Is Groveling Considered Heroic?

My dear, sweet, wonderful, brilliant readers…

Have I told you how pretty you look today? And that your ass looks amazing in those pants? No? Well you do. And it does. :wink:

Oh, and, by the way, I have a favor to ask of you.

AND IT REQUIRES NO MONEY! Not a dime this time! I swear!!

Now, back to this favor.

My dear, sweet, wonderful, brilliant reader – I have a dream. A dream that can only come true with a little bit of help from you. Well, a little more than a little bit of help. Mediocre help, really. Mediocre.

Shit. This is hard.

OK, here it is: I really want to go to BlogHer in San Francisco.

There, I said it. I know it sounds dorky and I should absolutely be too cool to want this. But? Well, we all know I’m not cool.

Did you also know I am not above groveling?

>Here is where the favor comes in<

John Wiley & Sons (that would be a publishing company) is sponsoring a BlogHero Contest. The grand prize is a free trip to BlogHer.

To be honest, winning a trip is the only way I’m getting to San Francisco this year.

And all you have to do is convince a panel of judges that I am some kind of rock star hero! See? Mediocre favor.

Oh. And. By the way. “Rock star hero” has some relatively specific pesky little guidelines. According to the good people at John Wiley & Sons, a BlogHer Hero is someone who “demonstrates Passion, Innovation, and the Ability to Inspire A Community”.

Heh. Like I said, mediocre favor.

Now, I’ve been digging around in my archives for five minutes forever in an effort to find some handy examples you could reference when demonstrating my Passion, Innovation and Ability to Inspire A Community. I may, in fact, be quite fucked.

Unless, of course, someone at John Wiley & Sons is Inspired by my Passion for Prince Sweat. And my ability to spearhead a beer fund. Which, I suppose, is totally plausible In My Own Head. (Totally unrelated aside: I wonder if sodomizing the rules of the English Language is considered innovative…)

Do you suppose I could be the first person (and therefore the innovator) to do really poorly executed Photo Essays? Surely I am the first person to struggle with homemade guacamole. Right?

ANYway. Where was I?

Ah yes – you were about to do me a favor.

Could you, if you feel so moved, run on over here and nominate me?

And. Um. Could you also maybe give your fellow Miss Britt readers some ideas in the comments section? Because seriously – this is going to take a frickin’ miracle.

Wait! No! I mean… uh…

Anything is possible if you believe! Together we can make this happen! A few minutes out of your day could change one woman’s life FOREVER!

(That was inspiring, right?)

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  1. avitable says:

    Even though I’m clearly your blog hero, I’ll go do this for you.

  2. Hilly says:

    I think you are totally worth nominating! Hey, if it doesn’t work out, we should have a campaign to send you to BlogHer!

    But seriously, you are all kinds of heroiney goodness, so I am in!

  3. Turnbaby says:

    Well thank you to Avi for pulling some good ones;-)

    Sugar–if there was EVER a blogger that deserved to win this it’s YOU.

    You know–these folks have teamed with BlogTalkRadio as well–when does this contest close? We can all pimp you on our shows Sunday.

    You are just awesome and you SOOO need to do this.

  4. sizzle says:

    Hey if my readers can win me a free blog redesign and the blog community can rally to send Clusterfook to Disney World with her family, YOU can win the contest and get your sweet ass to BlogHer! :)

  5. Mary says:

    I’ll nominate your silly self. I just have to whittle it down to 100 words.

    By the way, speaking of “Passion for Prince Seat”…He’s at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival this weekend. About 20 minutes from my humble abode. Wanna ditch the whole blogger trip and hop a plane? You can sleep at my house, if you’ve had your shots.

  6. Mary says:

    If my other comment shows up in the middle of the night, I’ll look like a moron, but I’ll repeat myself.
    You are in there for your trip to San Fransisco. I’ll nominate you after figuring out to fit it all into 100 words.

    Speaking of “Passion for Prince Sweat”, he is at The Coachella Music and Arts Festival this weekend. 20 minutes from my humble abode. You can even sleep here, if you’ve had your shots.

  7. Ella says:

    Is there fierce competition for Blogher Hero already, just, the page wont even load. Will nominate you once it does.

    Also are you aware some handsome guy keeps appearing in your life in pictures sidebar thingy, that isn’t your husband.

