And this is where YOU come into the story…

If you come to this blog on a regular basis, you know that I went to TequilaCon in Philadelphia last weekend. And by now, if you have any interest in blogger drunkenness, you’ve no doubt read recap after recap all over the Internet.

I want to tell you about what you won’t see in the pictures.

I want to tell you what TequilaCon has to do with you.

I’ve been thinking about this since the plan ride home. Sitting in my business class seat beside Avitable, watching him fall asleep sitting upright with his sunglasses on, I couldn’t keep the grin of my face. I found I was absolutely overflowing… with pride.

What Adam didn’t tell you on his blog is that he hates to fly. In fact, it had been at least three years since the last time he’d been on an airplane. Of course, there has been very little reason for Adam to fly because even more than flying, he hates hates hates stepping outside of his comfort zone. (Or his fiefdom as our friend Crys so wisely describes it.)

He likes to host parties rather than attend them. He would rather invite you to his house than show up to yours. He’d just as soon die as make small talk with a stranger in a bar. He’ll drive 45 minutes out of his way to pick you up rather than have you pick him up, because it’s just easier if he drives. Like most control freaks, he asserts his as a way to keep himself “safe” and comfortable.

And yet… with less than 24 hours notice, he packed his bags and hopped on a plane to meet more than 50 strangers. He allowed his hotel room to become Party Central, offering up his bed and his bathroom when they were needed unexpectedly. He went to a party and moved from seat to seat, introducing himself to damn near everyone in the room – despite his inclination to stake out a spot and wait for people to approach him.

And you know what? He had a blast. “Most fun I’ve had in forever”, as a matter of fact.

Sitting on that plane, thinking about how much he’d pushed himself, I was so damned proud of him and absolutely thrilled that he’d stepped outside of his comfort zone.

And I started thinking about all the other people I’d watched to that over the last few days.

I thought about the woman who always classified herself as “better friends with guys”, and how she roomed with two women and allowed us into her world.

I thought about the man who admits to being an extreme introvert who was terrified of forcing himself onto new people, and how he quickly became the life of the party and the heart of his own little posse.

I thought about the women who were terrified to walk into a room full of strangers on their own, and how they begged their friends to come with them to give them strength… and walked away from the weekend with a suitcase full of stories and new friends.

I remembered the man who felt like he didn’t know anyone and worried about fitting in – the same man who would find himself becoming an invaluable lifeline to a brand new friend by the end of the weekend.

More than the tequila shots and the belly tattoos, this was the story of TequilaCon 08. Never before in my life have I seen so many people in one place who were pushing themselves past their fears – absolutely terrified, and doing it anyway.

To say it was inspiring would be an understatement. It was a supreme honor to be able to watch firsthand as these people changed themselves and their lives.

Yes. I said it. An experience like this life changing.

Every time we force ourselves to take a step outside the box, to push the envelope, to ignore what we think we “know” about ourselves, we have a unique opportunity to change our perspectives. Of ourselves and of the world around us. Walls come down, limits fall away, and if we’re lucky we see a whole new piece of the world that we never knew existed.

My friends, believe me when I tell you that there is nothing more empowering than that.

Now, what the hell does all this airy fairy bullshit have to do with you?

You tell me. What are you limits? What are your fears? What are the things you’d “never be able to do” because of your own insecurities? It’s OK – we all have them.

Whatever yours may be… push it. Whether it’s going to a party with a room full of strangers or simply commenting on a blog that you typically lurk on because you’re afraid no one will like you. Just… try it.

I know without a doubt that you have it in you because you’ve already started putting yourself out there. If you’re a blogger (as most of you are), you open up a web page and willingly share at least some small part of yourself with the Internet. That? Is amazing and something that lots and lots of people are unable to do.

And maybe you’re not a blogger. Maybe you just read what other people write but you don’t write yourself because there’s no way you could do that. And yet… here you are. Inexplicably drawn to watch as someone else spills their guts and their glory for the whole world to see. Maybe, just maybe, there’s something in all this vein splitting that calls to you…

Believe me. Trust me. Hear me when I tell you that if you just jump, it will be absolutely beyond measure worth it.

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  1. avitable says:

    Well, I should admit that I was high on crystal meth the entire time.

