The part of where I blame Becky. For everything.

When last we left this oh so exciting recap of BrittCon 2008, my traveling compadres and I had just ditched the two real New Yorkers who were willing to play tour guide.

Because that makes perfect sense.

And also? Because someone wanted to go on a bus tour.

If you learn nothing else from me today, learn this: It’s All Becky’s Fault. The end.

Speaking of learning things…













The last three quarters of the tour sucked ass. At least, I tend to take it as a sign of sucking ass when every single person on the bus is falling asleep. By the time we got off the God Forsaken Tour That Would Not End, the only thing any of us wanted to do was go to bed.

Not to complain, but I totally hold Becky responsible for ruining my first night in New York City.

Clearly, she’s a whore.

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  1. avitable says:

    That damn Becky!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Nothing wrong with whoredom.


    Blatant self-promotion. Recognize the skillz.

  3. NYCWD says:

    The tour guide makes the tour. The one time I did it… my tour guide was awesome.

    He was like Vince Vaughn from that tearjerker… only he was short, skinny, and was from New York.

  4. Ms Batman says:

    Fuck. I have nothing funny to add to this. I suck.

    Looks like you had fun, regardless of Becky ruining your first night there.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Yeah…those skillz? They suck.

    I apparently don’t even know my own URL. You may flip me off and curse me in Japanese now. :dunce:

  6. NYCWD says:


    The first step to blatant self-promotion is to promote something that goes somewhere… all I get is a search page.

  7. Poppy says:

    I want to do the night tour so I can take nighttime sign/building photos and show you how breathtaking they actually can be! Dawg says we’ll go on the tour. YAY!

  8. Dave2 says:

    I learned that when you spill chocolate pudding on something and leave it overnight, it turns to glue and won’t come off. (TWKS)

  9. but i am YOUR whore.


  10. oh, and if we went with *your* plan to do the empire state building we would have photos of little white dots amidst a bunch of blackness.
    so suck it, bitch!

  11. AmyD says:

    Wow. Hmm, I bet Becky is anxious to go on a vacation with YOU again. :lol:

  12. Robert says:

    I liked the “electric neon worms” the best! :D

  13. B.E. Earl says:

    I was in the city tonight and I learned that the best way into the Lower East Side is the Williamsburg Bridge.

    Been to Manhattan a million times and never took the Williamsburg Bridge before. It was a revelation. So was Arlene’s Grocery, where my buddy played. Fantastic night out.

  14. The Empire State – that’s the view from my brother and sisters in law apt…I couldn’t sleep there because it lit up their living room.

  15. Selma says:

    A most enjoyable tour. Thanks Becky. :clap:

  16. Kate says:

    Yeah, that would put me to sleep too…

    Note to self: Don’t take a tour with Becky. LMAO!

  17. whall says:

    I learned that you’re starting to look like Bossy. And that’s a good thing, especially if you will make Britt’s Road Trip and you come to Austin.

  18. Bucky says:

    Electric Neon Worms rule. I think that’s a band name.

  19. Mindy says:

    OMG… you two slay me! So.. the whole tour bus wasn’t exactly that… but you have blog fodder and for that you can give Becky a hug! :wink:

  20. Miss Britt says:

    avitable: I KNOW!

    Stephanie: oh yes. Mad skillz. :lol:

    NYCWD: yes, definitely. The other tour guides we had the next couple days were MUCH better.

    Ms Batman: we did actually have fun. But don’t tell Becky I said that!

    Poppy: and then you can come here and teach me how to use my camera.

    Dave2: and this is what you’re eating. Ouch.

    hello haha narf: oh yes, you are. All mine.

    And MY plan would have included THE STATUE OF LIBERTY!

    I’m just sayin’. :nana:

    AmyD: I know, right? Because I am CLEARLY AWESOME!

    Robert: duly noted.

    B.E. Earl: glad you had fun.

    libragirl/Rachel: that is so stinking awesome. I’d be visiting all the time. Lights be damned.

    Selma: what!??! no!!! traitor!!

    Kate: yes, we must all boycott Becky’s plans from now until FOREVER.

    whall: except Bossy takes GOOD pictures. LOL And I only do this when it’s “Photo Essay” day.

    Bucky: if it’s not, it should be.

