A Giveaway! Help me quit smoking!

I mentioned on Wednesday when I discussed my weight that I was quitting smoking.

What I didn’t tell you is that this is something – a plan, if you will – that has been in place for about two months now.

I had mentioned to Karl that I wanted to quit smoking. He confessed that he had been feeling like it was time for him to quit as well, but he was nervous about whether or not he’d be able to stick with it. After much deliberation about when would be the right time and what potential obstacles were coming up for each of us, we set a date. We would quit together and help keep one another accountable on August 15th.

And then I changed my mind.

I still want to quit smoking. I still need to quit smoking. Desperately. But I’m also going to be driving 12 hours straight to Nashville tomorrow morning – and another 12 hours back on Sunday. The kids are coming home and we have to meet their grandparents in Nashville (our official half way drop zone) to pick them up.

If there is a handbook for quitting smoking I’m pretty sure Do Not Confine Yourself In A Car With Another Smoker For 24 Hours The Day After You Give Up Cigarettes is in there somewhere. I suspect it’s right under Hide The Ashtrays.

So now, thanks to Karl being very understanding of my fickle woman ways, we have set a new date.

On Monday August 18th, I will officially become a non smoker.

Jared has already signed on and will be quitting with Karl and I. Thank you, God. I know Karl encouraged a lot of other people to join us and he has a badge on his site for everyone who is joining in the “Quitterati”. Knowing that other people are making this huge commitment with you will definitely help keep me on track.

I’d like to ask the rest of you, those of you who aren’t smokers or won’t be quitting, to help me out too. And I’m even going to bribe you for your support.

Support Quitters!

Win a $25 SmartyPig gift certificate!

What is SmartyPig? It’s an online savings account that I am absolutely in love with. I started using them myself after winning a gift card from Lisa. I was so impressed, I knew I had to share the money love with you guys. (No. Really. Not being paid for this.)

Here’s how you can win AND HELP ME QUIT SMOKING:

1. Leave a comment with your best quitting tip!


2. Link to this post on your blog – you can even use that pretty button up there!

If you do both, you get two entries. YAY! Winner will be randomly selected, blah blah blah. Contest will be open for 1 week (until next Friday, in other words.) After all, the first week is the hardest – right?

I’m hoping that when I have those moments where I want to say “screw it, light me up!”, I will think about all the people that I have shared this with. I’m hoping that when I am tempted to let myself down, I will think about having to let you all down.

And I’m a woman. Everyone knows we care way more about disappointing other people than taking care of ourselves.

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  1. ha, first!

    ok, on with possible helpful suggestions to help you stay a non smoker…

    ` chew gum
    ` eat beef jerky
    ` chew sunflower seeds
    ` change your habits (no drinking coffee on the back patio for at least a month)
    ` when you desire to smoke at home, kiss your husband passionately
    ` no going to bars or other places where you would drink more than two drinks (for at least a month)
    ` you are a wonderful mom, so always remember the excellent example that both you and jared are giving your amazing babies
    ` reward yourself (get through the week and buy a small “yay, me!” token with the money you would have spent on smokes and lighters
    ` start a savings account, a separate and brand new account, for your new pool. watch the money grow. (seriously, once a month go to the bank and proudly make the deposit)

    and now i saved the best for last:
    ` live your life 20 minutes at a time (i know you are strong enough to not smoke for 20 minutes. get through those 20 minutes, then focus on the next 20. this little trick works for anger, stress, food, anything!)

    i’ll put your badge on my blog every day this week. do i get extra entries for a week straight??!?!?!!

  2. Yay! I support you 100%!!! I know you guys can do it! I left a long comment on Karl’s blog about what my mom’s smoking did to me as a kid, so I won’t go into details on here. Just remember, you are not only quitting for you, you are quitting for your family! Just look into your kids eyes and ask yourself, “Do I really need that smoke, or do I want to dance at my son’s/daughter’s wedding?” That would work for me in a heartbeat! :hug:

  3. Sybil Law says:

    My best quitting tip…
    Blow jobs. Lots of blow jobs.
    Hey- everyone wins! Well, between you and Jared. Don’t know what to do about karl… Unless you’re into that sort of thing. Oh I forgot – you two are already hooking up, right? Or was that you and Avitable?
    I am all confused now!
    Be safe on the drive!
    Also – smoke ‘em while you got ‘em!
    (Is that bad advice? like I said – I don’t even know anymore!)

  4. Tips that some smoker friends have said worked for them (I’m one of those “could have a cigarette at a party, but mostly just don’t smoke at all” folks, and I don’t have an addictive personality, so I got really lucky in that way):

    1. Drink more water than you think you need to. This not only keeps you from snacking, but also helps lessen the headaches, and helps flush the crap out of your system more quickly.

    2. If you decide to use gum, use it sparingly. Chewing a piece every time you have a craving is just going to get you addicted to the gum.

    3. Keep celery around to chew on if you absolutely feel like you have to. It takes a while to eat, it’s high in water and fiber, and it’s better than chips or ice cream.

    That’s all I’ve got. Good luck. :-)

  5. Amanda says:

    I heard drinking ice water was really helpful, because your sense of taste is all weird because of the cigarettes, so the ice water helps soothe and hydrate

  6. Jay says:

    I had a friend a few years back who would eat either celery like Squeaky Wheel said or those little salad carrots while he was quitting. He said it helped him.

    Or you could just go to a hospital or nursing home and see the 60 years who have to drag their oxygen tanks with them everywhere they go who AREN’T spending time with their kids or grandkids cause they don’t have the energy. That’s kind of motivating too.

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  8. B.E. Earl says:

    Pinch a spider on his/her cute behind. It might turn around and kiss you on the mouth.

    Always helps me when I try to quit smoking. ;)

  9. B.E. Earl says:

    Seriously, try to have your support system (family, friends) assist you in any way.

    Every little nudge helps.

  10. kim says:

    I was looking for an online calculator that determined how much money you were saving by not smoking. I know a guy who would buy himself treats based on how much he wasn’t spending on cigs. Anyway this woman had some good ideas: http://quitsmoking.about.com/od/longtermcessation/a/susiequit.htm
    My husband quit a few years ago, and definitely did the “if I could just have one cigarette, when would it be?” A few weeks into quitting, he had a really bad day and bought a pack and smoked two or three back to back and realized he had so many to go in order to catch up that it wasn’t worth it and threw the pack away and hasn’t smoked since. I think he was on welbutrin. It seemed to help. I know a couple of people who recommended big projects away from everyone. Like painting a house.

