An Open Letter To Independents and Undecided Voters

Dear Undecided Voters,

The presidential election is less than 60 days away, and yet the chief complaint I hear from you is “no one has told me what they’re going to do.  Everyone talks about change and no one tells me how they’re going to bring change“.

My friends, to you I say, bullshit.

Perhaps what you mean to say is:

“No one has tried to educate me on foreign policy with a 30 second commercial!”

“I can’t believe no one printed an economic stimulus plan on a yard sign!”

“I watched both conventions!  It seemed more like a party rally than an in depth policy meeting!”

In which case I say, No shit.

Political campaigning is as much about name recognition as it is anything else.  It’s utilizing branding and repetition in the same way that Colgate encourages you to associate their name with toothpaste instead of Crest.  And honestly, what more do you expect from TV and radio ads and 30 minute speeches??

The American attention span is about >this< long, and today’s political process is as much a result of that as it is a cause.

What you seem to be ignoring is the fact that both candidates have been telling you for months what they stand for and what they’ll do – or at least, what they’ll attempt to do.  But the real answers, the in depth answers that actually mean something, can’t be packaged inside a pretty ad or a TV appearance.

And quite frankly, you should know that.

If you don’t have your answers yet, it’s simply because you haven’t been looking for them.  You’ve allowed yourself to become lazy and complacent, sitting back and waiting for public policy to be spoon fed to you.  And then you complain when the candidates attempt to do just that.

If you are still undecided because of lack of information*, the fault is not with either candidate.  The blame for your lack of knowledge lies with you.

If you don’t care, admit you don’t care.  If you’re unsure because you’re waffling on which plan is best, then say you’re not sure which plan is best.

But don’t say you don’t know because you haven’t been told.

We only allow adults to vote in this country.  You, as the voting public, have been told everything you could possibly want to know.  You’ve been told about more than personal biographies and mud slinging.  You’ve had access all along to more than speeches and one liner quips.

The question, 60 days from the next presidential election, is no longer WHAT WILL THEY TELL YOU?  The question is, what responsibility will YOU TAKE in listening to what they’ve already said?

Get Informed.  It’s a verb.


One Seriously Pissed Off DECIDED Voter

P.S. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO KNOW?   Information from each candidate starts behind the fold >>

The Economy:

John McCain has outlined the issues he thinks will effect the economy on his website.

Barack Obama has also outlined his economic plan on his website.

BOTH candidates’ plans would lower over all tax revenues (which, hello? WE HAVE A DEFICIT! Not necessarily a GOOD THING!)  The difference is in WHERE those cuts come from (Obama’s plan increases lower to middle income earners, McCain’s to highest income earners), HOW MUCH is cut, and WHAT IS DONE WITH THE MONEY THE GOVERNMENT DOES COLLECT.  Source.


Obama discusses in detail his priorities in regard to education on his website.

McCain discusses his thoughts on education on his website.

THIS is an issue where the candidates differ quite a bit.  If this is a priority for you, it might be important for you to have a better understanding of their different philosophies.  McCain favors encouraging competition among schools with vouchers, etc., while Obama’s focus is on making sure each school provides a quality education to it’s students.

Health Care:

Obama outlines his plan for providing universal access to health care on his site.

McCain gives an overview of his thoughts on health care on his site.  I will be completely honest and tell you I have no clue where the details are – but the link is here.

It is crucial to note that neither of these candidates is proposing the same Health Care plan that Hilary Clinton supported.  Neither Obama nor McCain believe in mandated health care for adults.  The exception is Obama’s insistence on providing insurance to children.


Do you want to know about abortion?  Afghanistan? Gay rights?  Each of the candidate’s sites have information if you look beyond the front page.  You can also get a more neutral and easier to read break down on CNN’s Election Issues Page.

*There is a big difference between being undecided because you don’t have all the information and being undecided because you are still trying to decide which issues and priorities mean the most to you. I would never suggest someone make a snap decision, even once they do have the answers they need.

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  1. avitable says:

    It makes me feel funny in my pants when you write like this.

  2. Maria says:

    Thank you. It really irks me to hear people *still* saying that about Obama – ‘Oh, I don’t know what he stands for or what his plans are!’

    Shut the fuck up and do some goddamn research. Jesus H. Tapdancing Fucking Christ.

  3. (seriously though, this was awesome. preach, preacher! only thing i would have maybe changed is the part where you send folks to cnn instead of the candidates’ actual websites because all media is biased. fuckers.)

  4. Preach it sister!

    I have to say, you are brave. I’ve decided not to blog about politics because, well, it’s so damn fierce. I have my views, my choice, and I don’t want to hear why I am a f*cking idiot for choosing that person.


    But, I love healthy debate.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Sometimes I think people don’t want to know the answers. The internet in particular makes it easy to find out what a candidate stands for. Go to their websites and check it out, even the side you don’t want to vote for, just to be sure.

  6. Sybil Law says:

    Damn – Avitable really does get a boner over anything…
    But seriously – you’re right.
    Or maybe people just feel like neither candidate is what they want.
    Politicians have that way of making you feel dirty.
    Anyway, yes – get informed, assholes!

  7. Willie G says:

    Great post.

    And oh yeah, decided voter here. GOBAMA’08 !!

  8. Suebob says:

    What Maria said. Especially about the tapdancing!

  9. bluepaintred says:

    If I could vote, I would vote for fonzy.

  10. B.E. Earl says:

    So do I actually have to click on those links, because that sounds awfully exhausting. ;)

  11. Chris says:

    Great post Britt, even if I don’t agree with them I can admire a decided voter. An undecided, uneducated (aka LAZY) voter – not so much.


  12. whall says:

    Too bad neither candidate supports the Fair Tax. It’s time we taxed those illegal immigrants!

    Does Obama’s site mention racial reparations?

    Does McCain’s site mention where his contributions come from?

    Why do people think Palin/McCain will try to make laws that are more compatible with their abortion views when they don’t think Biden will do the same (um, Catholic… Hellooooww?)

    (I thought maybe this post wasn’t charged enough, so I’m just providing some fuel)

  13. eggy says:

    Right on sister, as we used to say in the 60′s. If you motivate even one person to change their behavior as a result of your post, then I think you’ve accomplished a worthwhile thing.

    This is called a participatory democraqcy folks, that means we each have to “do something”. This is not about consumption, this is a about process.

    I honestly believe our country is at a critical juncture, and voting this year may be one of the most important things you’ve ever done in your life.

  14. Rachael says:

    Excellent post. I hope that it leads some people to educate themselves.

  15. AmyD says:

    Blah blah blah. At least start naming names. Clearly “undecided voter” has a name and probably a blog URL where they said this thing you find to be incredibly stupid. So… stop being all pretend diplomatic and dish the dirt, sister.

    Geezus, and you claim to have balls.

  16. [...] Technorati Search for: "gay rights"] posted under Gay [...]

  17. heather says:

    Very well said!! I love how uncensored you are!

  18. Faiqa says:

    This post was just damned impressive. Great job. :ohgreatone:

  19. Miss Britt says:

    avitable: *sigh* I know.

    Maria: yeah, it started off hearing that about Obama and it annoyed me. Lately I’ve been hearing it about BOTH candidates, which speaks volumes about the process I think.

    hello haha narf: which means you’ve actually tried something else instead of relying on the TV to pick your toothpaste.

    Good for you!

    Andria and Co.: everyone knows (I think) that I’m an Obama supporter, but I don’t need to get into why someone *shouldn’t* vote for McCain.

    I just don’t want to see anyone stay home because they didn’t hear the magic words on TV.

    Stephanie: absolutely – I think it’s important to read BOTH sides. A blind follower is no better than the person who is apathetic.

    Sybil Law: and THAT is completely different, and something I 100% support. A friend of mine is voting Libertarian because she honestly believes THAT best represents her views.

