Do Something Great, Get Something Meh!

As I’m sure you know, because you read me every single day no matter what is going on in your life, today is Contest Day!

And, as you also know, because you follow me more closely than your cholesterol, I added another rockstar to The RAP Sheet on Friday. And on Thursday I told you that your chances to win this week’s prize would have something to do with The RAP sheet.

So I am sure that today’s Contest will come as no surprise for you, but will only serve to satisfy the overwhelming anticipation that has been building for you. Are you prepared?

All you have to do to be eligible for this week’s prize is find a Ridiculously Awesome Person… and let them know they rock your socks.

OK, that’s a lie. Once you let them know, you also have to let me know that you let them know so that I know that you let them know. Got it?


Let me break it down.

The RAP Sheet is:

Whether it’s about slow drivers, unruly children, or spouses who can’t seem to pick up their own underwear, the blogosphere is constantly atwitter with our gripes. And while we would in no way suggest you stop bitching, once in a while it’s nice to stop and remember some of those people who makes us forget about the dirty underwear.

It is because of those people that Karen, Hilly and I decided to launch The RAP Sheet.

Out here in Blogaritaville, there are some Ridiculously Awesome People. People who touch us, who make us laugh, who make us want to reward them with a cutesy graphic. Those are the people we add to The RAP Sheet.

So, once a month, we take a minute to acknowledge someone who is just really awesome. (Because we went to school in the 90′s and think it’s still cool to use that word. A lot.) This isn’t about how they blog or how cluttered their template may or may not be. It’s not about their ability to string together an eloquent post (although past RAP Sheet honorees definitely have some massive skills at that too).

This is a chance for us to remember that, for many of us, we’re not just nameless faces behind a monitor. The internet is made up of more than freaks and geeks and anonymous cartoons.

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you stumble across some really awesome amazing people.

So what’s this got to do with you winning something?

I want you to play along. Karen, Hilly and I have had much fun doing this… and I’d really like to spread the happy happy joy joy around a little bit.

So, here are the rules:

  • The contest will be open from now to Tuesday, March 4 at Midnight EST.
  • Between now and then, you need to post your own RAP Sheet entry. (You can see examples here, here and here. If you need help with the graphic, let me know.)
  • Then come back HERE and leave a comment (or a pingback) letting us know who you added!
  • You AND the person you added will be entered into the contest!
  • Winner will be chosen at random from all of entries posted here.

And what fabulous prizes do we have for you this week?

Since I clearly have no freaking concept of what you guys really want to win, we’ll go back to the Pick Yo Prize mode. The winner will choose from:

  • $25 Gift Certificate to Amazon
  • $25 iTunes Gift Certificate
  • Guest Post on Your Blog OR video post dedicated to your awesomeness (since some of you are crazy and don’t want cash)
  • Netflix Gift Certificate (for those of you who missed out last week)

That’s all I’ve got for you here. Get out there and spread the Awesomeness!

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  1. I just wanna be the first comment.

    CuriosityKiller’s last blog post..This is customary between Singles Part II

  2. Alriiiight! FIRST!! :lmao:

    CuriosityKiller’s last blog post..This is customary between Singles Part II

  3. BTW, I added JellyJules.

    CuriosityKiller’s last blog post..This is customary between Singles Part II

  4. hellohahanarf says:

    dammit, i don’t have a blog, but i would so make your momma the first one on my rap sheet. talk about being able to string words together! that woman often brings me to tears, but always evokes an emotion. love her site.

    but i don’t have a blog to award her with a glowing post so i can’t enter the contest. and that is ok. because i know she reads your blog and will know that she should receive awards. what a wonderful woman.


  5. Miss Britt says:

    CuriosityKiller: not only are you FIRST – but you’re the first person to actually play along!

    YAY! Thanks for helping us spread the idea!

    hellohahanarf: like I could deny you entry into anything.

    That’s one entry for you and one for my mama!

    And thanks girls. Avitable called me this morning to tell me this was too hard and too much to ask of people. LOL So you may be the only entries! (aside from Hilly, Karen and their recipients, who are already entered of course!)

  6. Okay, I am confused.

    I write a post about the person I am nominating, right? And then I put the graphic in the post?

    Then I come back and put my URL or post a comment that I did it?

    Is that right?

    The Absurdist’s last blog post..I don’t know who to vote for. I need your help.

  7. Hilly says:

    I am so gonna chat about your contest in my video post this upcoming week…what a great idea!

    Hilly’s last blog post..Super Snoopy Snackie Sunday: Games Without Frontiers….

  8. avitable says:

    *grumble grumble*

    I’m going to do it, too.

  9. avitable says:

    Fuck. Forgot to subscribe.

  10. Eugh. It’s so hard to find someone more awesome than myself…

    Freelance Guru’s last blog post..The blog is resurrected!

  11. Poppy says:

    What’s wrong with the word awesome?

    (Where’s your pouting smiley? :pout: )

  12. B says:

    What an awesome idea for a contest!

    B’s last blog post..More SPCA Volunteer Stuff

  13. Avitable says:

    Here’s my entry (live at midnight EST Sunday night):

    Avitable’s last blog post..Lazy Sunday XXXIX

  14. u r sew smrt.

    i love this!

    Karen Sugarpants’s last blog post..The RAP Sheet: February 2008

  15. Here’s my entry:
    Ridiculously Awesome People at On a Limb

    I chose Emma Hand at The Kindness Report. Thanks for including us in your project! :)

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