    Seriously, though, awwww, :hug:

  2. Dave2 says:

    Reading all of these stories about the challenges that others overcame in the face of TequilaCon has been a real eye-opener for me. Mainly because it’s so opposite of my experience.

    I didn’t think twice about TequilaCon.

    I travel constantly, so getting there was no big deal. I’ve been to Philadelphia a half-dozen times, so I didn’t worry about being in a strange city. I have an outgoing personality, so being amongst a large group wasn’t a problem. I deal with strangers in my work all the time, so meeting new people is commonplace for me.

    I wasn’t scared of any of it. On the contrary, I was so looking forward to every aspect of TequilaCon that I was counting the seconds until the event started. Now I find myself feeling a little guilty because everything was so easy for me (relatively speaking).

    Yet… being a part of an event that was such a positive experience for so many people is something to celebrate. And reading stories like this makes me appreciate it so much more.

    Thanks for sharing. :kiss:

  3. kim says:

    I’ve been reading Hilly for several years, and when she came to Seattle, I was too nervous to meet her because I thought I was too fat. Ironic, considering her recent posts.

    And I am going to quit lurking on yours and Avitable’s blog. I’m going back over there to leave a comment.

  4. Hilly says:

    Okay are we on the same wavelength today or what?

    Anyway, you know mine. I am Ms. Doesn’t have Girlfriends. But I’m also the person who is afraid she is too fat or too unworthy of the admiration bestowed upon her.

    Great and beautiful post.

  5. Sheila says:

    I’m always afraid that I’m going to say something wrong or stupid… which keeps me from posting a lot of things on my blog and holds me back from commenting on most of my regular reads.

  6. Mindy says:

    :cry: Thank you. You described exactly how I have felt and how badly I want to be apart of something bigger. :hug:

  7. Creed (Baby Brother) says:

    I, too, am proud of Adam. Then again, he’s a stud, so…I’m over it! hahahaha :wink:

  8. meeting adam in person and hanging out with him totally made me crush even harder on him. but the wild part is that the same can be said of my feelings for you. see, i’m also the girl who gets along better with guys than with girls, yet i loved sharing a room with you and hill. it was great to spend time with you two.

    but my confession? well, i didn’t hang out with you and hilly as much as i wanted to because i didn’t want you both to think i was all clingy and crazy. i had to force myself to sit at the opposite end of the dinner table friday night, had to force myself to talk to others at tequilacon. i’m met a lot more people, but the fact that i WANTED to spend more time with you ladies is amazing.

    ahhh, the power of britt and hilly.


  9. yoshi says:

    Wow, just reading about TequilaCon 2008 around various blogs has been awesome. Now, reading this post, I’m pretty determined to somehow make it to the next one.

    I’m a relatively quiet guy. I’m pretty introverted at first, and I’m not big on meeting new people or doing new things. I’m totally wanting to be in my own comfort zone too. It’s crazy because it does prevent me from meeting real life friends. What’s odd is that on the net, I have no problem with IMing and chatting and stuff, but in real life, I’m pretty quiet and reserved. Unless I know you of course. Then I’m quite the “chatty cathy” as my wife puts it. lol

    I’ve totally gotta make it next year!

  10. Brandon says:

    Reading all of these recap posts have been awesome and even before you posted this, I had the same feeling that I missed out on an event that was so much more than just a hilarious blogger meetup.

    I’ve yet to meet but a handful of bloggers and a lot of that is because I make excuses not to go to certain events I’ve been invited to.

    That’s a thing of the past, especially when I move to a big city where there are more chances to meet some of these people that I’ve been sharing my life with. And all of these TequilaCon posts have a lot to do with me hopefully getting out of that shell.

  11. Glenda says:

    Very inspiring Britt :) It reminds me that I could definitely push the envelope a little more by putting myself out & in real life. :rock:

  12. Zanthera says:

    Another beautiful post and who says booze is bad after this post should be shot. I always say it makes me less anal and not out of control.

    As for my confession I would have to say I fall along the lines of having no real girlfriends and have a feeling I will say something totally stupid later after making new friends.

    I am planning a week-end in Albany with a blogger friend to celibrate our birthdays. There are times I want to chicken out but like you said I have to get out there. I hope there’s gonna be booze.

  13. Amazingly I am quite a shy person. Though you would never know it. I come off as all ‘happy and shiny’(as new people describe me) but really, I am more ‘dark and twisty’.

