior year, I discovered the small barreled curling iron and the weanie roll. And while you normal people were just curling your bangs, I was doing a bad impression of Shirley Temple.


By the time my junior prom rolled around, Mr. Love of My Life had become Rotten Cheating Bastard. So I found a cowboy to take me to prom.

I also stopped eating and spent a lot of time listening to John Michael Montgomery on repeat.


Not to worry, I started eating again. Just in time for my senior pictures.


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  1. avitable says:

    I can’t believe you went through all of those photos and photoshopped the cigarette out of your hand each time.

    Oh, and that redhead picture? I’m totally jerking off to that tonight.

  2. kateanon says:

    Oh, so many photos I have. Oh, so many photos I will never share…

    And you look JUST like a friend of mine in some of the HS photos, I should find hers and show you.

  3. PAPA says:

    a lot of people posed with their cars in our high school pics. i would have, but i didn’t have one.
    then when i did it was a geo prism. geo prisms look great in photo’s, let me tell you.

  4. Wendy says:

    What are you talking about? Sure #s 3 and 4 are a little… awkward, but after that you were cute! Not at all like my terrible dorky stage. I never grew out of it!

  5. Danalyn says:

    You should go red more often. It looks good on you.

  6. Britt's Mom says:

    Oh honey you were so beautiful. But I HATE that picture of you with Mr. Round Shoulders. Remember?!?!?! Hehehehehe

  7. Loralee says:

    When I was in high school I weighed 200 lbs and had orange hair stuck permanently in “The Claw”. My nick name was beeker and I had a bag of flaming poo left in my locker.


    Were (and are) freaking GORGEOUS.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    That’s so not awkward! You look adorable! I love all those curls.

  9. just beth says:

    Uh… yeah, sorry Britt. You were gorgeous. Are. I would have murdered fluffy puppies for your hair. Now, I covet it still, but I don’t have the energy for murder.



    p.s. I know I’m late, but I love the new design.

  10. Sheila says:

    Wow. I knew you had Devin when you were young, but I didn’t know you were like… three? four? Crazy. ;)

  11. Amber says:

    Aww… you were, and ARE, very beautiful, Miss Britt.

    There are some of us that have dreams of looking like you and/or having your body!

    And I mean that in a totally NON-creepy way.

    Thanks for sharing the pics — I love seeing childhood photos of the bloggers I have come to know and love! :)

  12. Your courage knows no bounds. Neither, apparently, does your desire for ringlets.

    Also, please tell me those are Dr. Martin Twinstrap Matyjanes in your senior photo. My first ever $100+ pair of shoes.

  13. Maria says:

    I think you were adorable. Love you as a red head.

  14. Dawn says:

    OMG! Could you be any damn cuter???? Well, except for a couple of those pictures… yeah. But then… gorgeousness! and cuteness! and Brittness!

  15. Mike says:

    You mean mean duckling phase is supposed to end eventually? Yay!!!!

  16. Mike says:

    I hope I also stop making typos like “mean mean” instead of “mean my”.

  17. kapgar says:

    I’m shocked the dude in the second to last photo wasn’t popping the collar on his tux jacket. Nice look.

    BTW, I love the glasses you had as a little girl. Makes me feel better about my dorky plastic rims.

  18. Dee says:

    We do all have ugly duckling phases. The real deal is realizing that swans are overrated chickens with an attitude! Thank you for sharing! ~Dee

  19. SciFi Dad says:

    I had to do a double take when I saw that photo of you at six holding (what I am guessing is) your baby brother. At first glance, you look eerily like my wife did at that age.

  20. Miss Britt says:

    avitable: I didn’t start smoking until I was 18. Almost. Fucker.

    kateanon: poor girl.

    PAPA: oh yeah, we had guys that did that too. Not so much with the girls though.

    Wendy: OK, imagine if you were THAT AGE in the 90s. I assure you, that was not the fashionable look then.

    Danalyn: I like my hair red. I don’t do it more often because my husband hates it. I know, I know, hard to believe I am so submissive!

    Britt’s Mom: heh – at lesat I didn’t post the “think of something sad” picture!

    Loralee: dude, you can’t trump lazy eye. You can’t diet or style your way out of a lazy eye! LOL


    I assure you, the people I went to high school with did NOT think I was adorable.

    just beth: it took me a very, very long time to appreciate my hair. When I was in high school, I would have murdered prom queens for straight, silky, soft, smooth, shiny hair.

    Sheila: LOL I’m an overachiever, what can I say?

    Amber: I see I am going to have to post The Fat pictures for you people. Dammit.