    I would never use my vote that way PERSONALLY, but I am so damn proud of her for doing so.

    Willie G: well, *I* am totally *not biased* today. :angel:

    (WOO HOO!)

    Suebob: she has a way with words, doesn’t she?

    {Alli} Mrs. Fussypants: thanks – and thanks again for taking the time to explain your perspective to me yesterday.

    bluepaintred: damn Canadians! :lol:

    B.E. Earl: look at it this way, at least you’re not marching or protesting or going to war or anything. :nana:

    Chris: exactly. I am passionate about my politic and the Democratic platform, but I have huge amounts of respect for an informed Republican, Libertarian, etc. who has a well thought out plan that THEY believe in.


    “Why do people think Palin/McCain will try to make laws that are more compatible with their abortion views when they don’t think Biden will do the same (um, Catholic… Hellooooww?)”

    *clears her throat and tries to remain calm*

    Because the difference between a liberal and a “conservative” is the ability to hold one’s personal beliefs strongly, without needing to make them a law that everyone should follow for their own damn good. Kind of like what the Republican party USED to believe in.

    eggy: I will say this – a lot of people WANT to vote – the undecideds even.

    Maybe they just aren’t used to getting involved because they’ve never felt they had a reason to care before.

    Rachael: me too

    AmyD: um – no, actually. Finn and Hello ha ha narf both talked about it recently – but this post has been brewing since I watched the DNC on TV while watching the twitter commentary. If not earlier.

    I’ve heard this echoed on twitter, blogs, comments, emails, and face to face conversations.

    This is more than blah blah blah and some kind of stupid blog drama.

    Kat: thanks.

    heather: heh, thank you.

    Faiqa: thanks – hopefully it’s actually helpful to someone.

  20. Doo Dah says:

    I seriously hate politics.
    I think they all are liars.

  21. Perchance I am undecided because I don’t like either one? Yep. That’s it. I don’t like them. Neither of them. Sucks to be me, but eventually I have to decide, and for that I will make an elaborate decision tree and then go to the polls, hold my nose, and add my hanging chad to everyone elses!

    Nice post though! :rock:

  22. bill says:

    Holy hell, that’s awesome. A gut punch.

  23. Marinka says:

    Great post. Also, I encourage undecided voters to ask –”how have the past eight years been working out for me?”

  24. SciFi Dad says:

    What I want to know is which one of them is going to ride the elephant if he wins, and if so, will he give free elephant rides to everyone?

    (In all seriousness, we’re facing the opposite problem up here with our election. The party in power – The Conservatives – have a two-pronged ad campaign: one part “humanize” their leader, one part misrepresent the plans of the other party. Basically, Canadian voters know “Conservatives nice. Liberals want to end the world by increasing gas prices.” Seriously.)

  25. Rachel says:

    I heard on the radio that Sarah Palin is anti-gay and any and all rights that gays have and want including domestic partner benefits.

    I also heard she is pro-life NO matter what the circumstance, incest, rape, etc.

    I AM Catholic and I don’t believe in either of those views. I don’t believe that anybody in politics has a right to tell me what to do with my body.

    Please people….not another four years of a Republican :(

  26. MaCain’s website: Love the blue color … easy navigation … the picture buttons are cool.
    Obama’s website: side bar is too long … posts are very wordy … not impessed with the pictures.

    I guess I vote McCain.

    Oh, sorry. I’m due to be reviewed by “Ask And Ye Shall Receive” in a day or two. I guess I’m a bit nervous.

  27. Mindi says:

    You DO know that I have a serious girl-crush on you, don’t you?

  28. rachel says:

    I wasn’t able to read this entire post but I got the really sarcastic part at the top implying that undecided voters just “don’t understand” what the candidates stand for because they’re lazy.

    There is another category here – people who do understand, have researched, and are still torn becuase they come from a republican base, but don’t necessarily want 4 more years of the same policies. But someone who is both scared and excited for Obama’s extreme and completely opposite ideas.

    There are many people out there who are struggling with this at different levels. Thanks for your synopsis though – i do want to read it later today. I see your last sentence — “being undecided because you are still trying to decide which issues and priorities mean the most to you.”

    that’s me!!

  29. Jenni says:

    Excellent post, Britt. I agree people need to make some informed choices. I think the thing that bothers me more than the *undecided* votes are the *decided* ones that made their choice based on the sex or race of who’s running. I’ve got friends and family that have both made comments about that, and seen so many women voters sway towards the McCain/Palin ticket simply because there’s an OMG! MOM! A HOCKEY MOM! And she’s PURTY! That must make her a good choice, right? Woot! Squee! We must vote for her!

    I’m sticking to my choice, which was based on PAYING ATTENTION TO DEBATES and doing my research… go OBAMA!

  30. [...] informed, or you just feel like you need more information, Miss Britt did a nice overview of the issues on her site.  So, I am just going to shamelessly link to her instead of writing it on my own.  [...]

  31. whall says:

    @Britt well I guess I’m ‘old-style’ conservative, then.
    Has there been something published that I’m unaware of that makes you think Palin as VP would be able to do or would want to do anything different than Biden as VP, given they have the same personal views?

  32. Boogy says:

    What I would like to know from both candidates is if there is going to be a follow-up on the 9-11 Commission Report….or even better: who’s going to bring Bush, Cheney and others before justice. There are still too many questions unanswered about what exactly happened….and there are too many evidences that 9-11 was an inside job….

  33. Matt-Man says:

    I concur. As for Biden, and your argument as to why he being a liberal wouldn’t force his faith into issues of abortion…

    Faith is just that, faith. It is not something to be imposed upon others through law or any other means. Cheers!!

  34. Finn says:

    Adam’s right: You are hot when you’re up on your soapbox.

    Let me tell you why I was, until recently, undecided: I do not watch much TV, I rarely read a newspaper. I keep up on current events by scanning headlines and reading articles about local, state, national and world events that are important. I do not pay attention to political stories until after the conventions because I am an independent in Florida and therefore unable to vote in a primary. I use the conventions as a way to get a feel for the candidates before doing my research and making my decision. Not for nothing, but the campaign is suddenly very different with the addition of Palin (I mean in terms of tone, which, to me, does matter). I make an effort to at least see what each candidate has to offer before I eventually give in to my liberal leanings. :D

    “Tell me what you are going to do” is me saying, try to stick to the issues at hand rather than constantly snipe at each other and tell me what’s wrong with the other guy’s ideas. I find it insulting; I can make my own determination on that.

  35. Nobody™ says:

    9-11 was caused by Clinton. He did it to make Bush look bad, but I’m not sure why, because we all know how much Clinton likes the bush. And the moon landing was done in a studio. By the way, I own the entire state of Kalifornia and I will sell it to you for $5000. It had nothing to do with people from other parts of the world that hate us. The airplanes were inserted into the video with CGI.

    The problem with the elections in the US is that we allow stupid people to vote.

    I haven’t read either candidates plan in depth, maybe I should read every word. But I already know which side I prefer. <- Note I said prefer. I’m very middle of the road, which apparently is bad. I see it as not being brainwashed by either side. I’m more of a constitutionalist than a donkey or an elephant. I have my own beliefs. On some things, I’m quite liberal. But on others, I’m very conservative. Yet other issues I don’t give a rats ass about.

    But apparently you think I can’t be independent, because that would just mean I’m lazy. I am lazy, but that’s not why I’m an independent.

  36. trishk says:

    I’m an Independent and I am undecided. I work for a non-profit organization. My husband retired from the military after 22 years. I do educate myself when it comes to candidates, issues, etc.

    But how do you really educate yourself when the media is biased? The candidates themselves only put out what they want you to understand or read?

    Who do you believe?

