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Stalking Time

I received a present on Tuesday that made it difficult not to break down into tears on the spot. I’m pretty sure presents aren’t supposed to make you cry. Even if you do have PMS. We have a professional writer on staff at work. And while she gets paid for technical writing, she is also […]


My Little Grey Buddy

I have to confess, my brain is mush. I have been fighting with WordPress code all. damn. night and I still can’t figure out how to get a thumbnail in my sidebar that will automatically update and post to the most recent post on my photo blog. Did I mention I’m starting a photo blog? […]


How Miss Britt Makes Low Carb Bread: A Bedtime Story

I’ve been trying to eat healthier and force feed my family more nutritional stuff as well. Part of this involves me buckling down and getting back on my low carb diet. Part of that involves me running all over hell and highwater (where is highwater, exactly?) in search of all the ingredients needed for various […]


Why I am the world’s best contest hostess!

Alright. Fine. I admit it. I SUCK AT CONTESTS! Happy? Now, let’s get on to giving away some free stuff. (OH. Yeah. I’m not too shabby now, am I?) From the last caption contest (yes, I know! Weeks ago. Stop judging me!!!): Congratulations Sarcasticmom. There were a lot of funny ones in the bunch – […]


Mother’s Day Contest

I know what you’re thinking. I do. “Britt – you have TWO freaking contests open already that you haven’t announced winners for.” I know. (To those of you who were NOT thinking that because you were instead thinking “OMG I hate blog contests. Boooorrrrrinng!” Well pin a rose on your nose! Or something.) This one […]


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