  21. Miss Britt says:

    Mindy: it’s always about The Blog.

  22. Poppy says:

    (Dawg is the expert on all things camera. I just fiddle with mine until it does something I like and then promptly forget what I did.)

  23. maman says:

    Hmmm, random facts? I love random facts. Except that I hate tours and should never go on any more.

  24. wafelenbak says:

    I think I need to give NY another chance. I went on a trip with a native from New Jersey. We did all of Manhattan in one day. (!!) Times Square nearly made me have a seizure and I had to stop at Gap to get some comfy flip flops.
    I do remember that the pizza was really good, though. :cheese:

  25. RW says:

    I want to have lunch at Papaya King.

  26. I LOVE that city. Only been twice to mention, but it’s amazing.

    Even if it does grow worms out of its bridges.

  27. Tiffany says:

    Um I think I just got motion sickness from your pictures. And those worms just got to me.

  28. Dragon says:

    Sounds and looks like a great time….you know, except for the last half of the bus tour. :lmao: Glad you’re back safe and sound.

  29. “Clearly, she’s a whore.”

    Obviously. Hope she at least managed to get you free rides on the bus.

  30. Karl says:

    Some good shots you got there. My bridge shots are all electric neon worms, too. And don’t get me started on the pizza! :wtf: :annoyed:

  31. Jay says:

    At least you got a live person on your tour. When I went to San Francisco I went on one of those Bay Cruise Tours and we only got a recording. If the boat got off schedule the recording had to be stopped until we caught up or everything would have been off. And the person who did the recording made Ben Stein seem really exciting.

  32. Turnbaby says:

    Hee hee!

    The shots are good though. And you got a good post out of it;-)

  33. Sarah says:

    So if I go on vacation with you and something like this happens will I get blamed too?

  34. deannabanana says:

    4th of july plans? wanna come represent with the canadians? we party well…and could use the solidarity…and a friend…for real..havin a meltdown…just sayin….pls? help?

  35. Talina says:

    Ha! Poor Becky… I like the photos though. Yep even the blurry ones- kind of makes me fee drunk, minus the horrible hangover the next day!

  36. Julie says:

    still looks like fun, even if everything was out of focus. :)

    I tried to send you an email but a)i couldn’t tell if it worked and b)i can’t read, as now I see you’re already home. :) so if you get like five random messages, that’s me and i’m sorry.

    hope the rest of your trip was more fun and involved neither whores nor worms!

  37. Miss Britt says:

    Poppy: can I borrow Dawg? Please? I promise no Hi Time.

    maman: I’ve found tours are best in small bites. And the random facts are easier to remember that way too.

    wafelenbak: meh, maybe it’s not for everyone. I think Avitable would HATE IT.

    Finn: :dunno:

    RW: I sooo wanted to do that for you too. I didn’t see it though. :-(

    A Whole Lot of Nothing: only in NYC could worms on bridges be considered OK.

    Tiffany: Please take a Dramamine and call me in the morning.

    Dragon: I am back. I am safe. Sound? Up for debate.

    Sheila: DAMMIT BECKY!! Um. No. She did NOT.

    Karl: I KNOW!

    Jay: really? Dude, you got ROBBED.

    Turnbaby: hopefully I’ll get like a million good posts out of it. MAN we did a lot. LOL

    Sarah: yep!

    deannabanana: emailed you babe. Ready and waiting. Friend at your service!

    Talina: I should bottle that.

    Julie: hmmm… I didn’t get any emails. :dunno:

  38. Poppy says:

    I could say something really smartassy here about how I am not Dawg’s keeper, but instead I’ll just say “sure!”

    And I will also refrain from saying anything such as “I don’t think you could handle Hi Time with him” because that’s just rude. :wink:

    Hmm. That all sounded very snarky. I must be having a snarky day.

    Happy Snark Day!

  39. Robina says:

    Ha Ha Ha! I love the bridge photo made of neon worms. You are too freaking funny.

  40. Sybil Law says:

    I, too, like the neon worms picture!!!
    Also, the trip still sounds fun. Even with the lame tour.
    I am so jealous!

  41. manager mom says:

    It’s amazing, I live 40 minutes from the city and I never see anything. I did take one of those bus tours but was severely drunk the whole time. Which, in retrospect, probably made it more fun.

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