  37. Gina says:

    Excellent post. I am impressed with your ability to get at the real issues, speak the truth with confidence, and then provide answers too (as with the links to both sides’ plans for the country). I wish I had written it. Keep up the awesome writing!

    I will be passing a link of this post along to others. :)

  38. Miss Britt says:

    Doo Dah: makes it pretty easy to determine what is truth and what is not. And they are unbiased and ridiculously thurough.

    I think what you have to do is use that site to make sure you aren’t basing your decisions on the issues that matter to you on false information.

    Blondefabulous: I can’t imagine being in that position, but I realize that some people are. I feel bad for people in that situation.

    bill: heh, thanks.

    Marinka: yes, well, I would too – but that would show my leanings a weeee bit much. LOL

    SciFi Dad: “one part “humanize” their leader, one part misrepresent the plans of the other party. Basically, Canadian voters know “Conservatives nice. Liberals want to end the world by increasing gas prices.” Seriously.”

    Actually, that’s not too far off from what’s been going on here for the last week.

    Rachel: I would normally say that what the VP candidate believes is less of an issue – other than the fact that she gets a tie breaking vote in Congress.

    But a) I think our current VP has been pretty fucking influential and b) McCain is over 70.

    PracticallyJoe: now me? I happen to love a wordy guy. Tells me he believes in what he’s saying. ;-)

    Mindi: awww, thanks – I’m batting my eyelashes at you RIGHT. NOW.

    rachel: I know I already answered this by email in detail – but I just want to reiterate here for other people reading it – STRUGGLING with the information you’ve found is NOT LAZY. OR what I’m talking about here.

    Having seen the work you’re doing on the back end, I admire you. And I feel for you – because I don’t know what I’d do if I was that torn.

    Jenni: yeah, the reaction to Sarah Palin boggles my mind. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that people weren’t putting out scantily clad action figures of Hilary Clinton.

    For what it’s worth, my opinion on that whole debacle AS A WOMAN is – when the first woman enters the White House, I want it to be a woman whose gender and appearance in a short skirt is a moot point.


    Yes, actually –

    Biden’s stance on abortion is basically the same as mine. Life begins at conception. Period. Over turning Roe v. Wade? Bad idea. Making it a federal crime? Bad idea.

    Being a Catholic is not the same as supporting the condemnation of Roe v. Wade.

    Now, Palin doesn’t have a voting record to point to obviously – so I have to go by her published statements that reiterate that she is against abortion, even in cases of rape and incest and that she is comfortable with the idea of Roe v. Wade being overturned.

    Boogy: um, hands in the air if you think there is ANY possibility of a Republican White House investigating the previous Republican White House…

    And at this point, does it really matter?

    Matt-Man: exactly.

    Finn: I hate that. Hate it. I hate even more that the reason it’s done is because IT WORKS. So fucking sad.

    Nobody™: I’m going to assume, based on your comment, that you quickly SKIMMED this post. And therefore missed the point entirely.

    trishk: it’s sad that the media is no longer a resource you can count on for information. I do think, however, that if you read what the candidates have written/posted in depth, you get a clear understanding of their priorities and what THEY genuinely believe to be the right approach. I know I did.

    As I said earlier, you can also use if you’re concerned about lying – but I think you have to limit that to “am I basing my support on a lie”. And I’m saying that as a supporter of the candidate who *I* feel comes off a hell of a lot better on that site.

    Gina: :blush: thank you.

  39. Laurin says:

    You are the best motivational speaker ever. I will cop to some laziness about getting informed. I tend to take things in from the media and then get more serious toward the end and figure everything out. I can tell you I’m way more engaged in the election this time and I hear this from a lot of others as well. I’m not proud of how informed I am at this very moment, but I’m working on it.

    I certainly don’t expect to get informed from a commercial or yard sign. I’ve read volumes on their platforms and even a spreadsheet on how the tax plans would shake out. But I like to see the words come out of the candidates mouth in order to get my head around whether I believe this is the person for the job. That’s why I like debates.

    So many people are aggravated by the word change and have the feeling they haven’t heard the candidates say what they’re going to do, from their own mouths. You’re right. The info is there for the taking. Maybe it’s what we are conditioned to absorb by the media. Maybe they have already said it but what gets taken in by most people during the course of a crazy day tends to be the packaged version. It is a matter of attention, as you’ve said, and I’m working on mine.

    We still have time. It is a process, after all.

  40. Miss Britt says:

    Whall, I was wrong – there is better information than recent statements about Palin’s desire to force her personal beliefs onto others:

    The ones that stood out for me:
    # Special legislative session on same-sex health benefits. (Nov 2006)
    # Ok to deny benefits to homosexual couples. (Aug 2006)
    # No spousal benefits for same-sex couples. (Jul 2006)
    # Top priorities include preserving definition of “marriage”. (Jul 2006)

    Oh, and the whole “trying to fire a Librarian because she refused to ban books from a Public Library” bit.

    The president’s job – first and foremost according to the oath they take – is to uphold the constitution.

    Last I checked, censorship didn’t fall in line with that idea.

  41. just beth says:

    I’m decided, decidedly decided, and while I admire your passion and agree with you about people needing to do the work and put in the effort to find out what the canidates stand for, I can’t help but feel offended for Finn. Now, she’s a big girl and already posted here, and I’m sure SHE’S not offended, but I think your tone (with all the bold type about ‘no one has told me what they’re going to do’ and whatnot) is just… mean. And not very subtle.

    Not that it matters to you, but I give you an ‘F’ for this post. Bad form, Miss Britt. Bad form.

    (said with love. of course!)



  42. B.E. Earl says:

    Biden and Palin, despite having the same number of letters in their respective last names, do not share all the same personal views. Biden is pro-choice. I’m assuming that is what you meant when you brought up his Catholicism. His voting record shows that. He did vote for banning partial birth abortions, but the rest of his voting record proves him to be pro-choice. Doesn’t matter what his religious beliefs are because he knows better than to impose those beliefs on the entire nation. To be fair, Palin has no voting record. So all we know of her are from public comments and her vetos. Maybe once she starts talking to the press…

  43. Lisa says:

    Voters who vote based on party lines and not based on what’s best for OUR country, frighten me. Well said Britt, well said. :clap:

  44. B.E. Earl says:

    She doesn’t believe in same sex marriage or rights for domestic partnerships, but she complied with the law which gave benefits for same sex partners and she vetoed a bill which would have denied benefits to gays just last month. Just being fair. I still hate her and all she stands for. ;)

  45. Momma says:

    I am hooked on the whole process, and have been watching it since the beginning of the year, right down to listening to all the main “characters” speeches. Just hooked!

    Now, I sure wish y’all could see it trough an ‘outsider’s’ eyes. I’m sitting here shaking my head. Scary stuff down there, and, I hope I’m wrong when I have this gut feeling it will all be up to those who would never vote for an African-American. Don’t shoot me, “I haven’t got a gun to protect myself,” :wha: but from here it sometimes looks like that’s all true.

  46. Granny Annie says:

    I loved, loved, loved your post…..until you went too far. You should have stopped with the instruction for us to do our research and make up our own minds as intelligent adults, but you just had to go that extra inch and break down the issues as YOU see them. We are all weak, I guess. Too bad.

  47. Nobody™ says:

    My mistake as far as my previous comment goes.. I think maybe the TITLE of the post threw me off…

    You are right, you never said undecided voters were lazy, in fact, you said quite the opposite. But the title of the post followed by a rant about people not knowing the issues because they are lazy had me starting to form my comment long before I got to the tiny little part about independents. I apologize for accusing you of calling Independents lazy.

    By the way, I agree with the commenter that said the media is biased and we only hear what the candidates want us to hear :clap: And I noticed that when you list each candidates stand it seemed VERY biased against Mr McCain.