    And here is the real kicker for a parent. My parents smoked.. I had horrible asthma as a kid. I do not have it hardly at all as an adult. Only if I am around a lot of cigarette smoke or the air quality is bad. But I still struggle with bronchitis regularly, every time I get a cold I have to take meds to ensure that I don’t get bronchitis.

    Good luck. You can do it.

    You should stick a little graphic on the side bar… like a diet blog. How long has it been since your last cig. We will watch for you. (Not that any of us would give you a hard time, but you would feel obligated to explain… so you might wait until you had a really good reason)

    Fuck I hardly ever comment and I then I write a damn book. Sorry.

  11. Fantastagirl says:

    I was going to suggest:
    but everyone else has already said those things.

    I think if you are ready to quit, you can and will. It’s like a diet – you aren’t going to be successful until you are ready to let go of the weight. When you are ready to let go of the cigarettes then you will be successful!

    Awesome that Jared is going to do it with you!

  12. kateanon says:

    No tips from me. My parents both needed a life scare to quit.
    My mom prayed, then bargained with God, saying that she’d quit cold turkey if the spot in her chest x ray turned out to be nothing. It was a shadow, not cancer, and 14 years later – she’s never touched another.
    My dad’s cigarettes fell out of his pocket as they wheeled his gurney into the ambulance with chest pain. It took a heart attack to show him he needed to stop. That was ten years ago.
    Best wishes to you, it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

  13. Jamie says:

    considering i know that you will also start working on the less carb route, my suggestion is try lots of different flavors of sugar free gum and when you fine the one you love (trident splash strawberry lime here) buy it in bulk (you can get the three pack large pack at wal-mart in the candy aisle for relatively cheap) and keep with you at all times…for the hand thing…well, take up knitting, or crochet…or writing…something that keeps your hands busy, holding something round and about the size of a ciggy…avoid bars cause drinking and smoking go hand in hand…and until the major cravings go away, stay away from good sex (crummy sex is all right) cause you know after good sex you NEED a ciggy…oh, and i’ll be posting the badge on my blog…you’ll get a special place right in the sidebar and i’ll mention it in my post for tomorrow (today, as it’s now friday)…

  14. bluepaintred says:



    have LOTS of healthy finger food type snacks on hand. The addiction to nicotine is due to the fact your body produces something very similar naturally, when you smoke, the body stops production. It takes 48 hours for your body to begin reproducing the whatever it is, and then its the HABIT you have to break, not an actual physical addiction.

    Carry straws to put in your mouth when you are on the phone, in the car or where ever you regularly smoke.

    keep sliced carrots and other veggies to munch on – make sure they involve the fingers! this way you can satisfy the urge to eat ( which is cus your mouth wants to be busy – again, habit) and not gain weight.

    If I am randomly chosen to win, do not notify me, send it to lisa instead pls.

  15. just beth says:

    aw, britt! you can do it, i swear. it SUCKS, for a while, and then it does, actually, get better. you just have to stick it out. my real advice? get pregnant. did it for me. (bwahahahahaaa! sorry.) and then, i second other comments here… blow jobs are good, don’t drink too much or have coffee, and just tell yourself that this is for your kids. you’d do anything for your kids, wouldn’t you? mmmhmm. you can do it!!!!!! it’s important! we want you happy, AND healthy!!!



  16. Sheila says:

    I quit smoking last November. It was unplanned. I threw a huge party the night before, got plastered and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes that night. The next morning, I had a hangover sooooo badly and lungs that felt like I had inhaled a bon fire that I had no desire to get out of bed to have a cigarette. Once I was finally able to crawl out of bed, I decided that I had made it ‘that long’ without a cigarette, there was no need to smoke one now. That was ten months ago.

    You have to find something to do to replace the time that you would be smoking… like, your after dinner cigarette? Replace it with reading a book to your kids… or, folding the laundry that always gets put off…

    The car was the hardest for me, at first. I had to literally focus on making it to the next location and talk myself through not stopping to buy cigarettes on the way. Singing really loud helps. Or, calling someone and talking to them on the drive…

  17. whall says:

    Maybe if you thought that every time you take a puff, a terrorist gets his wings.

  18. Honeybell says:

    I’m on my 3rd week without a cigarette. Again.

    The patch has helped tremendously. What I have needed to come to terms with is I will ALWAYS want to smoke. Before I kept waiting for the desire to go away, and it never did. I quit throughout both of my pregnancies and during breastfeeding, but I’d always start up again.

    Oh, also? My 12 year old step son was stealing my cigarettes. Now I just imagine him with a Marlboro Menthol dangling from his lips. Imagining your kids smoking curbs a craving quick.

  19. Mr Lady says:

    I have only ever found two things that work, but they work flawlessly and with exact precision.

    1. Baby carrots. Not the cheap big bag for $2.50, either. The thin, delicate, Whole Foods, organic, $6 million/ounce baby carrots. Just chew them constantly.

    2. Get pregnant.

    If you actually do it, maybe I’ll do it, too. :)

  20. Sarah says:

    I am rooting for you and Karl!

    I have no tips on quitting smoking as I haven’t picked up the habit, despite lots of peer pressure.

    But I have a tip for quitting soda, a little out of sight out of mind. It could help, I mean caffeine is a kind of addiction right? Yeah that’s about as crazy as my addictions get, caffeine and tivo. Woo.

    But seriously I’m proud of you both for taking your health seriously and wanting to do better for yourselves. Awesome possum!

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  22. TSM says:

    [...] so many of the others in the Quiteratti, I thought it might be a good idea to review the many reasons I have chosen to give up this nasty [...]

  23. TSM says:

    Ok, not only am I totally enjoying reading all the tips (since *I* quit today and not on the 18th nyah nyah), but I’m gonna totally try to win something!

    My tips:

    *set a date (one down! yay you!)
    *Stay busy!
    *Avoid habitual smoking situations (phone, the bar, etc)
    *reward yourself for small victories!
    *make little notes to remind you why you’re doing it and post them around the house.