    So for me I don’t really do well in ‘group’ situations thanks to a few horrible experiences that I have had in my past. Also, don’t do well one on one, oh heck I just don’t generally do people really. I have gotten a LOT better about it and been trying to step outside my ‘mole’ box(look I blog! lol) it helps a lot actually.

    I’m scared to death to travel by myself but there are a couple places I’d like to go but I refuse to because, I don’t have anyone to go with. See I’d LOVE to come to Orlando in july but don’t know anyone who also wants to go….

  14. Turnbaby says:

    This is a wonderful post sugar

    As a veteran of bricks and mortar meet ups with online friends I know how cool it is to see folks pushing past things that have held them back.

    The most awesome thing that has ever happened to me did so becuse we did not let our fears overcome us.

  15. Selma says:

    Sounds like a good old-fashioned knees up to me. You are right in every way. Putting yourself out there only ends up being of benefit. I am glad you got so much out of the event. Maybe one day I’ll make it to one of those things myself. I am sure that many people, including myself, appreciate your encouragement and positive feedback. :clap:

  16. bubblewench says:

    Nice to point out that Tequilacon wasn’t JUST about Tequila.. great post.

  17. I stopped lurking. I don’t comment a lot because I am afraid people I admire won’t think I am funny or clever enough

  18. SJ says:

    Wonderful, eloquent post!

    Isn’t it amazing that a bloggers meet-up can be truly life-transforming for so many people?!?!

    WE ARE THE BLOG. You will be assimilated into our consciousness. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

  19. kapgar says:

    I’m having visions of how the rest of the A-Team used to drug B.A. before throwing him on a plane.

  20. a very inspiring post, Britt!

    Honestly? My biggest fear of something is 2 things actually….jumping out of a plane, and hearing about the death of my husband and kids. I would not want to do either one. EVER.

    So although #1 is literally,”make the jump” concept worthy, it won’t ever happen. After that there isn’t much I am afraid to do/try. Trust me.

  21. Mattie says:

    Okay. You got me. I’ll confess.

    Yes, I DID know about Tequila Con. I mean how could I not know? I read almost every person’s blog who attended and have for a couple of years.

    I really wanted to go. I really wanted to go. I could have been there driving in a couple of hours. I had the money in the bank.

    I didn’t go for all the reasons you stated. I like living in my comfort zone. It means I don’t have to put such high expectations on myself and fail said expectations.

    I worried that I was too old, too fat, too anything.

    I really missed out on the possibility of making new friends, having a good time, becoming a stronger person.


    Why couldn’t you have written this post BEFORE the life-changing event actually happened?

    Yeah. That’s the ticket. I’m going to blame it all on you Britt.

    Next year? I’m so there.

  22. Interesting how your description of TequilaCon dovetails with my interpretation of some of the benefits of going to AA, since facing fear and making a lifestyle out of doing the next right thing *regardless of results* is a major component.

    Almost everything negative is based on fear, but it can express itself is a gigabajillion different ways.

    I guess your way sounds more fun, since, although I find AA to be a complete blast, GETTING there was a bit dark.

    Rock on, sister.

  23. Mr. Fabulous says:

    So. Fucking. True.

    As you know, I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone this year. WAY the fuck out. And it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me, bar none.

    Wait..there was the time at the Halloween party when you flashed your nipple…

  24. Miss Britt says:

    avitable: if that’s true, you are the lamest meth addict ever.

    Dave2: I’m with you. It never occurred to me to be scared because all of this was stuff I’d done dozens and dozens of times before and I love it.

    After watching everyone I’m left wondering – what still lies outside of my ginormous ass comfort zone?

    kim: YAY!!!! So glad to see you commenting here. :clap:

    Hilly: yes, well, I DO still need to get you the list of Rules for Being A Good Girlfriend. Which mainly involve letting me get all up in yo bidness. :D


    Sheila: I don’t have a filter, so that fear doesn’t usually keep me from opening my mouth.

    It DOES, however, cause me to obsess afterwards about whether or not everyone really thinks I’m annoying.

    Mindy: oh sweetie. :huh: Come on over to the other side. You need a push? I’m a great pusher!