    My wife and I were discussing media bias a couple days ago. The problem with the “news” people is that it is almost impossible to be non-biased, no matter how hard you try. Even if you think you aren’t being biased, when you feel strongly about a subject it is nearly impossible to separate your emotions from the issues. And I believe that it just so happens that most of the news media are liberals (especially CNN). I don’t think most of them mean any malice by their bias, and many of them probably believe that they are being unbiased.

    And I’ve been a HUGE fan of for many years.

    Great post, by the way.

  48. I am particularly saddened by hearing on CNN that McCain has made a gain on Obama just by picking Palin as his running mate. It says “I’m gonna pick the pretty people because I like how they look!” I thought we left crap like that behind in high school??? :banghead:

  49. Steph says:

    Britt, you forgot one critical thing: both major party candidates are total cocksuckers. Not because of their party affiliation, but by virtue of their being politicians.

  50. NYCWD says:

    I’m reading this post and the words that stand out for me are:

    outlined, outlined, discusses, discusses, outlines, and overview

    Outlines are subject to radical change. Discussions are expressions of ideals with no concrete path to making them tangible realities. Overviews are worse than outlines.

    Outlines, discussions, and overviews might indeed tell me what they want to do, but still does not tell me how they are going to do it, which I think every voter has a right to ask… and I still haven’t seen a clear candidate’s answer. Even on their own websites.

  51. AmyD says:

    Man, Britt. I think you took my comment a little seriously. You know I don’t get into this rabid political stuff, so I teased you a little.

    But, I guess there is only one person allowed to tease you. Got it. I’ll be sure to remember that next time. And maybe next time you can think about the kind of people your friends are before you dish out a tongue lashing on your blog.


    (and no blog drama intended here, but I figure one public response deserves another)

  52. RW says:

    I disagree with Obama on maybe 90-95% of his policies. I am an Old Right believer in small government and a non-interventionist foreign policy; which means nobody at all represents what I believe. President Bush and President Johnson, though of two parties, are intrinsically the same person – it is impossible for them to adjust war policies and they are big on soending more than the government takes in. Proof Texas should be allowed to secede but I digress.

    I am voting for Obama simply because it is a HUGE cultural statement. The face America will show to the world will change everything out there. People who dislike us will have to think about their anti-American prejudices again. The less developed countries won’t have to have democracy pushed down their throats, they’ll STEAL the idea.

    I should be ashamed of myself for voting for “identity”. I have never been for it. But this time it is a MASSIVE thing in our history. Unbelievable. It HAS to happen.

    I’ll scream about the policy decisions later. Trust me. But first, let’s change what people think of us and what we think of ourselves. A black President (though I was convinced the first would be a Republican) is just the single biggest turning point in this country’s history since I don’t know when.

    So who cares about the damn issues/ The very year I’m ignoring them everybody wants to make a big deal out of them. Pleh. When is everyone going to catch up…

  53. Faiqa says:

    Wow. Calls to action can really put a person on the hot spot.

    It’s pretty interesting how your suggestion to read up on an issue incited so much drama.

    “RESEARCH? I’m not going to RESEARCH. I’m going to watch TV and let FOX News and CNN program me into a mindless automaton. RESEARCH is for terrorists, if you love America, you better NOT research.”

  54. And I also like the site which not only provides you with links to the presidential and vice-presidential candidates (from all parties), but also candidates up for election in state elections (congress, state legislatures, state gubernatorial elections, etc.).

    It drives me nuts, too, with the advent of the Internet, information central, that people still aren’t informed. It is maddening.

    I’m still a Libertarian, though. A pissed-off, tired Libertarian. I’m gonna have to buy an island. :crazy:

  55. I don’t get this undecided or unwilling to find out crap either. I’ve known for months because when the candidates announced that they were running in the primaries, I read their websites completely. Informed decisions are extremely important. Good for you for posting this. I stepped into the political arena a bit today too. I’m waiting for the haters to arrive. ;-)

  56. Jay says:

    Let’s talk taxes….

    According to Business Week…

    “So where does the reality lie? According to a new analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, a joint venture between the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution, two Washington think tanks, this round goes to Obama. The TPC took a look at the various tax proposals put forth by the two candidates and estimated that Obama’s plan would lead to a boost in aftertax income for all but the highest earners, while taking a smaller bite out of government tax revenues than would McCain’s plans.

    Here’s the whole thing:

    They’ll both continue to increase the debt. But, McCain’s plan would increase it by about 30% more than Obama.

  57. OHmommy says:

    I am undecided.

    I have an issue with American TV and will not let FOX news or CNN or freaking MTV tell me how to vote. The news is so socialistic and bias. It’s sick. I even blogged about it yesterday explaining why I am still undecided.

    I learned so much about our country while over seas. Unless one travels and see our country from foreign lands one can’t really understand how controlling our media is.

    Most of the passionate voters today base their research on our media. It is sad.

    I have done my research. And am still undecided.

  58. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been meaning to do more research on these two and take an informed stand, really I have. Heh. Thanks to the links you left here, I just spent the last hour and a half of my work day reading about politics.

    And I still have not come to a decision. At least I’m informed. (:

  59. Miss Britt says:

    Laurin: I do think that how the person speaks, presents themselves, FEELS to you does play a big part. I’m the first to admit that affects me as much as it does anyone else.

    just beth: this wasn’t about Finn. There are a lot of undecided voters who say that people are just TALKING about change.

    As for subtelty, I wasn’t trying to be subtle. I don’t think being direct is the same as being mean.

    B.E. Earl: jinx!

    Lisa: and THAT is a trap I could EASILY fall into. Easily. I am a registered Democrat and I have to force myself sometimes to look at the other side.

    B.E. Earl: I would give more weight to the veto then “complying with the law”.

    Momma: I really hope we’ve come beyond that.

    Granny Annie: I’m sorry you see it that way, because I made a concerted effort to give equal access to both parties and summarize how THEY have described their positions.

    Nobody™: I think you’ll find just as much conservative bias as liberal (hell FOX). I’ll repeat what I said to Granny Annie regarding my slant against Senator McCain. That wasn’t my intention – in fact my intention was completely the opposite.

    I guess that just proves your point. :-)

    Blondefabulous: it disturbs me too.

    Steph: I don’t believe that. I believe that there are people in this world who go into public office because they believe they can make a difference.

    I actually think that sentiment is true for BOTH of THESE candidates.

    NYCWD: if you go to the links, there are summaries followed by links to in depth plans.

    AmyD: I don’t think knowing who you’re going to vote for in a national election is “rabbid political stuff”, especially if you’re one of the people saying that you WANT to choose a side you just haven’t been given the information you need (which is who this post was directed to). Nor do I think it’s fair to say that only one person is allowed to “tease me”.

    And who my friends are does not change my opinion or my desire to express them. I can’t imagine for the life of me why it should. Because they might disagree with me?

    As far as taking your comment too seriously – I just responded to exactly what it said. You asked me to quit pretending to be diplomatic and name names – I responded by saying there were no names.

    RW: LOL – you make some valid points – although I think ultimately you’re still voting on The Issues – just different ones.

    THAT being said – I consider myself Old School Republican as well. I believe in less gov’t – fiscally, legally and socially. I believe that gov’ts role should be protection from threat and infastrcutre and protection of certain rights. But there hasn’t been an Old School Republican Party since I was born – certainly not since I was old enough to vote.

    Faiqa: yeah, but you know what? I got at least ONE email from one of these commenters who was still torn – but had now taken the time to figure out what each candidate was purposing. Absolutely worth it.

    Coal Miner’s Granddaughter: I think your Libertarian stance is very brave and honorable and wonderful – knowing how you came to that conclusion.

    Black Belt Mama: ooh – I’ll be over later. ;-)

    Jay: Yep.