    That’s about it for me. Best of luck to us!!

  24. Alex UK says:

    For every challenging day you have, think how much you don’t want to have to start over and experience it again.

    I gave up smoking nearly two years ago, and the one thing that stops me from ever turning back is knowing I couldn’t go through the drama again!

    Good luck, you can do it! :clap:

  25. First of all know that WE here in blogland are very proud of you. We will do all we can to support you. I lost BOTH my parents to cancer before I was 35. Dad was 60, Mom was 54. My sister still smokes and when she calls, I listen to her pant on the phone cuz she’s so out of breath. She’s not particularly overweight, it’s just the cigs. The only “tip” I can offer is PUMPKIN SEEDS
    They are loaded with good stuff, not as salty as sunflower seeds and you don’t have to spit the shells, you just eat them whole. This link has more info:


    You will also be amazed how much cleaner your house will be when all that yellow nicotine residue stops collecting on all your surfaces. Especially the inside of the car windows. Your sense of smell and taste will improve, and, even though you can do the math, the amount of cash you have left over when both of you are not shelling out for cartons and the occasional pack at 7-11 will still amaze you. I go on and on, but that’s what I do, it says so at the top of my blog.
    Good Luck!!

  26. Maria says:

    :clap: Go Miss Britt!

  27. libragirl says:

    I don’t have any tips because I’ve never had to quit smoking…have a lot of sucking candy maybe
    and I took the icon from Becky and put it on my site.

    Good luck

  28. Kimberly says:

    How about getting the flu? That helped me quit. (for a few months)

    Good luck, sweetie! I’ll be rooting for you :)

  29. Greeneyezz says:

    Good luck.

    Take it one day at a time.


  30. Delite says:

    Hey Britt!

    I still come in from time to time to check up on ya, after reading your post today thought I would chime in..

    I have not smoked since 4/21/08..Yay Me!!

    I didn’t do the cold turkey thing since that’s way beyond what I’m capable of doing but I did use Chantix. Used it for a little less than one month. They recommend you use it for 3 but I figured if I could quit for one month I’d be ok.

    Alot of people complain of side effects with Chantix so it may or may not be something you would like to consider, for me it was worth the chance.

    If you really want to quit smoking and are really ready it doesn’t really matter which way you go about quitting. You will quit..you just have to want it.

    So besides the Chantix the other thing that really helped me was talking to other people that were going through the same thing, such as at this community They also have a plan that may help you with your quit.

    Lots of luck!!

  31. SciFi Dad says:

    I quit eight years ago last month. (Not so coincidentally, when I met a girl who was a non-smoker… I ended up marrying that girl.)

    All I can offer is, at least for me, the “just this once” concept is the path to failure. I had tried a few times before, but each time I had “just one” I’d inevitably be back with more and more. So, quit for good. Promise yourself a filter (you don’t smoke unfiltered, do you… because that would be nasty) will never touch your lips again. (Also: I had to stay clear of the MJ too; dunno if that applies or not.)

    I think the savings idea mentioned by others is a great idea. You know your routine: buy one pack a day, or every other day, or a carton a week or whatever. Follow that routine, but instead of buying smokes, put the money in an envelope – CASH money, not a piece of paper or an Excel spread sheet. The growing wad of cash will be a nice incentive. Ear mark it for something you really want, but you know Jared wouldn’t necessarily support you buying (sort of like how you broke down with the Wii earlier, but for you).

    Good luck Britt. I believe you’re strong enough to do it, if for no other reason than to be able to live longer and give you more time to be a pain in the ass to your kids. ;)

  32. Delite says:

    Oh and this image helps too!


  33. By best quit smoking tip? Just do it. Put them down and walk away. No “cutting back slowly”, no gum, no drugs. They’re all just crutches that allow you to fool yourself into believing you’re really going to do it this time.

    You might have to temporarily stop doing things that you associate with smoking. I couldn’t drink coffee or alcohol for a while because it triggered and unbelievable craving for a cigarette.

    Accept that life will not be fun for a while. Accept that you will be a raving bitch for a while. Accept that you will gain a few pounds.

    It’s worth it. Life will get fun again. The weight can be lost. The bitchy???? Well…mine got…better.

    I quit smoking 11 years ago when I found out I was pregnant with my youngest child. Pregnant and in withdrawals? I was not a pleasant person. But I did it. And you can too.

    I won’t lie, it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, including give birth. But it’s also one of the things of which I am most proud.

    I don’t feel like a lowlife scumbag anymore.

  34. OOPS, I should clarify that by no gum, I meant no nicotine gum.

  35. Selma says:

    I used to be a bit of a pill popper. Ok I was a prescription pill junkie. A very dark period in my life. I managed to give up by thinking about the bigger picture – how I would feel 6 months, two years, five years down the track if I was still popping pills like mints. And alternatively, how joyous I would feel if I had given up. That’s my sole piece of advice to you – think of the bigger picture and you won’t falter. I wish you and Jared and Karl all the best. XX

  36. steen says:

    I’m not a smoker so take my advice as you will:

    - Don’t punch holes in the wall.
    - Don’t be afraid to use things like The Patch or The Gum. Sometimes, they really DO help. And sometimes, you stop midchew and realize you’ve got nicotine-laced gum in your mouth. (Eww.)
    - Do something constructive with your hands. winkwink nudgenudge and all that. (You’re welcome, Jared.)
    - Nothing tastes as good as being smoke-free feels. Or something like that. Point is, the benefits of being a non-smoker far outweigh whatever satisfaction you get from smoking.
    - And finally, homicide is still illegal.

    Good luck, Britt and Jared and everyone else trying to quit!

  37. Kristin says:

    Babe, It’s totally mind over matter! If you are ready to do it, you can do it! And yeah gum helps!

    And, if you absolutely can’t get the habit kicked…..Acculaser. Seriously four people in my office quit using this method. Two of them were 2 packs a day smokers.

    I have complete confidence in you! You can do it!

  38. Tiffany says:

    I wouldn’t recommend cold turkey, although if you do, drink a lot of orange juice, I don’t remember where I heard this, so I am not 100% sure of the science, but it only takes three days to “flush” the nicotine from your system, and the rest of it is just breaking habits. The vitamin C in orange juice bonds to the nicotine (or some such shit) and helps it flush out of your system faster, it helps avoid those nasty cravings in the first few days of quitting.