    Creed: :lol:

    hello haha narf: ah baby, cling to me. Honestly? One of the reasons I miss my friend from home so much is because she was one of the few people who did cling to me. I must be slippery or something – or scary – because I feel like people keep me at arm’s length a lot.

    yoshi: why wait for next year? I think you’d be surprised how often there are chances to hook up with new people.

    Brandon: oh good – I really hope you say yes to the next invite. You will not regret it!

    Glenda: cool!! Nothing thrills me more than other people pushing the envelope. :D

    Zanthera: a blogger birthday? That sounds AWESOME. I bet you’ll have a blast.

    Mackenzie’s Momma: Dude. Come to Orlando. Traveling by yourself is actually a really, really cool experience. And there are PLENTY of people here once you get here!! :wink:


    “The most awesome thing that has ever happened to me did so becuse we did not let our fears overcome us.”

    I think that is almost always the case. I know it is for me as well. :heartbeat:

    Selma: if I ever get to – or rather, when I get to – Australia some day, we will definitely be meeting up. Deal?

    bubblewench: thanks. :D

    libragirl/Rachel: YAY!! You know, I do the same thing too. Especially when you go to a blog where you can tell they already have a pretty tight knit group. I’m afraid to come off as a hanger on-er dork.

    SJ: We are the blog. Indeed. That needs to be a bumper sticker.

    kapgar: LOL, yeah, I was afraid it might come to that if we got stuck in coach.

    Cissa Fireheart: I’m kind of like you. I can’t think of much I won’t do or try – I think that’s a combination of my personality and years and years of making myself try new things.

    Honestly? That kind of bums me out. I mean, if we’re not growing – what the fuck are we doing??

    Mattie: I’ll tell you what – there’s a Halloween party in Orlando coming up.

    Consider this your official invitation.

    Rich: I 100% agree about the fear thing. It is something that HAS to be conquered or at least dealt with if you’re going to live the life you were meant to live.

    I don’t believe we were made for fear.

    /airy fairy response. :D

  25. Miss Britt says:

    Mr. Fab: well, to be fair, that nipple thing is second nature to me.

    :heartbeat: :kiss:

  26. avitable says:

    That’s true. We probably shouldn’t try speed, then.

  27. Jen, South Florida says:

    Well, like most others, I wanted to go. But, I feel like a fraud, because I blog, but I don’t tell anyone where it is.

    But here is the thing that no one speaks of: I have an intense fear of not being liked.

    Oh sure, it’s played off with “I don’t care if no one likes me”. But, that is a huge lie.

    This is just me, trying to put myself out there. :blush:

  28. *pixie* says:

    He’d just as soon die as make small talk with a stranger in a bar.

    Take out the words “in a bar” and you’ve got me. Ironic since I’m a teacher. Small talk just seems so forced sometimes. I fear meeting a blogger and not knowing what to talk about.

  29. Finn says:

    Strange how such a small thing could turn out to be so life-changing for so many people. And that blogging itself could lure so many to push their limits because they couldn’t bear to miss meeting new “old” friends.

    How fucking cool is that?

  30. There is a connection I have here to you and Adam. When Bossy came to town, I was SO close to bringing a friend who doesn’t even blog, just so I would know someone. I even wanted to bring my husband, but due to lack of babysitters, he couldn’t come.

    But on the drive home, I was SO glad I came alone, as did everyone. I am an introvert with strangers, but and extrovert with friends. I don’t let anyone “new” into my life, except on the internets. I’ve made great imaginary friends online where in real life, I avoid situations where I have to talk to new, real-life people.

    I’d LOVE to go to TC 09, but being the introvert I am, I’d never feel like I fit in. That, and Adam would have to pay for my plane ticket, too. Eh? Wanna pay? Eeeaaahhh??? I just want to go to the big Halloween bash, then I’ll persuade him to pay.

  31. karen meg says:

    I’ve been a semi-regular reader (just recently found you, and I’m having life-balance issues, ask my hubs) and I just love the way you write… this type of post draws me back. You said so much here that is so, oh so true. And it is inspiring.

    That Tequilacon sounds like it was the place to be.

  32. NYCWD says:

    It’s true that an event like TequilaCon is indeed life changing. I think it’s power to inspire people to overcome their personal challenges is a testament to their internal fortitude and proves that these relationships are in fact “real” as opposed to just “virtual”.

    Plus the opportunity to hear you smoke live is too good to pass up.