    And to be completely honest, that pisses me off. I think SOMEONE needs to look at balancing the damn budget like Clinton did. I think because it isn’t OUR checkbook, we have a tendency to see it as Monopoly money. But it’s not. At all. And it DOES affect our day to day lives when it gets this bad.

    OHmommy: I’ve talked to a LOT of people like you too – and that just kills me. For YOUR sake. It’s easy for me because one candidate falls in line with almost all of my big issues. I think *I* am more rare these days – and a good argument for another party to step forward.

    Elizabeth: it’s rarely something where you can read the information and just know. But when you have the facts you’ll think about it long after you’ve walked away I bet.

    Good for you. An hour and a half is 119 minutes more than my step dad ever read about public policy.

  60. Momma says:

    I hope YOU have a gun for your protection. You really DO have balls, girlie, starting all this ruckus :crazy:

  61. Miss Britt says:

    Momma: meh, fortunately politics are something even people other than me are typically comfortable disagreeing on.

    At least I’m not bashing someone’s TV choices! LOL

  62. Robin says:

    Dude- I love you. Seriously.

    Your entry was one of the more comprehensive ones about the candidates than anyhing I have seen so far on the net….and one of the most truthful. :)

  63. Miss Britt says:

    Dear AmyD,

    Sorry I jumped all over you.

    “Blah blah blah” at me is like.. um.. I don’t know. Something bad. :blush:


  64. whall says:


    On that site, when I look at the question posed to Palin, and her answer…

    Q: If Roe v. Wade were overturned and states could once again prohibit abortion, in your view, to what extent should abortion be prohibited in Alaska?
    A: Under this hypothetical scenario, it would not be up to the governor to unilaterally ban anything. It would be up to the people of Alaska to discuss and decide how we would like our society to reflect our values.

    It sure sounds like she wouldn’t be doing ANYTHING with her “power” to force her views on others. Sounds like she wants the people to decide. Which to me, sounds like what people are claiming Biden’s position to be (ie, “I believe this way, but my constituency can believe differently”)

    I guess I’d want to have that same question posed to Biden, you know, in the interest of fairness and all.

    It’s not like Palin came out and had a press conference and told everyone “HEY YOU SUCKERS! JUST WAIT UNTIL I HAVE POWER BECAUSE I’M GOING TO LEGISLATE MORALITY DOWN YOUR THROATS BECAUSE I CAN, BWAH-HAHAHAHAHAH” but a lot of angry liberals sure do treat her like she did just that. I can’t find that she said anything that supports this view.

    If she did, I’d have a problem with it, even as “conservative” as I am.

    This is why I believe in acting liberal but voting conservative. I’m giving, charitable, etc but I don’t want my government doing that for me.

  65. Crys says:

    hooooooooooooo honey child, there’s a lot going on in here today!


  66. Talon says:

    Awesome post.

    I agree, and I just wanted to add, that my very conservative (former military) husband and very moderate liberal me get alot of our info from the same fairly unbiased source:

    The League of Women Voters.

    Check it out. They rule.

  67. NYCWD says:

    Actually those “in-depth plans” are exactly what I’m talking about.

    Using Healthcare as the example, just how do they plan on getting their proposals into effect? Or are they just assuming that Congress will be okay with it?

    That’s a pretty big assumption.

  68. Erin says:

    I would like to add that it might be a good idea to get some neutral factual background information on things like how free trade actually works, or how public education is currently funded and what universal healthcare actually means (especially for those who insist that it means the government tells you which doctors to see)… because if you don’t know how it already works (or how it is supposed to work) you won’t know which candidate’s plan is better.

    Or something that means what I said but is written in an easier to understand way. :)

  69. John says:

    That’s a little harsh Britt. I’m not disputing anything that you’ve said is true, but come on. Do you really expect everyone to spend hours researching politicians records on the Net or their local library? Shouldn’t the upcoming debates settle the issue for undecided voters?

    : )

  70. Faiqa says:

    That does make it worth it. Drama is good. And you are still my blog hero. Who’s a shameless Miss Britt sycophant? Me, that’s who.

  71. Rachel says:

    Thanks…I needed that. I think you alone just made me decide. Thank you for the push.

    Your faithful reader

  72. …what Britt said.

    And please, be grown up enough to state your opinions without calling other commenters petty names or “vomitting” on them (as was done on my blog – comments deleted now).

    We are supposed to be grown ups right?

  73. ADW says:

    Well now. It seems that you are having yourself quite the interesting day today!!!!

    I have to say that while I am normally a conservative voter, I am more liberal in my beliefs. However, I was proud to have voted for Gay Marriage Rights in Ohio, I think that reversing Roe vs. Wade will set our country AND WOMEN’s rights back a century.

    This is the first and probably ONLY time I will ever get political on a blog. While I certainly enjoy debates on other blogs, I tend to keep mine (when I actually write it) along the lines of inventing new swearwords and discussing my feces.

    BUT, I honestly cannot get behind either one of the candidates that everyone is discussing. One, I do not have a penis, so getting behind either one of them is a moot point since there would be nothing to do once I was there. Two, I have reasons why I think each one of these guys is not a good choice and I don’t feel the need to share them.

    My pick is going to be Ron Paul. I don’t even know if he will end up on the Ohio ballot. The main reason I have made this decision is that I believe our country needs a serious change. I know that he won’t be elected president. I know that my vote won’t make an immediate change in this country. But I am taking a stand on future changes. I believe that the two party system that runs this country needs to be shaken to it’s core. I believe in a government based behind our Constitution. I am sick and tired of playing mediator with other countries whether we are asked to or not. I can go on and on.

    I don’t necessarily believe that Ron Paul himself would be an ace president that would go down in history. This is more about making a statement and taking a stand. It’s about being sick and tired of the BS that goes on in every level of our government. It’s about basic rights. It’s my way of saying that my vote does matter and will matter even more one day soon.

    I will not be swayed by either candidate because I don’t care for them. Pros and Cons of each aside, and yes I can come up with pros and cons for both of them, I refuse to vote for either one. I want my children to grow up knowing that they don’t have to accept one or the other of anything. That they have the right and obligation to find another option if A and B don’t cut it for them.

    Sorry about the rant. This is the last time you will hear from me on this subject. Thanks for the outlet…

    Smoochie Woochie Babycakes!!!

  74. I just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I am almost to the point of “I don’t give a shit who you vote for – just do it”. I know very few people who actually care about politics and realize that they ARE important – that saddens me even more than thought of Obama in the White House.

    I am an Old School Republican but, as you’ve said before, those haven’t really existed in many, many years. You and I have talked politics before and you know where I stand on “the issues” so I’m not going to get into it on here.

    I am just glad that more people are actually wanting to be involved and informed – regardless of their political leanings. And, even if I do think that this post shows your bias more than a little, I still think it rocks. As long as people don’t turn their voting stance into a “WWMBD?” (What Would Miss Britt Do?) scenario we should be okay! :slaphead:

    It’s the McCain/Palin ticket for me. And, for the record, the fact that she is a woman means nothing to me. I had to do a lot of digging to decide that McCain would keep my vote after that move.

  75. @ADW – :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    McCain is actually my THIRD choice. Huckabee and Paul were my 1st and 2nd.

  76. Hilly says:

    I’m not looking above. Nuh uh.
    All I want to say is that the CNN Elections page is stellar for people who have no idea what’s going on. Hell, even *I* used it to look at a couple of the issues that I knew nothing about.

    And I love you John (dammit, I looked up), but I think you need more than a debate to get all of the information you need to be informed. But then again, I am a research whore.

  77. just beth says:

    Britt, I understand that Finn isn’t the *only* person in this country unhappy with the hypocrisy of our politicians, and I understand that she’s not the only blogger to write about it. However, saying that this wasn’t about Finn when your title is obviously mirroring hers is silly.