    SportsFan’s Daughter: OMG! I am so impressed you noticed the shoes!! Those were MY first $100 pair of shoes too – and I still have the ones I traded those bad boys in for on the “lifetime warranty”!!

    I used my entire senior picture clothing budget for those babies and just borrowed the actual clothes from my friends. lol

    Maria: I have redhead skin thanks to my Mom.

    Dawn: well, Brittness at least.

    Mike: that’s what they tell me!

    kapgar: oh how I hated those damn glasses. Hated. Loathed.

    Dee: I’m trying to figure out if you just called me a chicken…

    SciFi Dad: which explains why pictures of your daughter remind me of lots of pictures of me when I was younger!

  21. ~kat says:

    Those curls were to die for. Had them when I was little and fought hard to curl every inch of my hair the older I got. Thanks for sharing.

  22. OK, even though the “cute” word reared its ugly head a couple (or three) times (I counted)… you were an extraordinarily beautiful child. Your exquisite face has light and time and dimension that I can see right through the photos. As a teenager… well, nothing will ever make a woman look at her teenaged photos without raging criticism. I think, really, that the photos take our souls back to that fragile place. Yes? All we see is the girl with the flat-ironed hair and gallon of black eye-liner with This Is The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius singing in her head as her ultra mini-skirt rises up and beyond her ass and the clunky clogs bring a vertigo that even supersedes the memory of what she did the night before in the back seat of her kind-of boyfriend’s car as the local cop who knew her parents was knocking on the window with his flashlight. Wait. That wasn’t you?

    You are. You were. You always will be. Beautiful.

  23. ADW says:

    I would trade bad pictures with you, but I don’t have any. i have a total of 2 pictures of myself from the entire time I was growing up. That is it.

    Also, you are a super cute bunny and you know it!!!!

  24. NYCWD says:

    Stop your delusions, Swan.

  25. Finn says:

    “My family is filled with beautiful people.”

    Oh how I get that. I think I may do a similar post so you can see that you are not alone!

  26. adam asking for pictures of us when we were young had me scanning a bunch of photos so i had planned to do a post very similar. of course it wouldn’t have been nearly as funny, nor would it have been nearly as pretty.

    you, my friend, are way too hard on yourself.

    hey, i just realized all the smiles are gone. consider yourself heartbeated. (fuck, i think i just made that word up. you know what i mean.)

  27. Poppy says:

    Based on photos alone I would have been your tagalong friend until you were a frosh, completely had absolutely nothing in common with you until you were a senior, then been one of your BFFs senior year. You emote so much through your photos. I *love* your senior photo. And some of the others, but… yah. You should see mine. You won’t see mine, but you should.

  28. Are we EVER happy with what we looked like as a kid? I never was. I think there are 3 photo’s of me my senior year that I actually liked in our yearbook. 3. that’s it. The rest of the one’s they took can get put in the circular file….. that’s all I’m sayin.

    BTW…….. You looked great. ;-)

  29. Michelle says:

    ” I’d kiss a girl and I’d like it!”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist… you were lovely. I also thought I looked horrible in high school, I think it’s part of the whole experience. I’m kinder to my high school self now… Does that mean I just got worse?

  30. Geezus Britt – you were HOTT. Seriously. And the “Shirley Temple” look looks good on you too so pfffft.

    I only know that I was a pitiful thing and that I never once took a good picture. I couldn’t send kiddie pics to Adam because, well, I don’t have any.

  31. Hilly says:

    I’m going to share with you one of my dorkier pictures so that you don’t feel so bad…that’s me on the left. I’d show you a wayyyy worse one, where I refused to take a bath that day and looked like Miss Greasy Bangs (hello 5th grade!) but uh, I can’t find it. *whistles*

    I happen to think you were adorable then and are smoking hot now!

  32. Sybil Law says:

    Where the dork picture?! I wanted to LAUGH. Instead, I only giggled at the bangs. :)
    You have always been cute!

  33. Casey says:

    I loved your curly hair in high school and always wished I had great curly hair. You were not dorky, but looking at those pictures sure takes you back huh! Wow.

  34. Lynn says:

    You make me want to find my Senior Pic where I totally forgot that it was Senior Pic day. Wore my hair curly…because curly perms were IN! And then tried to un-curly perm it in the urky institutional green bathroom.

    It didn’t work.

    I love your curls! You rocked that look!

  35. jennifer says:

    Hi, I am following the Peyton site…I am curious, and jealous about the weekend. Did you put a blogging weekend for women together as a retreat?