  33. Britt's Mom says:

    Ah my beloved girl, HOORAY for you!!

    YOU are absolutely born to change the world, and darling, you don’t even know it, but you have.

  34. Pamela says:

    Great post. I am in the control-enjoying category, and tend to think nobody likes me. I am pretty sure I got that from my mom, because she does the same thing. My BFF and my mister are throwing me a birthday party next week, and instead of looking forward to it, I am stressed because I wonder if anybody’s going to come.

  35. Robina says:

    Wow Britt. Very good post.

    I think I am every thing you just wrote.

    I’m an introvert.

    I don’t like being around strangers cause I’m sure they won’t like me.

    There are many blogs I don’t post on because they seem to already have their own clique and surely, I won’t be included.

    I feel ugly and uninteresting.

    And yet, people often tell me how friendly and nice I am and I can strike up a conversation with just about any one. I do that because I KNOW how it feels to be the one people don’t want to talk to.

  36. Funny, because I never would have thought that about Avitable. He showed up on a couch beside me at some point during the night and I had an absolute blast with him.

    I was really nervous about going too, thinking everyone was already friends and I wouldn’t be included. I quickly found out how wrong I was about that. What a great time!

  37. I think I would have fun at TC09 (which is why I’m gonna save my pennies for next year). My biggest hurdle to jump, something I would dread to do?

    High school reunion.

    The 20th reunion (if the lazy fuckers even have one) would be 2010. I’m terrified of going because what if they assume I’m the same person and treat me the same (read: ignore or make fun of me). What if I AM the same person. I don’t know if I’ll ever take that leap.

  38. martymankins says:

    What a great story. It’s events like TequilaCon that get everyone to mix together and just hang out. Planning for TC09. Can’t wait to meet up with more bloggers. I’ve met one so far (Dave2).

  39. What a great post. I also love the tour of Philadelphia–I’ve never seen any of that historical stuff, and now I don’t have to!

  40. Poppy says:

    Confession: I just went for the corn dog.

    (Wouldn’t that be awesome if it were true?!)

  41. That is an awesome post.

    I have made some great friends out of bloggers. But it took both of us putting outselves out there. And it was SOOOO WORTH IT!

    It is funny to meet someone, and feel instantly like you have known them your whole life, but it keeps happening with bloggers I meet. Easy friendship.

    I can not wait to go to it next year and party it up with ya’ll!!!

  42. Jay says:

    I was never socialized as a kid and while I was in college instead of going to all the cool parties I hung out with my group of misfit friends and played pool and ping-pong (this was before the internet and before the really cool video games). So, I have pretty limited social skills and am terrible at small talk. Meeting lots of other bloggers would be a lot of fun, but also the most frightening thing I could ever think of doing. I would even be really nervous meeting bloggers that I’ve known online for a long time.

  43. must go back to that whole insecurity thing. i thought you, adam, hilly and karl would find me weak if i stayed glued to yinz at the party or at the dinner. now that i know that you actually prefer it, you are so stuck with me.

    with that being said, i’ll be in orlando in mid june for a conference…wanna act like fools? or paint your house? or abuse avitable? or drink ourselves blind? or take the kids to someplace fun? or all of the above?

  44. Miss Britt says:

    avitable: damn it.

    Jen, South Florida: good for you!

    And, as I told you via email, I constantly worry that people won’t like me. But that’s not irrational – lots and lots of people don’t. LOL

    *pixie*: the cool thing about meeting bloggers is that there is no small talk. It’s like meeting someone you haven’t seen in a while rather than meeting a stranger.

    Finn: totally fucking cool.

    A Whole Lot of Nothing: you will love, love, love the Halloween party and become totally hooked.

    karen meg: wow, thank you. I’m having life balance issues of my own right now. I get it.

    NYCWD: and how was it? As good as you’d heard?

    Britt’s Mom: hooray for ME?

    Pfft. I didn’t push SHIT this weekend. The comfort zone limits I have left are illegal or immoral.

    Pamela: I always worry about that with parties – even when I lived in Iowa and had TONS of people to invite.

    Robina: “I do that because I KNOW how it feels to be the one people don’t want to talk to.”

    THAT is me EXACTLY.

    Black Belt Mama: my goal in life is to expose the myth that is Avitable.

    CMG: oh honey, that hurts my heart to hear you say. You are so, so awesome and impossible to ignore.