    If you do slip and have a cigarette every now and then, don’t beat yourself up. The guilt and the fear of failing makes it harder to quite.

    Now here’s some inspiration for you: My friend who is only 36 went to the hospital for a dislocated shoulder and found out that he has the beginning of emphysema in one lung, and a spot on his other lung. He has three kids and a stay at home wife.

  39. jenny says:

    I watched my mom try every possible technique in the book to quit – hypnotism, acupuncture, nicorette, weaning herself off, but the only thing that worked was cold turkey. But – she started eating Cinnamon Fire Jolly Ranchers whenever she got a craving, and said that really helped more than anything. She would go through bags and bags of them, but it totally worked. She just celebrated 20 years smoke-free. Best of luck!

  40. avitable says:

    Wait – you smoke?

  41. Jerri Ann says:

    “Be sure to manage your food intake as my father would quit smoking until he gained weight, then he would start back. Apparently smokers tend to snack more when they aren’t smoking and the payoff is not very good.”

    Linked Done

  42. metalmom says:

    It is a proven fact that cravings only last 10-20 seconds. (physically) When faced with one,inhale deeply and let it out slowly and say “health and vitality” as a reminder of why you are doing this.

    THEN move on to the gum and celery if you need to. I quit after 30 years of smoking. It wasn’t easy but friends cheering you on works.

    Good luck! :hug:

  43. Karen says:

    As I said before, you are totally inspiring me. Good Luck!

  44. Here’s my tip.


    1). It’ll make you feel better. Faster.
    2). You’re going to put on weight, unless you run.

    I went from 200 to 240 from February 2004 (when I quit) to July 2004. Then I started running.

    Start now. Or just walk fast. Good luck.

  45. Tuli says:

    Been lurking for awhile. Felt compelled to comment to show support as you quit.

    You can DO this! It won’t be easy – breaking the habit of hand-to-mouth is almost harder than giving up the nicotine.

    I quit almost 5 years ago. I had a quit-buddy and the Patch. My quit-buddy was my Dad. It was nice to be able to call him and say, “Hey! I didn’t smoke today! Did you?” And the Patch? Well that kept me from choking a bitch.

    You’ve got a support network in place. Now take up knitting to keep your hands busy.

    You CAN do this!

  46. Jennifer says:

    Good for you guys. I did it in 2006 when I became pregnant with Lila.It’s not easy,allow yourself to screw up once in a while.Best advice I can give is think of the most disgusting food/substance/smell you can conceive of… ok got one? Now imagine your filter steeping in it. GAG.It really works!I alternated between sweaty balls and vomit.
    You can do it!

  47. Tuli says:

    By the way…I linked to this post!

  48. No matter what, no matter how drunk, no matter how stressed, never ever have another drag. Not one. Every time I’ve quit and then had “just a drag” I’ve gone back to it. Best of luck – I KNOW you can do this!

  49. NYCWD says:

    1) Chew gum
    2) Chew toothpicks
    3) Chew Teriyaki beef jerky
    4) Quit your stress inducing job
    5) Leave your stress inducing family
    6) Become a hermit disconnected from the world… and the lure of Big Tobacky


  50. Iron Fist says:

    Every time you feel like a cigarette, brush your teeth instead. I have no idea if this will work or not, but I read it once as a tip to help fight food cravings. Plus you’ll have really clean teeth.

  51. Keep your mouth and hands busy. That’s all I’m sayin’…

    Stay away from each other (you and Jared) while quitting. This is IMPORTANT. You will kill each other otherwise.

    You can do this. I left a comment over at Karl’s. I quit 7 years ago when my child was in Pediatric ICU with pneumonia for a week and a half. My husband was at home (he had to work) and I was in the hospital – so we only snarked at each other during ICU visitation times.

  52. zchamu says:

    I quit about a zillion years ago so I don’t remember any valuable tips.

    The best thing I can suggest? Pick out something amazing – like that incredible handbag or shoes or whatever that you could never splurge on – and make it your goal. For every pack of smokes not bought, put the $$$ into the savings fund for the shoes or the whatever. And by savings fund I mean – visible dough. $5 bills in a jar that you can look at. Having something tangible, something you can see that shows you your progress will be a big motivator.

  53. georgeh says:

    How I quit after 35 years of 3 packs a day.

    Use the Nicorette gum, yeah, I know it’s disgusting.

    Ignore the instructions. Use it just like you would tobacco, as much and as often as you need to. Sometimes at first I chewed so much to stop myself from grabbing a cigarette that I felt like I had been up for 2 days chain smoking. If you keep yourself so overloaded on nicotine that the thought of a cigarette is vaguely nauseating it will get you through the first week and later periods of high stress.

    Use as much gum as you want for as long as it takes to completely lose the habit of fiddling with a cigarette or taking a drag. It took me 6 months. Then you can begin to taper off the gum. That may take another 6 months to transition to regular gum, and then off gum entirely.

    You will fail almost daily for the first month and have to start over. That’s because after you start, you will find a spare pack in every purse and pocket and drawer you have, and it’s a shame to waste them, isn’t it.

  54. catnip says:

    I never smoked myself so I don’t have personal advice but my FIL quit successfully with acupuncture treatments. He smoked for 35 years and we never thought he’d really quit, but it’s been almost 10 years now. I’m so proud of you, good luck!

  55. Just Me says:

    My advice to you is to make it something with the kids as well. Do they need to quit something? Do they need to start doing something? Make it fun, and for the whole family. Have a chart and small prizes for small milestones for each of you……incentive….you know? That way the whole family is involved in making your household healthier!

  56. ali says:

    i have zero advice. i would say gum. i’m so proud of you for doing this, though! HUGS!

  57. Poppy says:

    Quit smoking so you don’t get tongue cancer and have to talk with no tongue.

    (See? That’s gross.)

  58. J.O. says:

    Is this non smoking revolution a private party or can anyone join?
    I have 7 months to quit smoking before there is a baby in my house. I want to quit I just don’t know that I have the will power to quit.

