June 28th

Sorry, can’t blog now.

Too busy planning the Next Big Adventure.

Who wants in?

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  1. adena says:

    It’s the day after my birf-day!

  2. Sheila says:

    I can’t afford it. :(

  3. shiny says:

    I’m in just to see you call the tour guides whores… (Was that you the last time? Or someone else?)

  4. Mr. Fabulous says:

    I wish I could, but my own Big Adventure starts in 3 weeks minus 1 day…

  5. Laci says:

    Depends on where it is. :nana:

  6. Jay says:

    Will there be alcohol and strippers? And I can live without the alcohol if need be. ;-)

  7. Sybil Law says:

    I WANT in – I just hope I can make it a reality!

  8. Y2K Survivor says:

    One Question: Will there be BOOBS involved?

  9. Avitable’s eyes are watering, so I think I wanna know what, exactly, this is before I decide whether I’d like to participate. :-) I probably can’t afford it, though. :-(

  10. Zanthera says:

    Curious, maybe, depends.. ugh.

  11. Musing says:

    I’m listening.

  12. Trishk says:

    Oooohhh…mystery, suspense and intrigue!!

    I’m In!! :clap:

  13. I would love to be in, btu I do need to know where and when? otherwise, if I can’t afford it, I can’t be in…but if it’s close, then I can!!

  14. oh yeah and I am a complete idiot…June 28th, DUH….ok, need a location!

  15. Selma says:

    It’s not the Sacramento Stamp Collectors Symposium is it? :eyebrow:

  16. Finn says:

    IN! (Finances permitting…)

  17. three words: oh. fuck. yeah.

    :clap: and :disco: and :cool:

  18. :lmao: Oh, how I wish.

  19. Angel says:

    Hell yeah, I need my cherry popped.

    Ummmm, I mean my meeting-other-bloggers cherry of course.

  20. SJ says:

    You guys must have AWESOME jobs! :eyebrow:

  21. Nobody™ says:

    I’m busy that day.

  22. Poppy says:


    I’ll be there no matter. :wink:

  23. Poppy says:

    Dave2, stop hemming and hawing. I talked to Dawg last night and you’re on the CW schedule, silly.

  24. ~jtm says:

    We’ll be in New York City on that day but can’t wait to read all about it! :clap:

  25. Turnbaby says:

    I would except for the buying a house and moving and counting the seconds for three weeks minus one day to occur;-)

  26. Hockeyman says:

    4 days after my birthday, perhaps…

  27. Mindi says:

    If this adventure takes you anywhere within 2 hours of Philadelphia and involves booze, I’m in!

  28. Fantastagirl says:

    It’s the day after surgery, so unless you are all coming to my hospital room – I’m out.

  29. librgirl says:

    I would like to depending on where and when so I know if I can afford it.

  30. martymankins says:

    I would love to come to NYC, but will just barely be getting back from Lake Tahoe the previous weekend.

  31. Hilly says:

    Oh you know I’m there. Gonna look into tickets next week!

  32. Mindy says:

    :cry: Another great get together that I can not be involved in. You can blame the economy on that.. so wish I could go though.

  33. Kailey says:

    I wish I could go – and meet you, but I have work and am broke, and I am insecure. Oh and I don’t know what or where it is. :eyebrow:

  34. Wicked H says:

    Damn, I have to floss the cat that day.

    What will I be missing?

  35. Did someone say NYC??? Holy shit! I am SO THERE!! BRITT!! DETAILS PLEASE!! Gotta call in some favors, or book a room….and start saving my cash!


    Unless this is not NYC, then I doubt I can go :(

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