    My 10 year reunion is this summer. And I have no interest in going, simply because I no longer CARE.

    martymankins: Dave2 is the absolute best way to bust your blogger cherry.

    Ok, Where Was I?: :lol: great. I’m busting up Philly tourism in droves.

    Poppy: well they were damn good corn dogs.

    themuttprincess:I’m still so pissed we never got a chance to meet.

    Jay: I bet it would be wayyyy easier than you thought it would be.

    hello haha narf: I already have you on the calendar.

  45. Alex says:

    I’ve been lurking around blogs for years, but never comment because a lot of places are so mean and cliquey (and it’s the other commenters that usually turn on newbies, not the writers!). But I broke that a while back by commenting on Blogography and then Snackie’s World, because they seemed like nice, safe places to do so.

    Of course I’m not going to able to stop now – I’m going to turn up EVERYWHERE, like some sort of over-opinionated loony :rolleyes:

  46. J... says:

    Okay, so I won’t lurk anymore. If I have a comment I will leave it from now on on any blog that i feel the urge to comment upon. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Loved the post, by the way!

  47. Britt – when we have done everything, and we don’t know where the fuck we are, it’s at that point we are ready to start telling people about all the crazy shit we’ve done! Isn’t that kinda what blogging is partially about? hehe.

    And just think, when we have grandkids in about 30 years (ballpark time frame), we’ll have great stories for bedtime! :cheese:

    Damn, we’ll have to start learning how to edit for kids’ ears eventually! :angel:

  48. metalmom says:

    You made my eyes water a little (or maybe it was allergies!) Beautifully said, Britt!

  49. It’s funny you mention all the introverts pushing themselves to go to TC, because that is me too. I have had a buttload of wonderful ladies egging me on to go to BlogHer too, and haven’t been able to get past the social anxiety to go. I went to SXSW this year, and it was a big step.

    Maybe next year.

  50. jen in OK says:

    I lurk at a lot of blogs. I have read yours for quite a while and can’t seem to make myself comment at any of them. So this is a big jump for me.
    The weirdness of it is, in real life I have no problem talking to anyone but here it is very hard for me. I usually always have something I want to comment on but can’t seem to make my fingers type them out. On the occasion I do comment I obsess over it before I hit submit. I will totally read this comment 50 times before I post it.

  51. Willie G says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. You continue to amaze and inspire. I don’t consider myself a lurker, just quiet in the virtual world as I am quiet in the real world. I feel like I know so many people in “blogdom” but don’t frequently participate to receive reciprocation. But, you are proving to be quite the motivator. :clap:

  52. Britt's Mom says:

    No, dingaling. Hooray for saying this. Hooray for encouraging others and complimenting others on this.

    Dense child…… :rolleyes:

  53. RW says:

    I’m afraid if I go to these things I’m going to tell people what I really think of them and they will kill me.

  54. Crys says:

    Adam is one of the best people I know, and I’ve never even met him face to face. He has the biggest, most beautiful heart. I’m glad he put himself out there for other people to meet and know him on that level. I really REALLY wish I could have been there.

    As for my comfort zones — I think they involve secrets. Stuff I haven’t told many people because they strike me as so contrary to how I present to others, as well as how I want to see myself, ultimately.

  55. I know, me too. However, eventually I will have to go to Florida. And crash on your couch. And harass your boss. And make you drive me around.

  56. Nan Patience says:

    Afraid, ha! I’m not afraid to come out, I just choose not to.

  57. Shelli says:

    Britt–I love you. You described me up there and I know you know it. It may not seem like I am agoraphobic, but I really am. I like my house and if I didn’t make myself, I would stay there all the time. I never traveled until I was 35, so for me to travel all by myself is scary because I can’t remember what I am supposed to do. Thank God for my husband who got me on the plane to Philly and then got me off the plane when I came home. And for Finn who did the same thing on the other end. I don’t know what I would do without them. And without people like you who make it easy to just be.