  59. Tracy says:

    Having gone through several rounds of smoking cessation, I definitely have a few tips. I’ve been backsliding recently, and my husband is full-on smoking again, so I know how hard the battle is. I’m going to get back on the bandwagon with you!

    My advice:
    Don’t go cold turkey – use a nicotine replacement of some sort (patches, gum, or the inhaler, which is prescription-only). They help deal with the addiction while you figure out how to break the habit. (Whenever I go cold turkey, I feel like ants are crawling all over me. I can’t take it.)

    Keep a bottle of water in the car with you – grab it whenever you feel like smoking in the car & have a swig. Just carrying something in my hands helped a lot.

    You have to break up the habits that triggered you. Mine included avoiding going outside to the smoking spot on 5-minute rehearsal breaks and finding something else to do. It’s really, really hard trying to figure out what to do at times when you used to smoke.

    Exercise helps keep the crazies away.

    Good luck! You’re doing something great for yourself & for your kids!

  60. Tracy says:

    BTW, I whole-heartedly agree with Karen Sugarpants. I HAVE to learn that I’m like an alcoholic when it comes to cigarettes. I can’t have just one. Hence my current backsliding.

  61. Fantastagirl says:

    I have another tip for you – there is a traveling exhibit called “Bodies” we saw it while in Vegas – Find it, and go through it – when you see what smoking does to the body – you will quit.

    My dad smokes, has since he was 14, and has tried many times to quit – he did the gum, the carrots, the celery – and suckers (but I know you are wanting to lose weight).

  62. Joi says:

    I celebrated my 2 year smoke free reunion back on June 2. Here’s what worked best for me, Nicorette gum.

    I tried the patches, they kept coming off and I really don’t think they worked. The advantage to the patches though is knowing that you’ll be on a severe nicotine overload if you light up so I was too damn scared I’d keel over of some horrid reaction or a heart attack to light up. After I finished what I may have been useless patches, I bought the gum. One whole peice made me positively sick and barfy so I could only chew like a fraction of the piece. The advantage, the gum lasts a damn long time if you do it this way , I never bought but the one package. Also, diligence. Spend as much time as you can with your kids and around non-smokers. I never smoked around my kids, we went outside, didnt smoke in the car, etc… Avoid keeping the sweets/snacks in the house, you will seek them, I promise. Try to replace smoking with activity, walking, something active outside with the kids. That will help fight the weighty thing too. Always think you can do this because you can. Some extra pounds is so worth the fight a little later if you conquer the nicotine beast now. Several times since quitting I have attempted to smoke, I still miss the social and habitual part of it. Every time though I got so sick I felt horrid the entire rest of the day. Hot flashy, headaches, god awful taste in mouth. I truly can say I am a quitter, do not plan to go back and am not one of those completely reformed people who bad mouths smokers. I don’t ride my hubs back for still being a smoker. He’ll quit when he’s ready. I was ready, I was successful and you totally can be too. Drop me a line if you EVER need some support, we may be complete strangers but we have something big in commmon (besides the fact that I live in FL too!). You really can do this.

  63. Amber says:

    I was trying to help my mother-in-law quit, so here are some things I suggested to her and found out while she was trying to quit.

    Children who live in homes with smokers are more likely to suffer from ear infections and asthma.

    Save your smoke money as cash in a jar or envelope- I prefer a jar because it is visible. Everytime you normally buy cigarettes put that exact amount of money in the jar. Save this money as a reward for you. Use it for long term such as a hot tub, or for short term as a pedicure. Just make sure you spend it on a treat and not something you normally buy, or else the reward is not as fun.

    I have heard that an all fruit diet for 48 hours will force the nicotine out of your body. According to people who have tried this, it makes the stuff come out your pores and can ruin your sheets, so I would suggest this for a weekend.

    It is the presence of a substance within your body that causes the physical cravings, so eliminating the nicotine will eliminate those cravings.

    The mental cravings are caused by the habits like that early morning cig with coffee that you always have, or a smoke with a beer after work. If you can change up that routine, you will have more luck.

  64. Finn says:

    Looks like you’re getting some great tips. Here are mine:

    When you want a cig, go brush your teeth.
    When you want a cig, get up and take a walk.
    When you want a cig, take a deep breath.
    When you want a cig, tell yourself you can have one if you want, but just wait five minutes or so.

    And rewards for the money save are wonderful too. Think of all the clothes! Or hey, a new SLR camera!

    Good luck. You know where to find me if you need me.

  65. Karl says:

    Like I have the right to give tips, *cough*. The few times I’ve quit I did a few things that helped.

    First, I locked myself away in my apartment/house for the first 72 hours. This doesn’t work for you, since you have to work. But I know driving is one of the big triggers for many people. Plus, I didn’t want to punch anyone in the face and the first 3 days are the hardest.

    Second, lots of water. More than usual. Ideally, it’d be great to quit caffeine altogether for the first month, but that’s really tough to do. After all, one vice at a time.

    Third, deep breathing exercises. The inhaling and exhaling often help, if for any other reason because it mimicks the smoking without the smoke. It also helps cut down on the stress.

  66. Finn says:

    Oh, and I like the lozenges. They taste pretty good and Walgreens has a generic. As does Publix.

    Honestly, they really do help while you are getting out of the habit of smoking.

  67. Momma says:

    I’m a fan of the GUM!!! I had an addiction to it but it was MUCH easier to go cold turkey to quit the gum. Not even close to how hard quitting cigarettes were!

    Easier to see savings in Canada where cigarettes are $10.00 a pack.

    Don’t kid yourself, if you smoke on your lanai, it still infiltrates your house, and believe me it STINKS. And the car….wow what a smell. I now cough whenever someone walks by me with the smell of smoke on their clothes. Molly, Deanna Banana’s younger sister and her husband quit because their smoking caused serious asthma in their oldest son, even though they NEVER smoked inside, and he was often hospitalized with the results. AND~ if we had quit earlier, it is quite likely that our four kids would NOT have started.

    One morning I woke up with such a feeling of dread. I just KNEW that I would die from this addiction and had to explain to God why I threw my life away. It was my turning point. My Mom died two months after our quitting, and still we didn’t start again. So proud of that. I will never get over my Mom dying, we miss her so much and it has been over 16 years now. She was only 73, and had smoked for years, and spent her last ten years hauling around an oxygen tank.

