100 Things: Part 2

Over the next several weeks I’m going to be sharing with you a little more about myself (because sometimes I just don’t feel like you know enough about me) in the form of a “100 Things” list.

Or, rather, 10 Lists of Ten Things That Eventually Add Up To 100 Things About Me. But that will never fit on a T-Shirt.

Anyway, last week we covered Part 1: 10 Things About My Family. This week, as promised, we move on to the next 10 things…

100 Things About Miss Britt: 10 Most Memorable Moments

  1. The day my daughter was born. No disrespect to my son, but having my daughter was a complete 180 of Motherhood Take One. The day was perfect and almost painless. The brief moment of intense pain I had was easily handled by praying the Rosary with my mom. We were surrounded by friends and family and it is one of the few moments that both mine and Jared’s family really shared.

  2. Of course, the day my son was born was memorable too, for different reasons. In 18 short hours I went from a scared 19 year old kid to a scared 19 year old kid who was responsible for someone else’s life. Unlike Emma’s birth, it was hard and painful and the day was less about Jared and I and our families and more about me and my family. When I saw the movie Juno, it was this day and that support from my family that I remembered while I bawled my eyes out.

  3. My first professional public speaking engagement started off terrifying but left me high on adrenaline. The first thing I said into the mic was “I don’t know whether to pea my pants or puke.” Sometimes I wish the people in my current life had seen that part of my old life.

  4. My wedding day was exactly what I wanted it to be. When my little brother sang “I Will Be Here”, everyone in the church cried – including the men. The reception was absolutely the best party I’ve ever been to. I can remember each detail of the day perfectly, including everyone I hugged as we walked out of the church.

  5. The night I danced with Prince. I am not exaggerating when I say this remains one of the highlights of my life. I don’t care what that says about me, it keeps me warm at night.

  6. December 19, 1995 – or, the day I lost my virginity. My husband would hate the idea of me remembering this night, since he was in no way a part of it. And while I wish sometimes that neither of us had any history before each other… I was really lucky. My “first time” was planned and perfect. It wasn’t a bad decision in the backseat a car on some deserted gravel road. And I maintain to this day, I was very much in love with the other person. That’s more than a lot of people can say.

  7. The night I watched my brother be taken out of our house against his will. The people from the school came in the middle of the night, knowing he’d be less able to fight back if they woke him from a sound sleep. I didn’t live at home anymore, but I went to the house to be there with my mom. She refused to let me come downstairs, afraid that he would see me and focus his anger at me instead of her. But from my post upstairs I could hear everything. And the scene from the window as they led him to the van is burned in my memory… he put his head in hands… so lost… so defeated… so much more the little boy I remembered than the angry young man he’d become.

    There are times now when I worry that we’re disconnected from one another, and I remember that night and how my heart broke in my chest for him. And I know that I love him more than he could ever realize.

  8. The day I moved out of my parent’s house and into my first apartment. I was 18, newly graduated from high school, and too headstrong and independent for my own good. Early in the morning my mom and I had an argument that quickly led to a reminder that as long as I “lived in her house, I would follow her rules”. All of my things were moved out of my bedroom that night.

  9. The night my Nana died. My mom and I had been in Florida for almost two weeks… waiting. The night she finally died was so surreal – an end to the waiting, the beginning of a reality that none of us were really prepared for. Driving home from the hospital that night, I kept thinking that the world did not make sense without her in it.

  10. Easter of 2005 – the night Jared and I joined the Catholic Church. Both of our families were there – parents, siblings (mine at least) and grandparents. I took the name “Mary”… and I can’t remember for the life of me what name Jared took. But I remember watching him receive the Eucharist for the first time, and the long, quiet pause after he received the Body and seemed to take it all in. I miss the magic I felt that night.

And there you have it! 10 of the moments that have led to me being who I am today.

Next week? Umm… 10 Things I Hate!

(P.S. Tomorrow will be the first Sunday Contest)

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  1. avitable says:

    I can’t believe that the day you met me is not on there.

  2. Britt's Mom says:

    Jared took the name Gabriel, I think.

    Britt’s Mom’s last blog post..Choosing to be Someone I Like

  3. Peggy says:

    You lost your virginity in 95? How freaking old are you? I was already graduated by then so I don’t know why I thought you and I were about the same age.

    Ya learn something new every day I guess. :slaphead:

  4. Mrs RW says:

    I like the juxtaposition of Prince and the Eucharist. I get that.

    Mrs RW’s last blog post..Unexpectations

  5. flutter says:

    I totally love getting to know you

    flutter’s last blog post..The post where I don’t mention Valentine’s day. Oh, crap.

  6. kapgar says:

    What’s the bit about your brother being taken away? Is that in an old post somewhere?

    kapgar’s last blog post..I remember you…

  7. Stephanie says:

    Out of all that…#5 gave me a tingle.

    In my special place.


    Stephanie’s last blog post..Only the sickest will get this….