    And I don’t have anything against direct, in fact, I love how direct you are. This time, it read more mean and condescending than direct and honest.



  78. manager mom says:

    This is a GREAT fucking post.

    Chalk up my undecidedness to the latter. I am trying to juggle which issues are going to be the dealbreakers for me.

    Thanks for pointing out that it is time for people to stop the fucking whining and oh, I don’t know, actually INVEST SOME TIME and thought into one of the most important decisions of this year.

  79. Elizabeth says:

    @ADW: I really wanted to vote for Ron Paul, too. I see good in all three (Paul, McCain and Obama), but I just can’t pick one. Like you, I know Paul won’t win, but I think he’d make a damn good President.

    Who knows? Maybe if enough people vote for him, he’ll be the surprise winner! If he’s on the ballot come November, I will totally vote for him. Until then, I’m doing research to have a backup vote, just in case. (:

  80. Faiqa says:

    @ADW and Elizabeth:
    No, please, please, please don’t vote for Ron Paul.

    I love Ron Paul, I do. I’m an Independent, and I really, really liked him.

    But, voting for someone who is not going to win isn’t very pragmatic if you want to affect some sort of change in the national arena.

    RP will not, will not will not win. (You know if you use the verb three times it makes what you’re saying true, right?) Voting for him is just a statement of principle, which is great and all… But, I offer the following alternative: Vote for Obama and wear a Ron Paul T Shirt.

    Unless you’re considering voting for *McCain* instead of Ron Paul. Then, go ahead and vote for Ron Paul.

  81. Jennifer A says:

    Now you understand why I am a Libertarian. I made up my mind to be independent a long time ago. I am not undecided. I decided neither candidate really supports the middle class. And education needs one thing – VOUCHERS! Put your money where your beliefs are!

  82. NYCWD says:

    RP will not, will not will not win. (You know if you use the verb three times it makes what you’re saying true, right?) Voting for him is just a statement of principle, which is great and all… But, I offer the following alternative: Vote for Obama and wear a Ron Paul T Shirt.


    That alternative is about as useful as sticking lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig.

    Had that comment been directed at me, I might vote for RP just to spite that type of Democratic Party snobbery.

    Hell… I still might.

  83. Fantastagirl says:

    Wow – you certainly know how to pick hot topics.

    I’ll add this – if you choose not to vote, you are also choosing the right to not complain or b*tch for the next 4 years.

  84. Sarah says:

    When I first started reading this I thought it was about me (not in a bad way) and I got really excited because I knew you’d be putting in some links for different topics.

    For some reason that made me really happy. Now I have things to check out because like you said I only have a little time to get my research in. :hug:

  85. Elizabeth says:

    @Faiqa: I’d like to vote for Ron Paul just because if everyone who would like to vote for Ron Paul voted for someone else, he definitely won’t win. But if all of us Ron Paul people voted for him, maybe he’d have a chance.

  86. Sarah says:

    Or rather not ‘about me’ but ‘for me’

  87. Crazy Lady says:

    And this would be why I will not talk politics or religion on my blog.

  88. Tasses says:

    I thank you for starting a firestorm, but I have to call you out on a couple comments up there.

    You said, “Obama’s focus is on making sure each school provides a quality education to it’s students.” Uh, no. I am a teacher and I have been following Obama’s education policies quite closely. He SAYS equality, but when you LOOK at his actual plan, he funnels large amounts of $$$ to inner-city schools. Now, I’m all for educational equality, but what about the lower socio-economic farm kid? the Appalachian mountain kids? There are disadvantaged youth in all areas of the USA. They all deserve the SAME funds. Their parents deserve a choice as to where to send them to school (like in many parts of Europe). Just FYI, in case you or any readers don’t know: Each child is assigned a dollar amount to their head. In many parts of Europe, parents can assign that money to a school of their choice. In the USA, the money goes ONLY to a public school. If you put your kid somewhere else, the money stays put in the education purse. Democrats are fighting school choice because some people might choose to put their child in a parochial school.

    Which leads me to my second problem:

    In a comment you added “without needing to make them a law that everyone should follow for their own damn good.” Uh. No. It’s actually the Democrats who have consistently over the past fifty years increased government involvement in our lives. Giving exception to 9-11′s legacy of distrust and fear, please go back and research the last 50 years of political legacy. The Democrats CONSISTENTLY vote for intrusive measures telling all of us what to do while the Republicans vote to stay out of our lives. Put those cigarettes away! Lay down that cheeseburger! Pay for those people on welfare! You can’t wear fur! You can’t drive an SUV! …. those are silly examples, but I got carried away ;-)

    NYCWD said the smartest thing of all the commenters: “Or are they just assuming that Congress will be okay with it?” These two men are puppets of a larger machine called Politics. Neither of them care about you. McCain is a war hero, doesn’t mean he’d make a good executive leader. Obama is a career politician. He’s never been anything but training to be or having been a politician.

    Finally, the post is filled with negative connotations and persuasive techniques. I think this is why some right-leaning folks have called you out. I know it’s hard to stay unbiased when you are excited about a new candidate. If you wanted to write an I LOVE OBAMA post, I’d throw up my hands and scream, “YOU GO GIRL.” But honestly, it was easy to see that this was not an unbiased post even though I think you were trying to make it so.

    All’s fair…. no hate from me.
    Just had to say what I thought.

  89. Bonnie B. says:

    One more little nugget of info (if anyone can stand it after all of these comments) is that this whole election comes down to this: What kind of Supreme Court Justices do you want to have making enormous, literally life and death decisions for the next 30-40 years? Because the president is only there for a short time (4-8 years). His or her Supreme Court picks live on and on and on and on…….

  90. sodapop says:

    Thanks for the links. Now I can do my homework before election day and finally be decided on who I’m going to vote for.

    I’ve been apathetic. I’ve been lazy. I’ve had my own little dramas going on, so I could not care less about this election.

    However, since I’m planning on voting and doing my civic duty, I’m going to do my research before placing that vote.

  91. Miss Britt says:

    whall: wellll, fortunately you don’t have to pose hypothetical questions to someone with a voting record.

    Crys: heh, it seems that way.

    Talon: AWESOME suggestion – thank you! It’s getting harder and harder to find neutral information.

    NYCWD: wait a minute – so now you’re expecting the candidates to tell you how they’ll pitch to Congress IF they get elected? That seems a bit.. much. I think at some point you have to be realistic about what a president can accomplish on their own.

    We might be picking the “highest office in the land” – but it’s still just ONE part of the entire puzzle.

    Of course, since you brought it up, I think that having a congress that is more likely to cooperate with the White House would be beneficial to everyone.

    Erin: I understood what you’re saying – and that’s an excellent point. On healthcare, for example, I thin it’s a good idea to look into how other countries have done it and what has worked, and what problems they’ve had with it.

    John: ARGGGHHH!! Yes! I expect people to spend a few hours doing independent research before they vote!! :-P

    Faiqa: it’s so adorable to hear you say that, knowing how intelligent and articulate you are all on your own.

    Rachel: holy fucking make my day lady!!!

    Darla – UltraBeautyBoutique: absoltely – loved how you were able to give me your views via IM without any vomitting or name calling.

    ADW: I know someone else doing that – and while I HATE it as a Democrat because it’s usually our party that gets killed by it – I believe in what you’re doing. I believe in why.

    I think it is what democracy is allll about.

    Sheila (Charm School Reject): WWMBD politics? OMG! That would be awesome!! Think how great the country would be! I mean – just look at what an awesome job I’m doing with MY life! :lol:

    Hilly: I didn’t see a huge bias on CNN’s site either – it was helpful for me too on a few things I wasn’t clear on.

    just beth: I know I emailed you, but I want to say it again here -

    Finn’s post was just yesterday. Her title was “An Open Letter To The Candidates” (or close to it)

    So – uh – yeah – a REASONABLE person who had read both could make that connection. Heh. I honestly hadn’t even thought about her title.