  68. Water.
    Healthy snacks.
    Less than 2 beers/outing. When I see people fall back, it’s because they’re drunk.
    All else fails, chew on your fingernails. Your manicure looks awful, but that’s always on hand (snicker) and no calories.

  69. Robin says:

    First of all, I’m a little afraid for Adam. If you quit I have a feeling you’ll kill him.

    Second, this Smartypig thing seems interesting…hmmm…I am so easily led.

  70. Crys says:

    the only thing i can recommend is Welbutrin, and that’s because my mother (a smoker of 40 yrs) used it and said the come-off was so effortless she literally never wanted a cigarette again, the moment it kicked in. i knew another dude who had used patches, etc., to no avail, but then the welbutrin — he felt great (it’s a neurotransmitter thingy, i think), lost 5 pounds in a week and yeah, quit smoking for good.

  71. Mary Jenkins says:

    I never could do it cold turkey. I had alot more success with using a combo of the gum and lozenges. I also made my mind up not to drink alcohol or go to bars for a while. That helped greatly. I also decided to stay at home crying and exercising for 2 weeks. Which is what I did. But I came through it a non-smoker.

  72. Bucky says:

    I quit back in December of 2007 after having smoked for 11 years.

    The best thing I can tell you is that your not going to quit unless you actually want to. Deep down, you have to WANT TO QUIT. If you don’t want to, you won’t. period.

    And believe it or not, you won’t believe how much other smokers stink once you have been smoke free for a month or so.

    Breathing in exhaled smoke from someone else is still divine, but the lingering smell on someones clothes when they come in from smoking, or the smell of a smoker that you walk by in the grocery store will become a stink to you.

    And you’ll think, “Oh. My. god. I used to SMELL like that!?!”

  73. Every time you get the urge to smoke a cigarette, light up a joint instead!

  74. Emmeline says:

    I just popped over from Jay’s to congratulate you on your decision to quit. That’s awesome, and I wish you all the best!!


  75. AmyD says:

    Ok, see THIS is why you should have shared this post with me prior because of my post today (ironic, isn’t it?) I totally could have linked to you (which, I might, cuz I am just that cool)!

    Get yourself one of those plug-in batteries (with the two little silver doo-hickeys on top) and every time you want to smoke, stick it on your tongue. :angel:

    I read that somewhere… can’t recall where though.

    BUT.. in your case you might want to substitute a taser for the battery. Just saying.


  76. Donna L. says:

    I quit gradually by cutting down on the number I smoked each day. Cold turkey was not for me. I didn’t even want to quit but did so at husband’s urging. As a woman of faith, this is what worked for me: I prayed to have the urge to smoke taken away. Don’t count on it being easier after a week. The impulse will hit out of nowhere and you just have to fight it. It does go away eventually, at least for me, although I’ve read stories of people who have quit for decades and still crave cigarettes. I believe that praying to lose the urge truly helped me.

  77. Donna L. says:

    Oh yeah, I also chewed on plastic coffee stir sticks. I’d forgotten about that but reading some of the other comments reminded me.

  78. Lorna says:

    Quitting is hard. I agree with the person who said, don’t use patches, gum, etc. They just cost a bunch of money and don’t help all that much. When I quit two years ago I tried the patches. I found after a couple of days that what I was still struggling with was the actual smoking, the smoke after dinner, the smoke when I was driving, etc. I had this constant feeling that I was forgetting to do something (which of course I was). I decided to go patch free and didn’t look back. I will tell you I had a MEAN headache for 3 days. The actuall physical addiction is over in that time. After that it was just a matter of saying I’m not going to smoke today. The first day one of my non smoking friends came over and we scrapbooked for the whole day. That helped me keep my mind off of it. So plan something out of the ordinary to do for the first few days that you don’t associate with smoking. Lastly, someone else said it, but it bears repeating, after you quit, don’t try to have just one. Even if it’s been two years. Needless to say, I need to quit again. I think I’ll do it on Monday with you. Good luck.

  79. OK, I’ve only ever taken one puff off a cigarette, so I don’t have any quitting tips. I know if I was quitting, I’d probably invest in the nicotine gum or patches. My mother quit smoking, cold-turkey, when she burned a hole in a dress she had just made, while driving down the road with the window rolled down. The ashes flew back onto her dress, burned a hole and she decided she had had it. She kept a pack of Marlboros in her purse for months and never touched them.

    So, I would say chew the gum/wear the patches, kick Adam every now and then, and keep a pack in the house as a reminder of what you have given up and can conquer.

  80. Steve says:

    Jesus christ! 80 responses already? Crap! Well, I like the blowjob suggestion, but that’s as far as I got. I’m going to presume that most of the common suggestions are done.

    I quit smoking 10 years ago and I’ll share the one thing that REALLY helped me visualize the damage I was doing to my body. I took a clean baby food jar and filled it up with cigarette butts and some of the ash out of an ashtray from ONE DAY’S smoking, then filled it with water. It looks nasty. Worse than nasty. If you get a craving for a cigarette, just pull that jar out and look at it. Shake it around like a snowglobe. Yuck. And if that doesn’t do it, open it up and take a big whiff.

    That aside, how you approach the cravings will really be telling. I had quit dozens of times and when I craved smokes, I would indulge myself with an internal dialogue along the lines of, “Damn, I really want a smoke. But I won’t. I’m going to be good. But I’m so stressed. GAH. A smoke sure would be good. Nope. I’m not going to do it.” Etc… until I talked myself into “just one” blah, blah.

    If you REALLY want to quit, nip that mamsy pamsy BS in the bud. A smoke is simply out of the question, so when you have a craving, pull out your jar, get over it and find something else to do.

  81. Steve says:

    Oh, and good luck.

  82. Steve says:

    Damn. I keep reading more of the comments. I will offer one piece of advice. Not a quitting tip, per se, but I’d recommend that you NOT replace smoking with any nicotine replacement like gum or a patch (although as someone who’s tried the patch, I HIGHLY recommend you use one for a while at night, just for the psychedelic dreams you’ll have.)

    If you need a new habit, find a healthy one.

  83. Jeannie says:

    Sorry, the only advice I can give you (after having quit ten years ago) you are already doing. My husband and I quit together also and it was our competitive nature that made us stick with it.