  36. Elizabeth says:

    Aww, Britt, you were such a cute kid! You have never had an awkward moment in your life, dear.

  37. Miss Britt says:

    ~kat: I like them now. Although I am wincing look at that junior year school picture. GAWD, the massive product and crunchiness! EWWWWWWWW!

    Sharon – Mom Generations: you’re such a doll. But yes, each picture brings with it the memories.

    Maybe I’ll share those next and y’all will get it then. ;-)

    ADW: how do you only have 2 pictures?? Bring out the Hooter Girl pics instead!

    NYCWD: oh they are not delusions. I LIVED that childhood and adolescent years, thank you very much.

    Finn: oooh! yes!

    hello haha narf: I don’t think I’m being hard on myself. I’m totally fine with having been a dork!!

    Poppy: hmmmmmmmm… I am DYING to know what I was emoting to you in these pictures…

    Blondefabulous: I have one goofy ass picture of me and Jared from my senior year that I like.

    Those are coming later…

    Michelle: I’m kinder to my highschool self now – mainly because I recognize youth now when I see it!

    Sheila (Charm School Reject): middle aged women always thought I was hot. It was the other teenagers who didn’t! LOL

    Hilly: oh. my. God. So freaking cute! The chin!

    Sybil Law: dude, did you miss the glasses??

    Casey: you are not helping me make my point!

    And also, do we remember the We Hate Britt Club? Oh yes, I was QUEEN BEE COOL!! lol

    I was lucky though – even not being “cool” – I LOVED highschool. These pictures definitely took me back.

    Lynn: that sounds like an awful lot of work for straight hair, woman.

    jennifer: I emailed you the details – but no, it wasn’t anything that formal. We were all going to go to BlogHer New Orleans but it was canceled, so we figured we’d just get together locally instead.

  38. Miss Britt says:

    Elizabeth: oh Good Lord. Come meet me. I assure you, MOST of my moments are awkward!

  39. Faiqa says:

    Oh, wow. I had those same glasses from the 2nd grade until 8th grade. But, your high school pics? Def. not ugly duckling.

  40. Kristin says:

    What happened to the pics from college when you had mold head!?

  41. Nat says:

    Can I join in the chorus of where’s the ugly duckling?

    You look great. I think at times we forget how we look because we associate it with the inner turmoil of the time. (Heck I wore nothing but black from 1986 to 1990, when I introduced khaki.)

  42. Evil Genius says:

    Wait, are you saying some people actually OUTGREW their ugly ducking-ness? lol

    Seriously, I thought all your photos were beautiful. My adolescent photos would break your monitor if I was to upload them.

  43. Karen MEG says:

    Girl, you do not KNOW awkward. Braces, acne, flat chest, glasses, all knobby knees and bones and the piece de resistance…Asian hair that had no business being permed. But I so ain’t going there pictorially.

    I used my ugly duckling story (seriously, about how being awkward and being teased as a kid strengthened my character and determination) – in my first job interview after graduation … and got the job. Who said ugly ducklings weren’t smart ;)

    Great pix … you were (and are) really, really cute.

  44. Ginger says:

    Puh-lease…there isn’t a one of these that are dorky to me…you were and are really cute & pretty! Srsly.

  45. EvilStepsisterHannah says:

    now, what you should do is post your prom pics with kampman, then you’ll finally be cool. =]

  46. Rick says:


    You were completely adorable!

    But yeah, you’re mom’s smokin’ hot.

  47. Robina says:

    Wow. You are so beautiful. And you look so “All American” Pretty.


  48. Robina says:

    You KNOW I’m kidding about the bitch part, right???

  49. Kat says:

    Solidarity to a fellow dork-ass kid with huge glasses and flyaway hair.

    You’re TOTALLY HOT from freshman year forward, though.

  50. Gina says:

    You look A LOT better in most of those pics than I looked in MY childhood/adolescence pics. I am not brave enough to post many of my pics before the age of 22. I am sure I’d have mean trolls say things that I haven’t heard since I was 18 and I haven’t got it in me to handle it even now. Mean people suck.

    Anyway: You look good in the pics. I love the cheerleader shot!

  51. Jennifer A. says:

    nope, I’m sure mine were worse than yours.

  52. Tiff says:

    Britt, I got a friend who can top any HS pics. Her boyfriend had a AC/DC tshirt, mullet, and a keg…in his senior pic! Classic!

  53. OHmommy says:

    That was great and I am totally going through my mom’s house in search of my old photos, on my next visit.

    Because I was way dorkier.