  8. DutchBitch says:

    Did you trip over him? Prince? I mean, ya know…

    DutchBitch’s last blog post..Saturday Stubbles

  9. Mr. Fabulous says:

    Ah yes…Number 6 (December 19, 1995). That was easily the best part of my trip to Iowa.

    Mr. Fabulous’s last blog post..The Burger King of the Jews

  10. Miss Britt says:

    avitable: Um… er… welll….

    That story doesn’t look good on you.

    Britt’s Mom: I thought so too, but wasn’t sure.

    Peggy: LOL, I’m 28. Does this ruin it for you?

    Mrs RW: I bet you do. ;-)

    flutter: I’m glad you enjoy it!

    kapgar: no, I don’t think so. It wasn’t a good time for my middle brother so I haven’t really gone into it here. I don’t know if it’s something he’s come to terms with enough that he’d be comfortable with other people reading much about it.

    Look! I have a boundary! OMG!

    Stephanie: me too.

    DutchBitch: it took me like five minutes to get this.

    He is taller than me!!!!

    Mr. Fabulous: I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I was so hoping you would.

  11. DutchBitch says:

    Well sure if he’s WEARING his platform shoes, but wasn’t he nekkid dancing with you? Didn’t you make him take it all off???

    DutchBitch’s last blog post..Saturday Stubbles

  12. Number 8 strikes a chord with me. I will never forget the day I drove away from my parents’ house, never to live there again, ready to conquer the world and a working adult. Sad and scary!

    Coal Miner’s Granddaughter’s last blog post..I’m Feelin’ the Love Today!

  13. Poppy says:

    I know your blog is world readable, but somehow I feel privileged to be allowed into your best moments.

    I would love to do this as a post, but I’m still not ready for it. Some of my most memorable moments are not good at all.

  14. Poppy says:

    PS – I forgot to subscribe. :blush:

  15. Janelle says:

    I couldn’t resist…I had to look up that song

    that is sooooo pretty!!! I have never heard it before.

    Janelle’s last blog post..Let’s Play Connect the Dots

  16. Janelle says:

    Here is the link for anyone else who wants to hear it…it’s worth taking a minute to listen.


    Janelle’s last blog post..Let’s Play Connect the Dots

  17. Dave2 says:

    Hey… so long as no money changed hands when you lost your virginity, that’s about all a husband can ask for now-a-days!

  18. DeannaBanana says:

    Okay, posts like this are why I like you. If you need that to be explained, then you can call me. ;)

    DeannaBanana’s last blog post..Are You My Type?

  19. Peggy says:

    Oh ok, yeah. I’m 31 so not too much difference. I’m back on track ;)

  20. turnbaby says:

    I really enjoyed this post. I remember reading the Prince post before. Awesome!

    I love your family memories too.

    And it’s interesting to know you are a converted Catholic.

    turnbaby’s last blog post..The Great Interview Experiment –Part 1

  21. turnbaby says:

    PS I need your email sugar.

    turnbaby’s last blog post..The Great Interview Experiment –Part 1

  22. Miss Britt says:

    DutchBitch: naked Prince is taller than naked Britt.


    CMG: yeah, i was thinking less about working and conquering and more about no one telling me what to do. So stubborn.

    Poppy: it’s the good and the bad that gets us to here.

    Janelle: I do love that song. My brother did an amazing job with it too.

    Dave2: I’ll be sure to remind him of that.

    DeannaBanana: damn! I forgot to ask you to explain!!

    Peggy: whew!

    turnbaby: yeah, cradles and converts are different breeds. ;-)

  23. hellohahanarf says:

    i really love your new saturday get to know britt posts. as poppy said, your blog is out there for the whole wide internetz, yet you write as though we were having drinks and talking like old friends. wonderful writing. this was excellent.

    now about that drink…

  24. DutchBitch says:

    Well, duh… but you would be keeping on your stiletto’s, right? Anyone knows that… Heh

    DutchBitch’s last blog post..Saturday Stubbles

  25. Selma says:

    I understand completely about how you felt after losing your Nana. It was the saddest day of my life to lose my Grandma. The world seems diminished somehow without her in it.

    I am so enjoying learning more about you. You know, you are a beautiful person!

    Selma’s last blog post..The Great Cleaning Caper

  26. Wow. The more I read you, the more I realize we have in common! I loved #10 the most.

    I had a teen pregnancy and married young (my 19th anniversary is in a couple of months and our daughter is now 18…I was 16 when I got married and 17 when I had her). And I’m Catholic. And I love my mom. And I love Prince. :heartbeat:

    Now I just have to find a way to dance with him so we can have even more in common!

    BlondeBlogger’s last blog post..Score One for Mom!

  27. Miss Britt says:

    hellohahanarf: I do most things as if I’m having drinks. ;-)

    DutchBitch: oh.. heh… um… :blush:

    Selma: aww, thanks sweetie. You give me wayyyyy too much credit.

    BlondeBlogger: I’m not sure I can condone you getting that close to my man…

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