    I was not going to let him win!! :crazywife:

  84. Stephanie says:

    I quit cold turkey about 18 years ago. It was hard, it sucked, but I am so freakin’ glad I did.

    My tip is gum. Lots and lots of gum. Steal Adam’s stash.

    But at first, I traded one oral fixation for another (not THAT, you perv!), and I ate. A lot. No, I mean a LOT. So my tip is to be freakin’ careful, find something to do with your hands…and chew a lot of gum or eat gummi bears…something that last a long time but is not too fattening.

    Good luck!

  85. Lylalou says:

    Wow, I just went through all the tips and I am suprised no one mentioned Chantix. Chantix is that prescrption stop smoking aide and its worked really well for me. I’ve quit before using a combination of the smallest dose patch, and for the really bad cravings I’d pop the smallest dose gum at the same time. That worked for a few months, but as soon as something major happened I picked it back up again. Chantix has some bad side effects like nausea and it effects your sleep, but like my doctor said when I was complaining, ‘So does Chemotherapy”. Good Luck!!

  86. Em says:

    I have no personal experience in the quit smoking department but my husband quit after being a pack a day smoker for 15 years. He focused on wanting to be healthy for his children. He joined quitnet.com and along with logging on every day, multiple times a day throughout the quitting process, he also found a story online about a man who died in his 30s of lung cancer. He looked at a picture of that man, who mostly just looked like a skeleton, with his children gathered around his hospital bed, every single day, every single time he felt like having a cigarette. He kept saying to himself, I don’t want my children to ever have to go through this. He’s been quit for about 5 years now, and has become an avid runner.

    Good luck! It is the best possible thing you can ever do for your self and your kids.

  87. If the sexy Marlboro man smoking through the hole in his neck while singing some catchy little country-and-western tune doesn’t make you wanna quit, I can’t help you.

    My only advice is not really advice at all, just the same thing you’ve probably heard a million times already: You have to really, really want to quit. Not just ’cause you think it’s a good idea, but because you’re committed to the idea of being a non-smoker.

  88. Laura says:

    Ok, the patches DO work, but ya gotta supplement them! You’re not supposed to smoke while you’re wearing them, but I found that 3 or 4 smokes a day with the patch helped a lot. (FDA totally gonna come peeling up in my driveway any minute now. ) Cold turkey blows.

    Wash everything in your house that you can wash, and Febreze the shit outta everything else. You won’t want to smoke everything up again!

  89. Zach Parker says:

    If you’ve ever wondered whether hypnosis to quit smoking actually works, the answer is yes. And no. Actually, it works for some people, and is completely ineffective for others. Why is that? How does hypnosis really work anyway, and how does it impact a habit like smoking?

    Hypnosis works by implanting strong suggestions into the subconscious mind of a person who is in a very relaxed, open state. Contrary to popular belief, you are not “unconscious” while being hypnotized. In fact, most people feel that they are simply relaxed and calm – yet fully aware of everything that is happening around them.
    Quit Smoking Nicotine

  90. Kimmie says:

    Hi Miss Britt!

    First of all…I am very proud of you. I never smoked but I have alot of family and friends that do.

    My Sister In Law was a very heavy smoker for over 20 years. She finally quit for good 10 years ago. The thing that helped her the most…she chewed on swivel sticks. The ones that you get in your drinks. It worked for her. She tried candy, and all the other things people suggested, but the swivel sticks is what finally did it for her.

    Good Luck Sweetie! I hope you quit for good!


  91. Rick says:

    Being from Iowa, you MUST have seen the 1971 movie Cold Turkey, shot in Greenfield, Iowa? Dick Van Dyke plays a minister who tries to quit smoking (hilariously)… by “gettin’ busy” with the wife whenever the nicotine fits hit. Just sayin’…

  92. Sevesteen says:

    If you find you lose your will power and start again, start back on a lighter brand than you smoke now. Next time you quit, start back on a lighter brand than that….I’ve quit many times. The last time was about 15 years ago, and I haven’t had one since.

  93. Laurie says:

    Hi there,
    You hit home with me here. I am 46 years old. My husband passed away 6 years ago from lung cancer. He stopped smoking 10 years before the diagnosis. He was 20 years older than me, but still, at 60 this was so young, and not fair since he quit 10 years previous.

    Brit, it was so horrible. I relive it every day/night. We quit TEN years before! He had an irregular heart beat – ten years before. This is when we quit. You have to be scared to quit. You are not ingesting a fun exhilerater, you are ingesting a harmful thing to your body.

    Please – we stopped cold turkey when we were faced with what could happen if we didn’t stop., We stopped – then he died 10 years later from it.

    Please be scared enough to be in control of yourself.

    We got MAD that our bodies were trying to control US. So, our minds took over to say NO.
    We were stronger.

    I think he lived longer and I hope I do too,
    because of this.


    Don’t let something,, someone, or a drug control you. You control YOU! Good luck!

  94. I posted your button on my sidebar…and I’m not sure if you’ll take my advice…but it worked for me. Get pregnant!

  95. Nat says:

    Ok, I quit smoking by accidentally giving myself a nicotine overdose. (I went for a run with the patch on.) While it worked, I did feel like shit for about two weeks. Seriously.

    This is going to suck. I’m all about Nicotine replacement. But really it’s not enough. I was all about Clorets mints. I found chewing them works. Water. Lots and lots of water.

    A lot of people have had luck with Alan Carr’s book. http://www.allencarrusa.com/ Now if you go to get it, you want the cheap one not the expensive one. The smaller version.

  96. Mary Beth says:

    I took the money I would have spent on ciggarettes each day and put it towards buying something pretty for myself. Good luck to you and Karl and anyone else trying to quit:D

  97. Pamela says:

    Get knocked up, complete with wretched morning sickness that invades every waking moment and causes you to throw up uncontrollably when in the presence of cigarette smoke.

    That’s how I did it. This week.

  98. I’ve never smoked, but I do have an addictive personality (how I dodged the smoking bullet I have no idea).

    I need to quit eating sunflower seeds. It’s a nasty habit and one I acquired two short months ago and have yet to conquer getting rid of. How silly is THAT!

    Good luck, I’ll be cheering you on!