    Rest assured, I have the utmost respect for Finn – she’s a thinker and she’s got a heart – a win/win. And I have no doubt I could say to her ‘get off your ass then!’ and she would know exactly where my head/heart were when I said it. :-)

    manager mom: someone emailed me today and they were an 80+% match for BOTH candidates. Maybe I DO need to do a “come on over to this side, *pats seat beside her*, it’s OK” post. LOL

    Elizabeth: OK – how ignorant am *I*? I didn’t know it was still a possibility that he’d be on the ballet.

    Faiqa: *snort* I’m cracking up because I know half of you means that.

    Jennifer A: I think McCain is the only candidate that supports vouchers, isn’t he?

    NYCWD: woah – I don’t think that was Democratic Party snobbery. I think that was pretty tongue in cheek.

    Do you really buy into that bullshit about the Democratic Party being the snobby, elite party???

    Fantastagirl: Amen.

    Sarah: well, I think it’s definitely FOR you, babe.

    Elizabeth: you know what, THAT is what the Obama movement of “Yes, We Can!” is all about.

    Which is to say – yes, YOU can. If that is the candidte you support – VOTE RON PAUL!

    Crazy Lady: and yet, I don’t regret this post. Not one bit.

  92. Miss Britt says:

    Tasses: I’m familiar with how the $ amount per kid goes. And I still support putting that money in underadvantage schools – although NOT just inner-city schools.

    I don’t agree with you that the Democrats have been more intrusive than the Republicans. I think they’ve both been damn intrusive.

    Your assertion about these candidate’s motives are just as much speculation as mine are – and I happen to believe they are both doing it for more than the chance to hold a job.

    I am, however, honest enough to admit it’s an opinion. Neither you nor I can say with certainty what motivates another person. Even a politician.

    And finally – I’m not a journalist. Nor have I ever hid the fact that I support Obama. BUT – I still provided access to BOTH candidate’s first person words. I sure as hell don’t think I went so far is to let MY bias interfere with someone’s ability to find the facts.

    That’s more than what a lot of “news” channels have done lately, so I’m OK with that.

    Bonnie B.: I don’t think that is ALL it comes down to – but it is a huge piece of the puzzle.

    HOWEVER, I think you have to remember that there are already other judges sitting on the Court. One president will not pick the entire bench, ya know?

    sodapop: THANK YOU for getting the point. :heartbeat:

  93. Tasses says:

    Hey Miss Britt… seems like we are both tooling around on the computer instead of watching that sucky news ;-)

    I agree with putting the $$$ where the parents want their own tax dollars to go instead of someone telling them where it goes. As to intrusiveness, I’ll try to find a site that shows voting trends, and I know during your lifetime the Republicans have been more intrusive (especially with the 9/11 fears) than in years past, but most of the social laws (like the smoking & lard laws) are thought up by liberals.

    Also, it was great of you to post those links. If I post any more political crap (and, man, am I sick of it already) I’ll send you a link-back. I saw another great post HERE that I might want to send some readers towards also.

  94. Faiqa says:

    @NYCWD : Lipsticked pigs are hot. Anyone who’s anyone knows that. (Snobby hair flick) That’s the second time someone has called me a snob this week. I guess it must be true. Please vote for Ron Paul just to spite me. It gives me a strange sense of mind control.
    No, wait, do vote for Ron Paul. Democrats are so yesterday. Now, are you going to vote for Obama to spite me?

    @Elizabeth That’s, of course, a good point. And in the truest sense, it is the heart of democracy. I was only half serious about not telling you to vote for RP. The other half of me is still very serious, though. :wink:

  95. [...] politics in general, just the way I view the elections and other hot topics.  My thanks go out to Miss Britt for opening my eyes on that.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading on a few websites about both [...]

  96. Faiqa says:

    oops, i didn’t mean to bold that last comment.

  97. Selma says:

    This is a pivotal election not just for the US but for the rest of the world (resident of the land of Oz here). I think the undecided voters need to realise that every vote counts and that it is still a privilege to be able to vote and affect how your country is governed. There are many, many people the world over who are denied the right to vote who would love to be in your shoes. So please – go out and vote!

  98. wafelenbak says:

    I get a little touchy on this subject as a thoroughly informed, consciously non-voting citizen. I know you aren’t throwing barbs at people like me, but I am so tired of being accused of being either 1) too cynical or 2) apathetic.
    I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Apparently this makes me something of a Libertarian. Except Bob Barr is a Republican in sheep’s clothing and I don’t like him either. I’d love a truly viable third party candidate, but we’ll have a woman and an African-American in the Whitehouse long before that happens.
    I think both candidates will doom us in different ways. I don’t want to choose between the lesser of the two evils. I’d rather not vote than feel responsible for the consequences of my choice. In retrospect, I regret that I didn’t vote for Hilary in the primaries, but it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference since I live in Illinois (I didn’t vote in the primaries, fyi).
    I live in Chicago. My vote does not matter. It really, really doesn’t.

  99. Elizabeth says:

    @Miss Britt: You know, I’m honestly not really sure.. I think he’s still in. I honestly don’t think he’ll make it to the final vote, but if he does he’s got my vote.

    @Faiqa: I know. (:

  100. maman says:

    Can we add a codicile that no one can accept as proof of anything anonymous emails passed from your great uncles sister’s aunt?

    Or is that just an issue with my family>

  101. Special K says:

    I am voting for peanut butter and jelly because you know, it has stood the test of time and consistent! :)

  102. Talon says:

    @Special K:

    But…jelly or jam? Cause jelly puts holes in the bread…


  103. Laura says:

    I love your letter. Politics is really pissing me off this year. And a good many voters even more so. :clap:

  104. eggy says:

    I’ve always been rather cynical about politics, thinking that in order to be elected, you have to be a very adept liar, in order to get elected.

    I think of myself as an Independent, as I am socially liberal, and fiscally conservative. At 64, I’ve spent most of my adult life voting for “none of the above”, which is why I voted for Perot, twice.

    My choice is Obama, because I have listened to my heart. When I heard him speak at the 2004 convention, I knew at that moment he’d be the one I’d vote for. Since then, that view has only been strengthened.

    I am convinced that we are at a precipice, that if we continue in the vein we have been in the last 8 years, that we will fall off that precipice. I did not believe GWB when he said “I’m a uniter, not a divider”, I thought it was a very cynical lie, and everything I’ve seen since then has reinforced that conclusion for me.

    I believe that Obama will work to form a consensus, that he will openly work to foster cooperation and compromise, and that he will do so in a transparent fashion. I further believe that he can be an effective change agent, not someone who just mouths those words, but has no real intention of doing so.

    When I watch candidates, I like to think about who they remind me of. It helps me to sort, and allows me to quantify my gut reaction. So here goes: John McCain, the ultimate flip flopper who will take any position just to get elected.
    Sarah Palin, the lead character, real estate agent in “Over The Hedge”. Barack Obama, destined for greatness, one who can persuade others, and effect change. Joe Biden, pain in the ass bloviator, but capable.

    So thanks Miss B. for bringing it up, letting us play, and thanks for the tone of the posters. It’s been nice to see the comments without the usual haters on both sides.

    I believe that most voters will make a partisan choice, and that this election will actually be decided by the newly registered, and the Independents. We’re all in this boat together, so lets hope we can all survive all the noise between now and November 4th.

  105. Ren says:

    You said, “Of course, since you brought it up, I think that having a congress that is more likely to cooperate with the White House would be beneficial to everyone.”