    Whenever I should be writing I get distracted easily…

  8. Britt, everyone must my trying to nominate you at the same time, ’cause I can’t even get to blogher dot com right now. Will try again after everyone else has finished ! :wtf: :D

  9. Ella says:

    it wonts me to enter your email, once I get that I can hit submit :)

  10. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Okay, I nominated you. You don’t see the nominations, do you? I said some really, really sweet things about you, and I don’t want you getting a swelled head.

  11. I will gladly vote for you!! You ARE my blog Super Heroine, so this will be easy…. :ohgreatone: :ohgreatone: :ohgreatone:

  12. Msbatman says:

    I would say that you can inspire a community, you damn near inspired a lynching of a mommy group b/c they didn’t recognize your awesomeness.

    I run right over and nominate you and if I have to I will create a dozen or so other names and email addresses so I don’t look like the stalker fan of yours that I really am.

  13. Britt's Mom says:

    Got ya babe! This part is easy for me!

  14. Miss Britt says:

    avitable: awww, thanks. Although, I can’t believe my Send Hilly To Philly one isn’t included. I can raise beer money!

    Hilly: oh dear God no. It would take way more money to get me to BlogHer than it did to get you to Philly. No way. But thank you. :D

    Turnbaby: :blush: is it too late to act humble?

    According to the official rules the nominations close May 31st.

    sizzle: fingers crossed anyway!

    Ella: I don’t know if there is fierce competition or not. Probably. LOL

    And the handsome guy… hmmm.. my little brother perhaps?

    CharlieDaniels (TBU): well thank you!

    Ella: it’s britt at miss-britt dot com

    Mr. Fabulous: yeah? You totally nominated Adam, didn’t you?

    And no, lol, we don’t see the nominations I don’t think.

    Cissa Fireheart: :blush: aw, thanks. Wait till you see the essay you have to write. :rolleyes:

    Msbatman: hahahahhaha – your devotion is INSPIRING!

  15. Miss Britt says:

    Oh – and Hi Mom!

    I wonder if Mom votes get discounted?

  16. Finn says:

    Oh please… I can’t believe they aren’t aware of you already!

    Have you been to San Fran? It’s wonderful! You’ll love it!

    You’re so going, you know that don’t you?

  17. Robina says:

    Glad I read all the other comments. I went over there, got scared, and came back! Now I have posts, and all the other stuff I need!

  18. Selma says:

    I’m going to write my 100 words later and then nominate you. I want you to go to San Francisco. It is one of my favourite cities in the world and I’d like to think of you there at the conference. Gotta go – I have work to do!

  19. metalmom says:

    My particular favorite was from November 27.2007–(I don’t know how to link that for you) I think it’s kind of appopriate for blogher.

    I’m off to vote. :heartbeat:

  20. TSM says:

    Duuude if it means being able to talk to you about woman-love and butt sex in person, I am all over it!

    Really…don’t be afraid. It’s only San Francisco.

  21. Tracy Lynn says:

    Done, done and so very done. And I was wicked eloquent, too. :ohgreatone: :rock:

  22. AmyD says:

    Huh, I notice there is no mention here of the glowing recommendation letter I wrote for you.


  23. Winter says:

    I’m going to do it strictly on the strength of the sex offender post, which is the one that totally made me fall in love with you.

  24. It would be awesome to have you serving as Miss Florida at nationals in SF, so I’m off to nominate.

    Blogher is ridiculously expensive, isn’t it? If you win, would you consider boarding me with you on the plane as your pet? I don’t mind traveling in a crate. In fact, it could be very peaceful.

  25. Crys says:

    you know i done did it for you gurl

  26. Mary says:

    I tried to comment last night, and it never showed up! You’re a shoo in for Blogher Hero.
    And speaking of Prince, he’s here at the Coachella Music festival this weekend…..

  27. the only hard part? keeping my enthusiasm for you and this site to 100 words.

  28. Marney says:

    Good luck Britt! You inspire me by simply allowing me to know I’m not the only one!

    Plus, I love the way you are way passionate about your beliefs without being opinionated about other’s.


  29. I’m doing it….you deserve to win. Even if I don’t always agree with what you have to say you are so passionate, informed and, despite the fact that you think you “sodomize the English language”, you are a fantastic writer.

    They should stick you up on that stage to speak!

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