  99. [...] Britt and Karl will be quitting…..not blogging!! SMOKING!! Yep, you heard me! Some of you out there will be joining them in this endeavor. And y’know [...]

  100. Elizabeth M. says:

    Find something else to do with your hands like knitting, cross-stitch or hook rug. Chewing gum is great too.

  101. Jessica says:

    Hi Miss Britt, caught up with you through FMD’s blog. I don’t have any awesome stories since I’ve never been a smoker but I can tell you that my husband quit smoking in December 2005. He really wanted to quit desperately because it was making me sick and he was tired of being dependent on cigarettes and spending all that money. One of my graduate students told me about a hypnotist she’d gone to years earlier (she’s been smoke-free since!) and so DH and I went to see him. Well, it worked. He gave DH a little thing he’d do whenever he had cravings–automatically he would do this thing with his fingers, rub them together, until the cravings went away. Months went by and he rubbed his fingers less and less. Today he doesn’t crave any cigarettes and can’t stand the smell of them.

    Everyone has their thing that works but no fancy trick will work unless you really want to quit and since you are hell bent on quitting, whatever you do to help will likely work. (My dad got hypnotized but it didn’t take cause he really didn’t want to quit!)


    Jess in Florida :)

  102. gemini says:

    Hello Britt…

    I have no good advice that I can share on how it works or how to make it stick.. I have been trying to quit for the last 10 years at least.

    But Leo and I are going to try again and we have our stop date set for the day after the labor day weekend.

    I will be thinking about you, Karl and Jared!

    Good luck to you all!


  103. Winter says:

    I got pregnant and quit cold turkey. That did it for me. The thought of what cigs can do to babies.

    Everyone’s said all the key things really. Sugar free gum, mints, hard candies. They can all help. Rott’s quit before and he says one of the things that bothers him is that now he has nothing to do with his hands. He got one of those little MAG lites on a keyring and started playing with it and clicking it. (It doesn’t make a noise thank God.) So if you find that your hands need something, don’t pick up a smoke! Find something else to occupy them with. You don’t have to buy a maglite. ;)

    Also, here’s the most important thing to think of. Your kids. I’ve seen people in their 40′s arrive at the mortuary because they smoked for the last 15 years. Their teenage kids were sobbing in the hallway outside our office. I wonder to myself, even if those parents didn’t smoke in the house, cigarette smell and nicotine fingers get on everything… including your children and their clothes. Doing the laundry and step outside for a smoke? Then step back in and take the clothes out of the dryer?

    I’m not saying you did that… but how many things are done without you thinking about them, that expose your children to second hand smoke and cigarette residue? Sure you roll the windows down in the car, but guess what? People in the car can still smell it. I know because I’ve been a passenger in cars where someone was smoking and blowing it out the window… only to have it come back in my face.

    For your health, Jared’s, and the kids, this is the best thing to do. When it gets hard… remember those kids who were sobbing
    because they lost a parent too soon to lung cancer. How would you feel if you child was diagnosed with it from second hand smoke? Yes, what I’m saying isn’t pretty or nice. But neither is dying.

    Those kids need their parents. THAT is the biggest reason of all for the two of you to quit. I wish you both all the luck in the world. If you ever need a pep talk, let me know. I’ll send you my phone number.

  104. Lauren says:

    Ok, August 18th, ironically is also the day that I have chosen to quit smoking. I’m in Korea, so it’s that day now, and as of right now, it’s been 13 hours. That’s how I try to do it, I count the hours, til it’s ridiculous, then the days, then the weeks etc. WE CAN DO THIS.

  105. Karl says:

    Lauren – Congratulations! Way to go! :clap:

  106. Steve says:

    Hey. Just wanted to add that I quit after 14 years of pack per day when I saw my (then) 3 year old pretending to smoke with a straw. Even though I never smoked near them, they were still learning.

  107. I didn’t have the time to read though over 100 responses, but my advice to you?


    they are low fat, and they will help you suppress the oral fixation with the actual cigarette. just cut them in half, and they about the size of one. Every time you have an overwhelming, MY GOD I MUST HAVE A PUFF, moment? take a small bite of the cig size candy….AND it will help with you trying to lose weight since it’s low fat! :)

    Plus walart carries 1 lb packs for about $2.00. that’s cheaper than smokes, even in FL!

  108. Robina says:

    Girl, I wish I had tips on how to WANT to quit smoking, cause even though I KNOW I should, I just don’t want to!

  109. Teresa says:

    Gum and sunflower seeds
    Good luck

  110. I have no suggestions because all of the good ones are taken.

    I’ve yet to figure out how to get that freakin’ button on my blog. As we’ve established, I am retarded. Sorry :)

  111. Elizabeth says:

    Okay, okay. I read on Sarah’s blog over at achildsromance.org about this whole quitting thing and even though I knew I should quit, I told myself I’d just wait until I decided to have kids. Well, for some reason I decided to click on the link to this post, and now I’ve written up a whole list of reasons of why I should quit and what I can do instead of smoking. Like, save money.

    So I’ve already called my best friend and we are planning on quitting as soon as we finish the brand new packs we bought last night. I figure, if she does it with me, we’re better off. (She’s been wanting to quit for a while.)

    Good luck to everyone who is quitting! I’ll be joining you soon!

  112. [...] made the decision today after rereading Sarah’s blog about bloggers Miss Britt and Karl deciding to quit. Last night I had a long conversation with Mike’s mom about how she [...]

  113. Toni says:

    Britt, the best way to help you stop smoking is to realize that smoker’s breath smell like shit! Who, in their right mind would kiss a person who smokes? The most nasty breath I have ever smelled was from people who smokes! That should be enough motivation. If your husband prefers to kiss you on your vagina rather than your mouth, then that will be enough evidence that your breath smells like shit!

    Hope that helps,


  114. AirmanMom says:

    I just happened upon your site, as a result of FMD. 22 years ago I quit cold turkey, my daughter (who was 8 at the time) asked who would take care of her if I died of cancer (Single-mom time). I cut straws the length of cigs and used them to break the finger addiction. I also sucked on fire balls for the burning sensation on my tongue. Granted in those days, we were patch-less. Keep in mind…all you have to do is not smoke today!
    Best of luck!

    ~AirmanMom returning to her blog…

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