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Debating: Road Trips and Medical Ethics

I know what you’re thinking. I can see it in your eyes. You’re thinking: Holy shit, this blog is sucking some major buttocks this week! And, well, yes. I’m aware. But only because I am busting my ass behind the scenes to get some cool stuff going on. And apparently I am not a good […]


Defined by Fashion – or something

Dawg’s post this morning reminded that I have a photoshoot coming up. I’ve always wanted to say that.  Not about Dawg – about the photoshoot.  It just sounds so very Carrie Bradshaw* in my head. ANYway – a photoshoot.  In New York City.  For the Hot Blogger Calendar.  Which all sounds incredibly cool and chic […]


I Need Your Help

I’m not really here yet.  Not really.  Technically.  Not at all. BUT – I need a quick favor from you… In less than two weeks Jared and I are heading up to New York City for a quick weekend trip. And the only thing he wants to do is see the Statue of Liberty. What […]


WordPress hates me right now

I’m hating all thinks CSS, Loop, theme, spam, upgrade, blah blah techno blah blah related at the moment. I’m going to sit down and try and do an overhaul. As for posting – this space will be quiet for a few days until I get things figured out.


Snackiepoo – Clearly, You’re Retarded

Monday, Hilly wrote a post that broke my heart. Confessions of a Blogger Who Is Not A Mommy was an interesting look at what adult women who have not had kids encounter in their relationships with other women.  It hurt my heart to think of this beautiful person being identified for something she is not […]


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