    I feel exactly the opposite. It is when Congress and the White House cooperate that things get passed through without enough consideration. When Congress and the White House are forced to negotiate and compromise, we are better served. And this doesn’t just apply to legislation, but also to the nomination and approval process for judges.

    I often think that we would be better off with a proportional representation system for Congress, but I don’t really know if that would actually help or not.

  106. PajamaChick says:

    Miss Britt -
    I, too, am undecided. Not because I am lazy and not because I am an idiot but because I agree with both Obama and McCain on different ideas and disagree with them on others.

    By the way, as a Texan I will tell you that Texas is the only state in the United States that has, written into our constitution, the right to secede. I know many Texans who wish we would secede and I know many non-Texans who wish we would.

    I have read you for quite a while but, to be honest and with all respect, this post did upset me.

    I have researched, I have thought, I have not decided.

    Sorry if that is not OK but it is my vote and I can take as long as I want to make my decision. You don’t have to like that but I don’t have to like your decision to jump on the Obama wagon (although I don’t dislike it) but I do respect your right to do so.


  107. suz says:

    Whall: Biden was on Meet the Press on Sunday and quite strongly responded to Brokaw’s questions about his personal religious beliefs about abortion by saying something to the effect of: “I would never think of imposing my personal religious beliefs on anyone else in a pluralistic society.” Biden has a record of voting for pro-choice legislation and against antichoice legislation.

    Whereas Palin is a member of an “anti-abortion group called Feminists for Life.” When running for governor in 2002, she “sent an e-mail to the anti-abortion Alaska Right to Life Board saying she was as ‘pro-life as any candidate can be’ and has ‘adamantly supported our cause since I first understood, as a child, the atrocity of abortion.’” [Anchorage Daily News, 8/6/08]

  108. Blue Streak says:


  109. zenmom says:

    I think I just had a braingasm reading this. Thank you! Brava!!!!

  110. Batocchio says:

    Great stuff! I’ve been dreading entering Undecided Voter Sanctification Season. After the debates especially, the choices should be pretty clear. But actually taking the time to read a website or two would certainly help! Just looking at a good analysis of their tax policies and positions on Iraq might be enough for many people. But as you say, there’s a key difference between ‘undecided and looking’ and ‘uninformed and not looking.’

  111. martymankins says:

    What an awesome post. Thanks for posting those links and stating the obvious… there’s so much information out there and I know some of it is very biased, but digging even a tiny bit, you can find a lot of objective details on each of the candidates web sites and various mainstream (read: not FoxNews) sites that spell out the positions.

  112. Pain says:

    You do journalism a great service with this post. While We, Ourselves of the Collective, consider Ouerselves “progressive” in Our politices, We abide by the rules of etiquette as far as they extend to politics that only a well informed voter can make a true decision of which candidate is best for the country rather than their ideology.

    We leave you with a quote from out House Speaker, the Rt Hon Reefic Coljik, “If the American election devolves into party polarization steeping in the vitriol of racial polemics and mistrust then the Union will be left in the hands of fools going into voting booths to choose not a president but an executioner.”

    Keep up the good work!

    Qu’ul cuda praedex nihil!

  113. Shaggy says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful piece, Miss Britt.

    Dear Nobody,

    You say the media is biased against McCain and then you say you are huge fan of

    I cannot reconcile those two ideas.

    The press absolutely LOVED John McCain until he started lying recently, and when I say they loved him until recently, I mean about a week ago. (See recent comments by former McCain fans Richard Cohen of the Washington Post and David Brooks of the New York Times and even funny guy John Stewart, who used to have him on his show like, every couple of months – they indeed loved John McCain. Also CNN and, yes, even Fox News, who never really loved him but certainly favored him more than Clinton and Obama.)

    Do you remember tales of the BBQs McCain used to host, and invited the press to the party? The portrayal of McCain has, by most of the press up until the last week, largely been that he is still the accessible maverick of 2000, which he very clearly is no longer. He recently threw a tantrum because the press wants to investigate Palin’s credentials and what appear to be her political misdeeds, and until they are super nice to her, McCain says – in other words, until they vow to throw her softballs only – she is off-limits. They probably thought Charles Gibson would do just that, because he treated Obama so abysmally during that primary debate (you know, that one that made the policy and issue wonks so uncomfortable). But how dare Gibson actually ask her legitimate questions?

    Alot of people who admired McCain in 2000 are just now starting to see he has changed over the last 8 years. I could go on about this particular issue, but my post is already too long as it is…

    Look, if you (writing to everyone reading this, not just Nobody) hate liberal/conservative policies and love conservative/liberal policies, just say so. I get tired of reading/listening to people who seem to put on a front that they are informed and balanced when clearly they are not, they are absorbing just enough information to appear informed to other uninformed people. It has the appearance of, ahem, nuanced propaganda.

    MSNBC is liberal, FOX is conservative, blah blah blah. All news sources have a bias, all people in the news industry are humans with biases. If there was an overall liberal bias 20, or even 10 years ago, it has disappeared. This of course is due to the corporate influence on media, and we know which type of candidates corporations generally (although not always, of course) support.

    To say “liberal bias” anymore smacks of just not having your eyes open all the way.

    All my comment comes down to, really, is that many people that consider themselves thoughtful and well-informed will generally only consider ideas that already support their worldview. And unfortunately, it is possible that a recent study has illuminated that conservatives are actually MORE likely to only believe what they want to hear.

    That link is to a Mother Jones mag summary of the poly sci study. (the link to the original research article is within that Mother Jones article.)

    Best regards.

  114. Joe the Troll says:

    “I’ll add this – if you choose not to vote, you are also choosing the right to not complain or b*tch for the next 4 years.”

    Bull. I always vote, but I don’t feel that voting gives me the right to complain. PAYING TAXES gives me and everyone who does it the right to complain. Even non-voters support the government financially, and thus are entitled to express opinions about it.

    I haven’t been around here in a while, but I’m glad I saw this post. I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that anyone who is still undecided either thinks too much or not nearly enough.

    A few points (not necessarily addressed to YOU, but to the crowd here)…..

    I voted Libertarian starting in the 80s and throughout the 90s. Always patted myself on the back for “sending a message.” Two things I learned about that message are: 1) No one is paying attention to it. As soon as someone wins, people stop counting the votes he/she didn’t get, and 2) When a useless knob like Bush becomes Prez, the message no longer satisfies.

    Also, how would any candidate be able to outline how he’ll get things past Congress? I’ve never seen a candidate do that, probably because they DON’T KNOW WHO IS GOING TO BE IN CONGRESS YET. What personalities will he be dealing with? What type of mix? What other bills and issues will be on the table to be used for negotiation? What tweaks will legislators want to make? Either candidate, if elected, will have to adjust his tactics according to who the states send to D.C.

    As far as intrusion goes, both parties are guilty, yes. However, which intrusion is easier to swallow? Being forced to smoke in private, or having your phone calls recorded without a warrant? Easy choice as I see it. Cleaner air and healthier food are intrusions I can live with easily – loss of privacy is not.I also find it a little easier to financially support a regulatory bureaucracy than to have to pay for the bailouts that deregulation leads to, followed by THEN paying for that regulatory bureaucracy after the fact.

    I also agree that the “liberal bias” stuff is a smokescreen. After all, where do you hear it the most? From people like O’Reilly, Rush, and Beck that have a clear conservative bias. It’s said that the best trick the Devil ever pulled is convincing the world he doesn’t exist. The same can be said for the conservative media.

    Again, I’m glad I saw this. Wonderful post.

  115. Ryan says:

    Well Said. Found you on StumbleUpon.

    I’m tired of the system. I’m tired of a system where continuously utilize vagueish rhetoric in fear of tipping the scales too much in either direction. It makes for a boring political process that simply encourages apathy from the voting public.

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