  54. Sarah says:

    I caught of glance of myself (and all the school-stress weight I’ve gained) and decided I am STILL in an awkward phase. Huzzah.

  55. Robin says:

    See, to me, if your mom is hot, then since you look like her, you’re hot by default. :)

  56. Haven’t got the time to read all those comments, so this might be a repetition:

    I’m not going to contradict your judgements on these pictures because I do relate and you probably don’t believe any of those positive comments anyway (right?).
    Going through and even publishing these photos is very courageous – maybe even the beginning of acceptance, who knows…
    I just want to say that I enjoyed them thoroughly (aesthetic aspects included!) – and just not because I’m an ex-dork! ;-)

  57. Miss Britt says:

    Faiqa: In 8th grade I just refused to wear glasses anymore. Gawd I was a brat.

    Kristin: oh I have college pics – but the mold head was Celeste, remember??? *I* was the hair like straw and then the NO hair.

    Nat: that’s probably true. I think when I look at those picures I still see me the way my peers saw me back then.

    Evil Genius: I have a feeling, after doing this myself, no one here would be HALF as dorky as they remember being either.

    Karen MEG: oh how it pains me every time I hear about people with great shiny hair perming it!!

    maman: awesome. brows.

    Ginger: can I just say I wish you people would have been in highschool with me? lol

    EvilStepsisterHannah: hahhaha – yeah, Aaron went to prom with Lindy from 10th grade on. They’ve been together forEVER.

    Now, I could tell you the story about him setting me up with his best friend freshman year if that would help. ;-)

    Rick: my mom ROCKED the 80s.

    Robina: hahhahhha – I do look pretty Midwestern. I’ll give you that.

    Kat: big glasses unite! and fight for contacts! lol

    Gina: oh ouch. You know, when I first started postin pictures of myself on the Internet, I DID get people making the same comments I’d avoided since I was 18.

    It actually helped me come to terms with it – which was nice.

    Jennifer A.: I think we’re going to have to have a contest or something.

    Tiff: hahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha – oh man, can you imagine handing those out to your grandparents??

    OHmommy: contest! contest!

    Sarah: you know, my college years were absolutely the worst. WORST. I dispelled any and all stereotypes about “hot co-eds”. I gained weight, experimented with bleaching my hair, pierced my tongue… so. not. pretty. It’s a miracle I managed to get knocked up. Seriously.

    Robin: so what you’re saying is – I should have gone to highschool in the 80s? :-P

    maggie, dammit: you’re so cute when you speak Gossip Girl.

    pensive legal alien: nah, it just reminded me about how funny perspective can be.

  58. wow! we could have almost been twins in your glasses shot and the one after that! i love looking at old photos and compare them to how people look now. yes…i had that ugly duckling stage!

  59. Turnbaby says:

    You were ‘awkward’?? Where?? Cause I don’t see it.

    Thank god my mother has most of my pics–well the ones the Trailer Park Queen didn’t burn.

  60. SwanShadow says:

    You’ve always been very cute, Britt. (Okay, except for your protruding clavicle phase. Other than that, yes.) And you are gorgeous today.

    Those of us who morphed from dorky kids into dumpy adults are trying hard not to hate you. ;)

  61. whall says:

    And here I thought by “ugly duckling photos” you meant porn of Avitable with a raft of ducks.

    What’s that about stuff rolling off a duck’s back?

  62. Courtney says:

    You think that THOSE pictures make up an awkward phase? Oh, honey, you should see mine.

  63. I don’t think you were dorky in high school. And I don’t say that so you’ll start stalking me or anything. I’m sincere!

  64. Karl says:

    I love that 4th picture of you at Devin’s age. You totally still do that move.

  65. refused by everyone says:

    u will stop a while to look back at u frm d mirror if u saw me.u r beautiful and cute my sister.if u saw me once,u will realize how silly u r to think that u r ugly.i am tall,tan skinned,black haired and do not have any pretty looks in face or body.the skin is ugly and i am like a guy even if i am girl in my mid 20s.nobody have even loved me,but guys throw insulting looks n words at me.i have no frnds and i live alone with my parents.but still i am alive and i am a graduate with honours.i have reached this status bcoz i never cheat anyone,insult anybody,or hurt anybody.i always try to do good to everybody even if they dont care me.i believe what is important is the heart but not the external appearance of somebody.u are far more luckier than me,as u have guys who love u.but i?i dont even knw the meaning of love an d no guy has ever even touched my finger.and nobody ever wont until i die.i am not made out of rubber,but wat 2 do?so dear consolate urself.

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