The RAP Sheet: Hello. Ha ha. Narf.

You may remember from earlier this year…

Blogging was made for bitching.

Whether it’s about slow drivers, unruly children, or spouses who can’t seem to pick up their own underwear, the blogosphere is constantly atwitter with our gripes. And while we would in no way suggest you stop bitching, once in a while it’s nice to stop and remember some of those people who makes us forget about the dirty underwear.

It is because of those people that Karen, Hilly and I decided to launch The RAP Sheet.

Out here in Blogaritaville, there are some Ridiculously Awesome People. People who touch us, who make us laugh, who make us want to reward them with a cutesy graphic. Those are the people we add to The RAP Sheet.

Oh the high hopes that we had.  Karen, Hilly and I were going to spread love and awesomeness througout the Internet!  And everyone would start buzzing about goodness and kindness and awesomeness.

And we made it two whole months! Loving on two whole people!  Before we got totally lazy and distracted! YAY for Love and Awesomeness!

Ahem.  So.  The three of us kind of suck, apparently.  Luckily, we have the beautiful Sam of Temporarily Me to nag us remind us what’s important.  And so, at Sam’s insistence, we are bringing back The RAP Sheet today.


Today I want to tell you about my Becky.  You know her on the Internet as Hellohahanarf of Midnight Cliff.  I cannot imagine there is a person on this planet who has ever crossed paths with this woman and not fallen in love.

Her goodness is just that damn big.

In the last year I’ve been fortunate enough to play tourist with Becky twice.  Once in Philadelphia and again in New York City.  You know how people say that having kids allows you to see the world through fresh, new eyes?  That’s what it’s like to travel with Becky.

She looks at the world with a giant grin on her face, arms and eyes wide open, eager to soak it all up.  It’s impossible to stand near her and not get caught up in her delight.

Her heart is pure.  Her soul is good.  And I can’t think of anyone else in the world  whose intentions I would trust as completely.

I’m proud to call her my friend.  I’m blessed to know that she loves me.

What about you?  Who do you know that makes you see the world in a different light?

Karen is digging on women, again.

Hilly is digging on men, again.

And Sam is going to surprise me.

Who are YOU digging on right now?

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  1. avitable says:

    Becky is indeed awesome. And her heart is even bigger than her boobs. Which is impressive.

  2. [...] Britt loves Hellohahanarf Karen loves me. Wait, what? ME! (what a twist!) Sam loves Mama Tulip [...]

  3. Hilly says:

    Becky never seems to have anything negative to say about anyone. She sees the good in all of us. I am floored by that and am proud to be her friend as well!

    Great choice. Momma likes ;).

  4. Willie G says:

    I have met many great friends through your blog. I hope to continue to foster relationships with Becky and others based on your praise of them. I think you are a great friend.

  5. B.E. Earl says:

    Ahh…I really should have stepped up and met you kids in NYC when you were there. My bad.

    Great choice! Becky rules (even if she does root for the wrong football team in PA)!!!

  6. Turnbaby says:

    Becky is amazing! I can’t wait to see her again at the Fair and for Brad to meet her.

  7. just beth says:

    You know who I ADORE right now? Papa.

    He is the OG Bomb-diddy.



  8. Crys says:

    hey man, i dig that girl. she’s my kind of party lady, and her blog is rad

  9. Crys says:

    oh, and i like Brandon, from The Pen Is Mightier. (or, it could be, The Penis Mightier.)

    he’s a wonderful writer, and deep. not your par for the course PRB fare. check him out!

  10. Crys says:

    …and i got to Brandon thru Hilly, i should just mention that! and Hilly too is rad. i am raddest of all though, not that it’s a competition, but i’m winning


  11. holy shit, that’s me!

    (thanks, britt, karen and hilly. this was a sweet, sweet surprise. what a fabulous way to wake up!)

  12. HoosierGirl says:

    I am totally digging on Amy ( She’s “da bomb”. We have very similar parenting lives, except she has an awesome husband and I have a roving truck driver.

    And I agree….Becky is cool!


  13. Lisa says:

    I absolutely love Becky and I’m so happy I had the chance to meet her when she was in Philadelphia. She has saved me through chemo by sending me candied ginger, a bag of goodies and a GNOME!

    She totally deserves this award.

  14. Any friend of Britt’s in a friend of mine! Thanks for the new read!! ♥

  15. Doo Dah says:

    Aw, how sweet! I should get to know her. She sounds loverly. :heartbeat:

  16. RW says:

    Well if it wasn’t for my wife I would pretty much be hanging out in seedy neighborhood taverns and reading a lot of Bukowski. So there’s that!

  17. ali says:

    oooh…i love this RAP sheet thing! and now i’m off to check out your Becky ;)

  18. Finn says:

    Loving the Beckster! :heartbeat: She is a ray of sunshine that lights up everything around her. Excellent choice.

  19. BOSSY says:

    (laughing too hard at Avitable’s comment) (will return later when Bossy composes herself)

  20. Allyson says:

    I completely agree with this RAP Sheet. Although I haven’t had much oppurtunity to get to know Becky, I am always brightened by her comments, and I find it a pleasure to know she is in the world.

  21. delmer says:

    And she’s not afraid to speak her mind. Or let a person know he’s in the wrong line for beer. Or to ask hard, pointed questions like, “And who are you?”

  22. I could use a Becky too! She sounds wonderful.

    I’m digging Penis Protectors myself. That’s right, Penis Protectors. I’m singing to them in stores and all sorts of other humiliating things like that. Have a great weekend Britt!

  23. whall says:

    I’ve always liked her comments. And I think I remember right about the time she decided to stop doing the “I’m just a commenter” and progress to “Now I’m a blogger”.

    But that coulda been someone else tho.

  24. Shelli says:

    You described her beautifully. And that’s another thing…She’s gorgeous!

    I made the RAP sheet once. I feel/felt honored.

  25. Sybil Law says:

    Becky rocks! :rock:
    I am really liking Faiqa. She’s smart, cool and funny.

  26. NYCWD says:

    I have to concur with Delmer. I’d want Becky with me in a street fight.

    Now all Hola hoho snarfsnarf needs is some bling bling and she’ll be a full fledged rapper on the sheets.

  27. Robin says:

    Becky is indeed awesome. Seriously. She needs to bottle-up her moxie and sell that shit….

  28. Stephanie says:

    Me loves Becky! She is one of my favorite commenters on my blog! I enjoy reading Crystal, too!

  29. you guys are so wonderful and have truly made my friday spectacular. thanks for all of the kind words.

    (delmer made me laugh out loud, but dawg confused me with the sheets comment!)

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  31. Winter says:

    I couldn’t have chosen better had I done it myself! Becky is a totally awesome person.

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