  58. Sybil Law says:

    Haha – your mom said dingaling! I miss that word!!!
    I wish I’d planned to go to TequilaCon, because it’s something I really need to do, too. It’s close enough for me to drive, even (well, 8 hours, but still). I’d have gone. I would’ve been nervous and probably would’ve pulled a Karl (or two – oh and not actually PULLED Karl – haha) by drinking mass quantities of alcohol, but I think it would’ve been worth it! I love the whole idea of it, actually.
    Plus, you and I could listen to some Prince together! :rock:

  59. Poppy says:

    Awwww, Shelli!!!! :hug: I am so glad we got to meet! I think 3/4 of the people at TC are agoraphobic and the other 1/4 are the people who got the other 3/4 to show up.

  60. Fantastagirl says:

    I wish I could have gone, I would have loved to meet you all. I’ll have to save my pennies for next year. Mr Incredible would rather have his teeth pulled then attend something like that – but it would be good for him.

  61. Miss Britt says:

    Alex: we :heartbeat: over opinionated loonies around here!

    J…: and we will change the WORLD! muahahahahhahahaahahaha

    Cissa Fireheart OK, but I’m only 28!! I can’t be done YET?!?! Can I?

    metalmom: :hug: yep, that says it all. :hug:

    Aimee Greeblemonkey: I’ve heard BlogHer is awesome. I really, really want to go.

    jen in OK: well I’m really, really glad you chose to comment here. :D

    Willie G: I AM.. the Motivator. *said in my best Ahnold voice*

    Britt’s Mom: :nana:

    RW: wait – so – this is you holding back?

    Oh shit.

    Crys: past secrets are hard, hard, hard. Especially when you are a different person now.

    themuttprincess: and I will be THRILLED about it too!

    Nan Patience: mmmmm hh. (that’s me being patronizing. In case you missed it. :wink:)

    Shelli: I thought it was awesome when Finn told me she came for you. Do you know how spectacular it is to a) have that support and b) be willing to use it?

    You are amazing.

    Sybil Law: did someone say Prince? Whew. Is it hot in here??

    Poppy: ditto @Shelli.

    Fantastagirl: well you just leave Mr. Incredible’s ass at home then. And you can tell him I said that too. :wink:

  62. I’m one of those people that becomes paralyzed with fear when meeting new people. I get tongued tied and say either stupid things are nothing at all. I’ve gotten better over the years, but it’s still terrifying sometimes. From reading your post, I wish I had gone to TequilaCon08, I think I would have done okay.

  63. Just Bob says:

    Very well put and something to think about for me. I’ll never be the life of the party, it’s not in my nature, but I don’t need to be a wallflower either.

  64. Nat says:

    I wanted to say something, now I’m hammered and can’t remember what…

    You really make me wish I was there. I almost feel like I could talk to one or two of you. :)

  65. DeannaBanana says:


  66. Miss Britt says:

    Mrs. Schmitty: I’m sure you’ll have another opportunity to test that out in the near future.

    Just Bob: not everyone’s destined to be the life of the party. That’s OK.

    Nat: LOL I think you could have.

    DeannaBanana: um, dude? The entire Internet was “invited”.

  67. Nobody™ says:

    I would have gone, but I had to work. Yeah, that’s it. I had to work…

    I hate large groups. I do better in smaller meet ups. It’s been a long time since I’ve met any bloggers though, so maybe I should have gone. But, seriously, I didn’t know I was invited.

  68. Karl says:

    Yeah, I’m still beaming with pride at myself AND my friends (both the newbies and the veterans). You sum it up very well and I’m honored to call you my friend.

    Adam rocks. I think he’d mentioned to me that he hates flying, so I was very pleasantly surprised when you two announced you were going. Course, it helps being in business class.

  69. BOSSY says:

    Sounds like the lessons learned on Bossy’s Excellent Road Trip. Too fun.

  70. Kailey says:

    I am afraid to comment on blogs, esp. those of people I admire (like you) because a) I don’t blog myself b) I feel like I’m an “outsider” c) I am afraid people won’t like me d) I feel like I am not smart or funny enough, and many more reasons.

    de-lurking because of your post.

  71. claire says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. I had hoped to go to TCon this year but couldn’t swing it. I read a few of the bloggers who went and found the descriptions of awesome TCon a little intimidating. As in, how could I live up to that group at some future gathering? But it sounds like a lot of people have the same fears/anxieties/hesitations about meeting new people, being in large groups.

  72. [...] of you know, TequilaCon 2009 is on the calendar and looks like it's going to be a blast. I broke out of my hermit shell last year and went, learned a lot and had an amazing [...]

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